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  1. Builds like this make me want to give up modeling and take up something like needlepoint, because I figure I'll never be this good. ?? Amazing work... unbelievable skill. I'll be following this one.
  2. I love this. I'm a huge fan of Rivis, and love the mild custom look. The gold is perfect, stance is dead on. Amazing work.
  3. Great advice. Last night I lowered the grill shell a touch more, so it should bring the hood down a touch... it may not matter much, though, as with the carbs on the Hemi, I may not be able to use the hood! I still want the lines to match up and flow, so I'm glad I did it...
  4. Killer. Love the scroll work on the 3rd panel. I tried my hand at pinstriping... it's best for everybody I stick to drawing ?
  5. Looks like a logo I designed for a guy a few years ago...
  6. Thank you! Truth be told, I was pretty shocked at how good it came out myself. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile, I guess I was having some issues uploading the pics, let's try again...
  7. Got some more time in on this one... got a few things done. Filled the frame rails in preparation for the rear Z... thinking it will probably have a suicide front end. Got the grill shell sectioned and lowered, and after bathing the Hemi in some stripper, filled the seams and got a good color coat on it.
  8. Got the grill sectioned so I could do a mockup... Original plan was for a flathead, but the one I have has got to be the worst representation of a flathead I've ever seen... so I dug up an old Hemi... I'm probably going to move away from the Salt Flats car towards a street car...
  9. I don't mind at all! Good information and good inspiration! It's nice saving a gluebomb. The way I look at it, I had the experience of assembling it the first time, so the second go around, I can go a bit crazy, if I mess up, no loss!
  10. As I've been plugging away at a few different projects, I've decided to try and rescue one of my older builds, a Revell 1932 Ford Roadster. Digging through my styrene graveyard I've come up with a Flathead, so I think I'll be going with a Salt Flats direction with it. Of course, the roadster body doesn't have hinges, so I may either try to fab up some decent hinges, or go more streamliner, I haven't decided yet. What I have decided, is its going to have a 2" section, and got that done last night. I'm pleased with the results, but it still needs some work. Excuse the purple color... I don't know what I was thinking when I originally built it. Here's the before "stock" body, and after, sectioned body:
  11. Thanks! Here's a couple more...
  12. I refuse to believe this is a scale replica. That is absolutely stunning.
  13. I love this design. Very clean, and although it would be cut every which way, still looks almost factory. Great job.
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