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  1. Got these today,what's weird is the fireball order isn't what I ordered,but he's making good and sending my correct one.
  2. Looks really good,nice work!.
  3. Fantastic level of detail on this build!!
  4. The build is now finished and Under Glass,thanks to everyone for looking in and commenting
  5. Calling this done,paint is Tamiya TS -16 with a pearlclearcoat and the interior is a Dark tan/Radome tan mix.Forgot to paint the underside of the T-Tops so i'll include them at a later time,licence plates are from monograms 96'SVT cobra kit.
  6. Very sharp looking!,i built revells snap kit years ago,but Tamiya's kit is so much better.
  7. Alright time for an update,added the mirrors and the rest of the clear glass and decals,but they are old and I used setting solution and they look okay,used cigarette foil for taillights backing.Should be wrapping this up tomorrow I hope.
  8. They're exactly the same it's just the passenger side one is hanging out,i just semi popped it in for the picture.
  9. Mailman dropped this off yesterday,already have 5 in the stash,but for $25 bucks off Ebay why not?.
  10. Beautiful resto!,i think once upon a time Missing link resin offered a correct dash..
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