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  1. Beautiful build! Insane detail and exceptionally clean! KUTGW!
  2. Here is a 2013 Mustang Boss 302 I just finished from the Revell kit. It is box stock with interior flocking done. This was the first time I used Gravity Colors paint and I must say they are superb. Color is Ford Grabber Blue. Primer is Plastikote grey and clear coat is Rustoleum 2x gloss clear. I also used the Gravity Colors polishing system for the first time. Had a bit of a fitting issue during final assembly getting the body mated to the interior and chassis but overall it's a great kit.
  3. Hi Brian, The last build I did with Gravity Colors I waited 40-60 minutes between color coats. I then let the paint sit for at least 24 hours before sanding. I then use the Micro-Mesh polishing kit (2400, 3200, 6000, 8000,12000) to wet-sand and smooth the paint for clear. After the clear was down and had cured, about 48-72 hours I used the Gravity Colors polishes and waxes and got excellent results. If you haven't already, check out the Gravity Colors YouTube page and you'll find a tutorial on using the polishes. I used to use the Micro-Mesh system mentioned above on the clear as well but after trying the technique seen on YouTube I just use 4000 and had great results with much less work. I did this first on a test piece of bare plastic before trying it on a model since it was the first time I attempted it. Below is a link to the video if you wanted to check it out. Hope this helps!
  4. I just checked my rig and it's .5mm. It came with a .35mm but I replaced it last year with the .5mm.
  5. Pretty sure it's .4mm but might be .5mm, I honestly don't remember. I use an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS that I bought from TCP Global in a bundle package that came with all kinds of goodies. I'd really like to get a H&S Infinity as I've heard great things but I haven't even had my Iwata for 2 years yet so I want to get some more miles on it before I go investing in another airbrush.
  6. Yes, very smooth and thin and airbrush ready. I go right in the middle with a .4mm needle and about 20-25 PSI. I've noticed at higher PSI it doesn't cover as well and sprays entirely too much causing the paint not to last. I bought some of the 2-part clear but haven't played around with it yet. Rattle can is so much easier
  7. Not a problem, I had similar questions a couple weeks ago on here regarding Gravity Paints and didn't wan't to waste them since they are kinda pricey....good luck!!
  8. I've used Plastikote primer under gravity paints and finished with Rustoleum 2x gloss clear with good results. I also polished using Gravity's polishing compound system. Check out their YouTube channel for some great build-up videos and step-by-step on using the polishes.
  9. Good to know, I've only purchased about 8 colors and plan to use them all within the next year or so on my next builds. Was going to buy some more but will hold off for now.
  10. Thanks Mark! Gravity Colors are solvent based paints and they are pre-thinned for airbrush use. I had a feeling I could use a durable primer like Plastikote or DupliColor but was wondering if anyone had experimented with these paints. I appreciate the input and will have to give nail polish a try as well, I've heard good things but never tried it myself. Thanks again!
  11. '57 Chevy Bel Air Tamiya Rattle Can Interior Flocking Bare Metal Foil
  12. Been using these forums as a resource for about 2 years now and recently joined. Awesome community!! Here's my first under glass post, go easy, haha! A few pics of an Aoshima Nissan GT-R I finished a few months back. First Aoshima kit too. It's a bit orange peely and I burned through the paint on some edges while wet sanding...probably could have used a coat or 2 more of clear but it had been on the bench for a while and I was ready to move onto the next project.
  13. I recently picked up some Gravity Colors primers, paints and clear coat and wanted to know if anyone has any experience using other primers and clear coats besides the Gravity Colors brand primers and clear coat. Their products are amazing(you should try them if you haven't) but on the pricey side and being the bottles are relatively small I didn't want to waste them testing the paints with different primers and clears. I typically use Plastikote sandable primer and get great results with other paints(model master, vallejo, tamiya, testors, etc.) and was wondering if anyone has experimented using Gravity Colors paints with other primers and clears? Thanks!!
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