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  1. Looks pretty good to me!,great color combination.
  2. Mail call from a couple days ago,the promo needs a new bumper,but otherwise is in good condition and the Shelby was a pretty good bargain to🤠
  3. I think a wheel swap is in order the stock wheels are ugly!!
  4. Curious as to how you painted the taillights on the convertible,both builds are very nice!.
  5. kelson


    Thanks for the compliments guys,much appreciated.
  6. kelson

    Chevy beretta

    Nice build!!,Looking back AMT in the late 80's and early nineties sure did a lot of more mainstreamer everyday vehicles.
  7. Never thought i'd see someone else build this kit!,i started a rebuild on mine a few weeks ago,the windshield busted off and i couldn't fix it,so mine is going to look like some type of speedster.
  8. Paint looks as smooth as glass!looking forward to how this turns out.
  9. Nice build so far, even though i'm not a emergency builder,i have the same decals,but i plan to use mine on the 89'LX mustang.
  10. No,it's right hand drive only,don't know if a resin left dash was ever offered by anyone.😑
  11. Cool idea and build!, it would make a great off roader!
  12. kelson


    Finished this about a week ago,but couldn't get any good outdoor pictures til today,Tahitian Gold is the color with keith marks decals and engine and some parts from the 71'Duster.
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