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  1. Nice swap!,going to surprise someone at the stoplight!!
  2. No,the real color on the 1:1 is yellow pearlglow I have some Tamiya pearl clearcoat in my stash.I just can't decide if I should use it or leave the car as it is.
  3. ignore the volare,still slowly getting parts for mine
  4. i'm interested in the full bumper Camaro even though I have a few of the original issues sitting in boxes.
  5. just a small update the seats are taking shape,and the first half of the interior is painted I went with a radome tan/dark tan scheme didn't care for the grey/dark grey interiors I kept finding.I also added a door handle on the passenger side using some half round styrene,and a couple small styrene bits on the drivers side to represent power window buttons.
  6. My mini was built from this kit:
  7. No backs on the seats,so i tried to make some using sheet styrene and putty and superglue.
  8. Some more progress chassis painted and detailed and the body has been painted.
  9. So I let the bumper sit for a couple days and after some careful sanding I got a decent result,the blue bumper is the painted fujimi part and my modified part in gray.
  10. I was going to steal the lower front bumper from fujimi's convertible,but I thought I would try to modify the turbo bumper first.I used evergreen styrene strips .015 x.030 and superglue and putty.
  11. Started this build a few weeks ago,Fujimi's 300zx,i have Tamiya's version which is way better.But fujimi's version has removable T-Tops and the rear spoiler is separate and the lower bumper is separate.So I decided to build a non-turbo car,color is going to be Tamiya TS-16 Yellow.
  12. It stalled out due to the paint not drying and i have to repaint for the 5th time!!.But I got a fresh bottle a couple days ago,so I hope to start on it by the end of the month,thanks for the interest.
  13. kelson

    Ferrari F50

    she's a beauty,love the yellow color choice!.
  14. Mailman dropped these off today.
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