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  1. Elm City Hobbies carries Scale Finishes paint,with the border between us and the states opening up for people to drive across next month,he'll be able to bring them back to Canada again.
  2. Here in my part of Canada,we've had those types of prices for a few years now.
  3. Good looking build of a seldom seen kit!,it's funny i'm a Camaro guy,but i have more Mustang kits in my stash than Camaro's!.🤷‍♂️
  4. Very cool idea!,wish Greg would've released a LX convertible.🙂
  5. Todays arrivals,paid a high price for the Focus and of course another one pops up days later for a 1/3 of the price🤷‍♂️,the Pontiac promo already showed in the listing the windshield was busted off,but it was listed for a good price.🤠
  6. Good effort to build something different than the top of the line version.
  7. I don't have an extra laying around,but that was my first plan.With the fairlane being reissued soon,hopefully someone will part one out on Ebay.🤠
  8. Your Mustang looks real good!,don't forget to trim the front and rear suspension,these kits tend to sit to high.
  9. Very cool,i saw the pilot years ago and wanted to build the 73' he drove,never knew it got picked up for a season.
  10. Nice score!,looks like it still has the hood ornament attached,which is usually missing,and finding parts for these oldies is difficult i've been at it for years.
  11. The rear license plate says 1966,so i guess the original owner swapped wheels from the 65?,i'm tempted to leave it,but part of me screams strip and rebuild!.
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments🙂,just a small update,the body is painted,just a few small dust bits that need sanding out.More updates will be coming soon.
  13. Today's mailcall,Vette was priced superlow so i couldn't pass on it and finally grabbed the Plamoz transkit and decals since he offers free shipping on orders over a hundred bucks.🤠
  14. Nice build!,when i built the 92'Vette i had the same issue with the windshield,but i just sanded down the corners of the windshield for a better fit.The hood issue has been around on this kit since the 85'vette release.
  15. I masked the center caps and sprayed a couple light coats of testors dullcoat on the rims.
  16. Todays Ebay arrival,seller was selling them at a huge discount,due to the box being damaged.🤠
  17. I agree you don't see them built, i built one years ago as the SS version.
  18. Wasn't crazy about the molded on exhaust on the original chasis,so i bought a chassis off the reissued 69'Cobra,since the exhaust is separate.🤠
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