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  1. I love the keys in the ignition,i have the mcg set is there a trick to using them?,they are so small i don't know how to cut them off the sprue.
  2. I was debating ordering some of their stuff,but with the war over there i'm not sure i would get it,how long was your wait?.
  3. Here are some pictures of the Amt kit's that are mentioned (again old pics from my fotki so ignore the other vehicles). the 63'vette original issue has pop up headlights.
  4. Amt also did a 73'vette convertible,(ignore the Zr1 it's a pic from my fotki.)
  5. Real nice work on restoring this one.👍
  6. I have this transkit to,it's nice i just think the tires are a little undersized.
  7. Beautiful color choice!! on a not to often seen kit.
  8. Bought 3 myself last week,they come in some nice colors.
  9. Picked these up from the post office today🤠,excellent quality,i know somebody's working on interiors for them just can't remember who.
  10. Couple of kits i picked up at the local Hobby shop.🤠
  11. Great old kit,i have one as well, i think it's just missing the rear shocks, i have the AMT 66'vette convertible as well and decide between them,which one i want to paint Mosport Green.🤷‍♂️
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