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  1. Todays Ebay arrival,seller was selling them at a huge discount,due to the box being damaged.🤠
  2. I agree you don't see them built, i built one years ago as the SS version.
  3. Wasn't crazy about the molded on exhaust on the original chasis,so i bought a chassis off the reissued 69'Cobra,since the exhaust is separate.🤠
  4. Today i just put on a coat of primer on most of the parts to find any hidden flaws.🤠
  5. Haven't posted a build here for a while,so thought i'd share this one i was planning to build a pace car,but the aftermarket decals were in one of the other kits.Luckily i had some unused paint from a couple years ago on hand,interior will not be black if possible.🤠
  6. Great work!,glad to see you're back working on this.
  7. Yup,most of the parts were there i just didn't take a picture of them,and the custom front bumper and bezels and headlights are there.
  8. Ebay arrivals from the other day,both are missing a few pieces,but totally rebuildable.🤠
  9. I rarely go there as they have no selection,just decided to look and see since i was looking for something else.
  10. Was at Michaels looking for embossing powder and was shocked to see these on the shelf!😮,the Subaru was a Hobby shop buy🤠
  11. Fantastic work sweating the details most people would ignore!
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