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  1. Todays arrival,hard to find these for a decent price nowadays.🤠
  2. Hobbyshop buy and Ebay arrivals over the last couple days.🤠
  3. Both look incredibly clean!,and the wheel choices still look factory stock.
  4. Great color and interior!Corvettes in the 70's had some really nice color choices.👍
  5. I definately will be grab one just for the decal sheet as i have a couple of the earlier versions.
  6. Arrivals from yesterday,both are missing parts,so they will be used as parts donor's for other stuff.🤠
  7. Pretty sure Keith Marks offers a sheet as well.it's not as extensive as Ray's Kit Decals though.
  8. Pretty sure it's in the multi piece body 60'corvette,Revell re-released a few years ago.
  9. If you change your mind on the rims,Revells 70'Roadrunner came with those wheels and hubcaps,but they are 1/24 scale.
  10. Pretty sure it can be found in the MPC 72'gto
  11. Undecided as of yet,i still need to order some colors,but i do like it in Black🙂
  12. Looks great in Misano blue,i'm hoping to start one of mine by yearend.
  13. I would love to see conversion kits making it possible for Esprit and formula versions.
  14. Excellent work!,i don't think i've ever seen one built,i know i have a couple in the stash,but have completely forgotten about this one.
  15. How did you open the grill?a dremel or using various sandpaper grits?.
  16. I like it alot!,will be buying a couple for sure.
  17. Nice looking build!,looks like repairing it will be easy,when Missing link resin offered the flat hood for these i snagged a couple.Sometime in the future i want to build a mainstreamer 350 powered Firebird.
  18. That looks perfect!!👍
  19. Also have the dashboard done i used Bestmodelcarparts for the gauges and i used a busted drill bit from my pin vise for levers on the steering column and thats all for now.🙂
  20. Decided to paint the interior Tamiya wood deck tan and Tamiya light sand,i used an old Detailmaster woodgrain decal sheet for the door panels,couldn't do it by hand.I did the console by covering it with BMF and airbrushing some Vallejo black over it,then taking a sharp toothpick and carefully scraping along the edges.
  21. An update:the body is painted,but i think it needs some color sanding and a couple more coats,did a little test fitting with the body/chassis,so far so good.
  22. A design well ahead of it's time.👍
  23. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.👍
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