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  1. Aha time: forgive a fading memory-bank -- but after reading all the above, I have a feeling that it was from a FALCON kit?! Still, that might work -- otherwise I do have a lonely Pontiac GP bumper, about early '70s? No kit, just bumper! Thx again!
  2. Tom, I think I have a very small pic of the kit -- somewhere! The nose I need extends from the hood scoop down into a snout a lot like some of the '70s Gran Prix, etc. I'm using some of the custom front pan, plus Lucas P-100 type headlights from a R-R vintage kit (glue bombs of yore) for sort of a 'Gaylord' or Exner effect. Plus a V-12 Diesel boat engine scratched from two Ford big-blocks -- love those V-12s & V-16 for power! Hope to post it this year. Thx!! Wick Nice pic of Lauren Bacall Bogart!!
  3. I'm back begging parts again! Trying to finish an original AMT Thunderbird kit from '61, and sixty years ago I traded off the Styleine custom front treatment, or 'nose', though I utilized the rear in lieu of back bumper. Now it seems like the ideal way to top off the front treatment -- with some mods to make it less obvious -- so I can complete this build. Have some good really old stuff to trade, if needed, lots of wheelcovers, bumpers, etc. Ask! Thanks to all the friends out there who have helped me previously!!
  4. David, Those are sweet! Well, I'm no longer much concerned about entering for judging; mostly just being stigmatized for not attempting to do my own. Maybe I should just forget it? At 76-1/2 it's getting hard enough to just assemble and detail a model with anything like my old ability. Diorama seems like a very apt and ultimate ideal for a nice kit to be displayed in, but I don't get to many shows (cost, Covid, other interests, etc.) the N CA IPMS things about all. Good to have your input -- I asked the question because once quite some time ago there had been a minor uproar over someone contracting out figures, etc. Prob just for competitions? Looking at my plans for the TV Sitcom diorama, I can see how it doesn't have much punch without such... I considered making scale photo facial paste-ons to add to wire-sculpted 'stick figures' to add interest; might be my best bet -- different, anyway. A humorous one I'm doing is of a lunar rover (converted toy, prob about 1/20) with a blown Hemi having just knocked out it's oil pan on a Moon rock, the (toy) astronaut thumbing a ride with his AAA card in hand. Wick
  5. Entering under two names would be best, if allowed by local standards, I suppose. I think I was most concerned with the feelings of fellow modelers about not being able to specialize in both aspects of modeling skills; I'm too old and short of time to learn figures, I think. but I hate to let that spoil my attempts at diorama building; what I've seen at shows is superlative in quality -- I just like to do some fun ones 'with a story'. Thx!
  6. Me, too! But they are progressing! I want to get my 1939 M-B GP car V-12 (Hawk model, O-L-D!) resin copied as a basis for a Miller V-12 DOHC street machine; may adapt it to other 'phantoms'. Anybody want to take the job for recompense? Be a nice mold set to have on hand! Wick
  7. Steve; yes, they have a lot of years to cover memory-wise... I know little about Fox Mustangs (or is it Mustang Foxes?) or Gen IV Camaros! But besides 1:1 restorations, my focus is auto history, and I go back a long way! Tim Boyd of the late SA was often guilty of 'shooting from the hip' on actual-factual stuff and shot himself in the foot often enough! Not that I don't make mistakes, some in public forums or columns! Still, I have always been taught that what appears in print has a lot of authority in itself, and tends to be quoted (misquoted!) or turned into urban legend a shocking amount of the time. I used to write for one of the best auto history periodicals; SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOS Magazine, now long gone. Reading the 100 issues of SIA is an auto education all in itself -- even though some errors snuck in, as time went by. Was the 348-409 W-Motor Chevy a truck engine? No more than the good ole' 265 -- I did the research. Etc!! Well, muchas gracias for your kind attention! Kudos! Wick
  8. Thanks! Actually, I bought a set of those a couple of years ago, and put them on my old Monogram Avanti (with the 'stock' 396 bbs) but thought they were kinda narrow, though nicely molded. I have to learn resin and get a mold pulled for the Strombeckers; then I can widen some so the rears are bigger than the fronts on the Scarab. Photo searching; Reventlow and Daigh didn't seem to build two Scarabs the same, really. Wish I could see more detail in his photos. I'll order something soon. Mine is pretty good; I was in love with the Devin SS in 1960, didn't know it was pulled from a Scagliatti Ferrari body, and built the kit that way. Whatever iteration it was, the thing was a dream to admire from any angle. I didn't even use the mags, but put on chrome-reverse rims, ww's, and spider caps. Oh well... sixty years hence! I wonder if I could PAY someone to cast the darn things for me (he could keep his molds, oc) and maybe rep the big road-race tires too? Nice of you to take time to help me! The forum folk are the best! Wick
  9. Steve: yep, those lenses would do it, for sure! As you can see in the instructions, the big chrome housings don't seem to be included, though. On the 1/1 car, those lenses would be about one inch too wide for the '49-50 bezels anyhow. I had a number of all three back in the 'sixties; a real throwback, I guess. They were just fun transportation then not collectibles. Oh .the cars I junked or didn't acquire... regret book time!? The Greenberg review of the '53 F100 kit in the latest MCM (p.56-7) mentions 'chromed '49 Ford tail-lights for use on the stock fenders'. Wish that meant '51 housings! We don't have a hobby shop locally since Paradise Hobbies closed, so I can't inspect the kit; the chrome tree in the photo is too small to tell. I had to write him about saying that a Desoto was just a 331 or 392 Chrysler; 1952-'54 =276, '55 291, 56 = 330 (331?) and then the A/B blocks with wedge heads, I believe. Dodge had it's own hemis, but Plymouth never. DeSotos were good mills, very popular back in the day. Oh well... Thanks all for responding to my cry for help!
  10. Don't think so; compare some 1:1 at the next car show (if we get any more !) and you'll see the difference. WAIT: my two '49 kits, one original issue, one a repop had nothing like that... I asked the forum some time ago about any resin conversion kits, but only rumors, or 'out of stock' came back; nothing I could comp. I began scratch-building two (exactly dupes, for our purposes) incl lenses, figuring on putting Molotow on and 'tail-light red' paint. Don't look quite right, darn. The Cad paint color correctly is called 'Damson Maroon'. Thanks for all!
  11. Thanks! I may try those guys; it's a pretty small piece (pass-side 'headlight running light lense') but really is noticable My car is till pretty sweet, (1/24, I think $8.98) put away in 1966 in the original box; decals numbers (66) have yellowed, but otherwise nice shape, Jim Hall figure and all. I read in a slot-car mag that you could mount the rear tires on the front, and replace rear with aftermarket, so I did -- dunno what happened to the original fronts! Loved the way the originals won -- with Chevrolet! My little bro got the Lotus 30, which I built for him -- nice to build -- but I think he wore his out racing it; he might have it stored, but the next millenium will arrive before he unpacks his storage units! I was impressed that COX was a sponsor. Tires: Indycals -- I bought a set, but they are a smaller scale and look skimpy on really old kits, plus spendy. I had asked forum some time back for resources, and that was about it. I'll try yours asap. Trying to restore -- and finish -- a lot of 3-in-1 kits that I bought about 1959-up; the Chaparral was one of the last until recently. I'm adapting/scratchbuilding two 'phantom' Harry A. Miller roadsters and a twin-V-16 Cad streamliner for prewar dry lakes/Bonneville, as new projects. Thx!
  12. Stitch; oc, too easy! Nope, the light housing is larger, to cover all stamping, and def looks different. Besides, in trying to scratch-create the parts, I had to sand off the body stamped molding. Also, lenses are much bigger; one contributor suggested the ''61 Buick lenses, which might work. Much thanks for your input, tho!! I had some Sherwin-Williams Caddie 'Damon Maroon' which was their name for Chevy Honduras Maroon (the color I painted the 1:1 car, before it was wrecked in '65 >boo-hoo!<) in lacquer, but it got low in the can and dried up. To replace it in PPG JE enamel, 'garnet mist' cost me $44.00 for a pint -- with an employee's discount, too!
  13. I'm building a replica of my 1951 Ford Club Coupe (from 1963 to 1965) from an AMT '49 kit, and am having a hard time fabricating the chrome tail-light housings (and lenses) that were it's exclusively. They of course fit over the '49-50 sheet metal originally, and lots of 1:1 guys don't like the look, but I love it! I have posted previously on this topic, but no one seems to know of any resin conversion kit to make the year switch (tail-lites, grille etc. -- AMT provided the later hood!) My car came to me without a grille (gasser look?) so I don't need to recreate that, just the turn sigs and ends. So... any help out there in model land? Also replicating my first car, a '55 Chevy Delray post with hot 265, lakes pipes, etc., and a '65 Pontiac Tempest Custom 2-dr HT, V-8/stick, chrome reversed rims and Tiger Paws. Oooh! Thanks all! Wick 76 y.o.a. My avatar (?) photo was from 11th grade, exactly sixty (60!) years ago !
  14. I'm the original owner of a Cox Chaparral, and want to get it out of storage on display with my kits. Only a few race nites, and a goof put his bare chassis on my lane -- backwards, oc -- and it busted out one headlite shield. Any ideas for sources of the OEM kind? Also, have c.1959 Strombecker Scarab battery 'slot' that after 60 years I'm converting to a display model; engine, etc. Still have the original decals intact (how brittle will they be?!) but need to find source for nice Halibrands in resin or 3D, one has a broken 'bead'. Also, anyone know of a source for the Firestone-style road-racing tires from the 1940-50s? I had so many, incl Monogram -- natural rubber... all gone now. Old (76) Wick
  15. 1953-54 Studebaker Starlite coupe! Yes, I missed a few back in the 'sixties, when a nice stocker could be had for $300.00. A blower Hawk would have been nice, too, or even the Packard-engined Golden Hawk. Those never came my way. Did own a '62 Hawk GT, but nice as it was in 1975, it was a slush-box-- oh, bought for $1,700, sold for $2,000 -- now $20,000! I have a '54 sedan that -- live long enough (76 now) I'll build into a roadster; S-10 frame shortened, IROC Z V-8/T-5 combo, on hand. It was a 'survivor' with no back glass, and all that implies! Collector got the running gear, with 232 V-8, 3-sp/OD. I could write a book about the cars that got away -- but what oldster couldn't? Only model kits, now.
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