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  1. Good looking build!, I built the same kit a few years ago as a small block,one of Revell's better kits.
  2. Turned out really nice!,your brother should be thrilled!.
  3. The finished build turned out Great!.
  4. Looks pretty good,i remember seeing a picture in Motor Trend in the early 90's with one that was all black with a red pinstripe.I will build mine in that all black one of these days.
  5. Correct if i'm wrong,but aren't the magnums on a 69'Boss an argent silver and not black?.
  6. I was on youtube yesterday and there's a guy,..'The Luka Cee channel' that did a buildup of this kit,it looks very good.I'd post a link,but my computer skills aren't the greatest.
  7. Man do I love the color!!
  8. Thanks!,i was looking at those parts as well,but I have a second convertible that needs some of those parts as well.Hopefully I can win some of them.
  9. Great work so far!,the console really shines!.
  10. Got these in the mail last couple days,didn't really need the 64' Dodge but it was cheap.
  11. Just out of this world level of detail everywhere!,i wish my skills were as good as this!
  12. Wow!Fantastic level of detail all around!gotta love a camaro painted Ticket me first Red!!
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