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  1. Beautiful convertible!,did you modify the suspension!,it seems to sit lower.
  2. Got these in the mail for pretty cheap bids on the auction site🤠
  3. Excellent build!and i'm impressed with the color combo!.
  4. I built the same kit years ago,but the chassis showing in the rear bugged me,good to see what you did to fix it.i'll do the same to mine.
  5. Masking the seats looks like quite the challenge.
  6. Very cool idea!,the color suits the Mod Top!!.🤠
  7. Mail call for today,never knew the C-1500 existed in this form,i have the dually and street machine dually.
  8. I saw the same kit at my hobbyshop,i was tempted but it looks like the old Academy/minicraft kit that i have.
  9. Another masterpiece complete!,i'm sure you're glad you decided to repaint at the beginning.🤠
  10. Looking forward to this build!, i have the same kit and the Modelhaus repop.
  11. I've always wanted to try opening the grille on these,but just can't make myself do it!.😬
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