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  1. That's absolutely gorgeous!!!
  2. Great project!,for a color i'd go with Elkhart Green.
  3. Wasn't aware they were already out,thought they were coming out next month.
  4. Lots of great stuff here!,i can see alot of stuff to buy!!
  5. I picked up a F/S kit about a month ago and it's got some issues,painting the taillights is almost impossible!,but it looks like you did just fine.
  6. Sharp looking Camaro!!
  7. Great job! It has a day 2 look with the mag wheels!.
  8. kelson

    Revell 69'Z28

    We usually do,but it melts right away but this is sticking and it's very cold -18 with the windchill.
  9. Hello everyone,my Z28 is now posted in Under Glass,thanks for the comments and likes on this build!!
  10. After 4+ years on this build it's finished,the resin flat hood won't sit flat no matter what i did.Keeping with a low option build,i decided at the last second to add the U46 fiber optic Light monitoring system.(chrome boxes on the front fenders).Color is Burnished Brown from Mcw.
  11. Sweet looking truck!,i really like the wheels and tires!,i need to get some of those.
  12. It was listed on Ebay for a pretty decent price,it needs a maverick for a donor ,which i have coming and i believe Keith Marks makes the decals.
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