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  1. The nicely framed and matted artwork... Pure class.
  2. Love it all. L-shaped desk in the office: I did similar in my WIP dio.
  3. Wow. You dream big. Excellent idea.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your build come together. Nice start, pays to plan.
  5. I was very happy that the move to my new home damaged my 'Fast & Furious diorama. Now I get to rebuild, doing a better job, taking my time, using more tips and tricks I've learned here, and while away some winter hours. I'd like to post pics showing my progress- more importantly to get some good, constructive advice. Ideally I'd like to start a new thread with a pic of my original dio and build from there. But I want to abide by any rules here. Great site! Phil
  6. Incredible. There's just so much there. You went to the trouble to take and post 165 pix, so I looked at every one. I liked the turquoise Edsel in front of the GM dealership. And the stone house , img 2640. And the caverns. And...
  7. Welcome to the site. I'm kinda new myself. You actually HAVE great granpa's old truck? Cool. Good luck on the lung transplant.
  8. Nice. Looks like the last one to pull me over on 75. He had on the new campaign hat, too.
  9. From the first Fast & Furious movie. Clever move by the costume designer or set director, either one. After a lot of controversy a few years back, I don't know if the clothing line is still sold.
  10. As per my avatar, it's a 2012 Tacoma, access cab, SR5, V6, 4x4, trailer package. Only mod is bigger tires which everyone seems to go with. An unusual feature of this truck: The bed is a composition material, not metal.
  11. Incredible. I can't match your skill, but you gave me a lot of ideas I can use.
  12. First time I started modeling was about age 12. As I aged, my little brothers started as well. I was a car nut. About the time I finally got my first real car, I gave up modeling for driving and girls. Part two... I started making a F&F diorama late last year, when I was laid up. What fun! What fun to visit this site to get some inspiration. Bought a couple models just to use the parts on my creation (see my efforts in diorama forum). Am now working on an AMT/Ertl blueprinter double kit. The rail drag and the fiat .
  13. I'm very new here myself; welcome, it's a cool site
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