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  1. Agreed! Thats were I got mine too, gotta love 40% off coupons! I just wish my local Hobby Lobby had a better selection.
  2. The side mirrors in the kit are awful. I am trying to find something to put on there, but on my shelf....it looks fine, haha.
  3. Very cool, I have wanted this kit for a LONG time. These cars were as basic as they got, they were based on the 2nd gen Mitsubishi Galant (Dodge Colt) that was released in 1974. So when this was for sale in the early 90s....it was VERY outdated. As the owner of a '74 Galant, I have a weird fascination with these. Cool little build.
  4. Thanks Snake45 and towman1271, thats the look I was going for with the color, wheels and white letter tires. Very period correct mid 70s second owner looks. Thanks, good luck with it, before you paint it, take same material off the hood so it fits and dry fit the front end sheetmetal and grills.
  5. Picked up the new Round 2 release of the old MPC '69 Barracuda the other day kind of on a whim. I am a big fan of the A-Body Mopars and this particular car has always been a favorite. Mostly built straight out of the box with a slight stance modification and a set of Cragar S/S wheels from the parts box. ( the custom wheels that come with the kit are a six lug!!) The underhood detail on this is pretty typical late 60s MPC so I did not even bother. To make it look presentable would require tons of scratch building. Paint of this is Testors One Coat Lacquer Pure Gold with the same brand Bronze on the interior. A top coat of Testors Wet Look clear was added and then polished down. A few minor fit issues that I should have addressed before paint, but overall, pretty happy with this one! LRM_EXPORT_20161023_122557 by Brad DeSantis, on Flickr LRM_EXPORT_20161023_122418 by Brad DeSantis, on Flickr LRM_EXPORT_20161023_122047 by Brad DeSantis, on Flickr LRM_EXPORT_20161023_122234 by Brad DeSantis, on Flickr LRM_EXPORT_20161023_121818 by Brad DeSantis, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  6. Thats a good kit, good job with it. I should pull mine out and build it!
  7. Thanks for the compliments. This was thrown together pretty quickly and there are quite a few things that would benefit from some touch up. On to the next!
  8. Complicated kit of a complicated car. Would never know it from the results! Looks excellent.
  9. Nice, looking forward to building that one. Interesting color combo, not one I would have picked, but it works!
  10. Pulled out an old kit from the collection for a quick build. I am a big vintage Mitsubishi fan and the Dodge Stealth RT is a re-skinned Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. Did a little experiment with this one, I was nervous about matching the color to the original car, but the kit was molded in a pale yellow that is pretty close but lacks the pearl finish. This was not a normal production color for the 1991 Stealth but was used exclusively for the Indy500 cars. I decided to smooth out the body as best as possible and just ad a pearl clear top coat to deepen the shine and match the original finish. If I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty accurate! Just finished.... Added the decals and took it outside for a few photos. Unfortunately the sun was not out today and you cant see the pearlesent effect as well as you can in person. Yellow strobes hidden under the spoiler for official car duties... Thanks for looking! -Brad
  11. New here, just got big back into building after a few years away. Figured I would show off my most recent build. Monogram 1980 Ford Bronco built box stock with Tamiya rattle can paints. Thanks for looking! Just realized there is wax in the panel lines....ignore that. Haha.
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