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  1. Cool looking truck!Moebius really is getting the maxium out of this tooling,you can kitbash and create as many versions as you like.
  2. Beautiful build!,Revell needs to reissue this kit,they're expensive to find i think due to lowrider popularity,i have the 3d parts to do the 73,74 and 75'Monte carlo and they're nice done.
  3. Arrivals from yesterday,the Mustang is missing parts,luckily not the parts i need and the impala is unbuilt.🤠
  4. Looks great!, i have this transkit to,but never thought about using a Mustang chassis
  5. I would repaint,just lightly sand the area that chipped and paint and do the roof as well ,otherwise it'll bug you,i've been there before.
  6. I'm pretty sure Harts Parts Resin sells those pieces.
  7. Today's arrivals,the olds is missing the body,which is okay,i just want the chassis and a few other parts anyways.🤠
  8. Sharp looking Porsche!,really like the interior colors you chose.
  9. Very nice!,i like it!.🤠
  10. Or maybe a resin caster or a 3d printed offering would be nice.
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