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  1. Sharp looking truck,i'm currently rebuilding a 94'S10 SS that fell off my shelf a decade ago.
  2. Nice to see you back at it,i like that it's not being built as a V8.
  3. The glass in this kit is clear,it looks like the original issue as the box says 1973 on it.
  4. Picked these up last nite from a friend,they were from his Girlfriends late husband,not my style of kit,but they were cheap.
  5. Fantastic work on the interior,it's to bad builds like these never end up in the model magazines,these old kits in the right hands can turn out beautiful!!
  6. To be honest I don't really know,hopefully someone here does and can help you out.
  7. The stock look,i see that someone has posted a color chart and that pageant Blue looks real nice!.
  8. Good looking build!,the nose in the weeds stance looks perfect!.
  9. Had these on hold at my local Hobbystore,picked them up today.
  10. I have the same kit,but so far I can't find a color for it that I really like.
  11. What a great build!!looks like a real car in the first pic!!
  12. It's a Ventura,i'm guessing Pontiac was going to try and resurrect the GTO on the ventura platform but canceled it but Mpc included theses decals anyways.
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