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  1. In 1963, I caught a ride back to Shasta College (Redding, CA) through a horrible snow storm -- in the dark-- in a 1960 Chev four-door crew truck owned by a fellow student's father ( a logger in Alturas, CA) and luckily it was AWD; we made the 150 miles safely. Yes, SHE drove all the way! We called such pickups 'Crummies' in those dear dead days; dunno' if that was a regional thing, or what. My little bro drove one for the Southern Pacific to pick up train crews in the '60s when he was assistant yard clerk. He hates to recall it, but the first dawn pickup he made was at a local coffee shop, and in the icy parking lot he lost her and rammed the side of the building. He was being kidded about that one until he left for a better job... So: if I got a Dodge resin cab, what kit would you recommend that I source for a chassis (2WD dualie) and please, one that's in production currently? Thanks! Wick
  2. 1962 Pontiac Tempest LeMans kit, AMT wanted: just bought a real one! Trade Monogram Rolls roadster kit and/or cash for useable example or new. Wick
  3. I did something similar for an AMT 1/16 '55 Nomad kit that had been on the shelf for 30 years and had a broken w/s. I glued it back, but made a casting from inside (concave side) from Durham Rock Putty, a home repair material that mixes with water. Then I 'drooped' a new w/s using shirt-box plastic (don't know what it really is) using a heat lamp. First try was' close but no cigar', second attempt came out just fine, and helped save the kit. Next is a replacement w/s for a die-cast 240Z w/s, which must be saved because the car is repainted silver like my '71 and is signed by Datsun legends Pete Brock and John Morton! I may add my sig, as I wrote HOW TO RESTORE YOUR DATSUN Z-CAR, a new revision of which is coming out this year! :-<) Aw, shucks...! Wick Humble
  4. I sure could use a '61 Impala grille for original SMP annual kit I've 'restored', if such a thing exists? My original one snapped in two, and what is left looks lousy on the kit now. Very grateful for contribution of nice rear bumper, never thought I'd find one! Wick H.
  5. I still have mine from first issue, but eventually had to glue doors shut... so many tiny parts, and now I'm so old that they're even harder to fit! Decided just last week to re-build it as a basic channeled sedan, use chrome 'fiddly' frame and Olds/B&M for some other build. Agree on Revell Roth cars; have Beatnik Bandit, some of same problems. The '56 F100 kit; worked so hard on it in '63, but doors never fit cab, cab never fit frame, hood never fit fenders --hey, wait a minute; that's authentic FoMoCo; F's hood/fender gaps are almost impossible on 1:1 trucks too, with stock hinges! Well, with Revell: they were trying to go beyond promo type bodies, I suppose. Revell did promos for Chrysler in '62; see two of my 'restorations' in the "Gallery.' Anybody remember building Hawk, Pyro, some old Aurora kits? Hubley? What else? My NOS unfinished Aurora Avanti is nice but tricky -- and of course I had to put a BBS 396 in it. Seriously, I saw a '65 big-block Lark run B/FS in '65; guy brought it from Canada and claimed it was factory proto, NHRA strip bought the act -- but he snapped a rear axle launching against a new BBC Corvette and almost took out the Xmas tree at Redding drags.
  6. I have a Jungle Jim funny car decal set intact but can't recall what car; prob wouldn't work? Swap you if you want it... Wick
  7. My list is olde school: some Studebakers; '62 GT Hawk, '59 Lark ragtop/hardtop, '56 Conestoga 2-dr wagon, and early 'fifties and Champ pickups!s I built my Aurora Avanti with 'Stude' Chevy Big Block and resin Hali's -- pretty cool, but I need some decals for it! My other dream car was done when Mobius did the '61 Pontiac Catalina/Ventura kit. Wick Humble, Class of '63 (but I didn't have a bone-spur, and got my DD214!)
  8. I think I have the orig decal sheet for the Hubley Ford, but someone folded it in the middle. I don't recall ever having had that model, but maybe a friend (c.1960!) did, and I glommed his decals? Interested? Trades? Wick Humble (73-1/2 years young)
  9. Got it! Thanks; please cancel. Wick
  10. I don't have that version, but think I do have an old red-plastic derelic tRevell kit with the rear seat; made it with my son 35 years ago, and a little friend wrecked it! Anything else? Wick
  11. Narrow slicks; old AMT 'piecrust' or similar tires wanted for late-fifties/early sixties model rebuilds: who has any of these obsolete narrow slicks that I can use to finish my old builds? I could use about four pairs, have a few modern slicks to swap, or from my list. I refer to the tires supplied with the Double Dragster kit, or similar; I want to build a 'hillbilly showboat dragster' with four Ford Y-blocks, too. Retired guys have to keep busy, after all! Much thanks, Wick
  12. Thanks, oldcarfan27! Need rectified! Wick
  13. W Humble


    I have several 240Z kits; all unbuilt, as I am a Z nut, having bought one in 1970 (restored it in the '80's, wrote the book HOW TO RESTORE YOUR DATSUN 240Z, and sold the car to Nissan USA in about '96 for their display) but I don't like the looks, however functional, of the air dam. I might be able to source you that part if it's on one of mine, if you want to swap something, or ?? I don't recall if 1:24 pr 25. I don't mind raiding the kit because I'm not a kit collector, per se, but a builder. I'll have to dig them out, oc, and take a look. Building one from scratch is a pain, but good fall-back tactic. I"m mostly finishing kits I bought in HS, c. 1969-63 -- at age 73. Don't wait too late; it gets more difficult as physical probs set in with age!! Wick Humble
  14. Hey again! I might have them, but knock-offs probably used long ago. I built the Thunderbolt kit for my nephew who had a stock Fairlane as a stocker, know I kept the engine and hood blister bec I used them in a street rat '57 T-Bird that I'm still finishing. Did those come with that kit? Any other? Wick
  15. I'm going to attempt to models some TV sitcom cars from the 'fifties, beginning with the nice '40 Ford ragtop from Leave It to Beaver (Wally and Eddie chain Lumpy's car to a tree and extract the real axle) and the ratty Model A tub Bud Jr. drove before he got his '48 ragtop, from Father Knows Best. I'm putting them in the same diorama, for fun. Billy Gray replied to my inquiry as to the color of the hand-brushed flames on the A; gray! Also sent me two nice images of him with a '54 Merc ragtop (Jim Sr. drove a '54 sedan in the first season or two) and his flat-track racer. See below; I rolled up my jeans cuffs in that era, too! I was wondering if anyone else had done something similar to 'preserve' those old crocks in replica, or had any tips; after sixty years on-and-off playing with plastic kits, I've never tried a model scene. I'm trying to keep it very modest, btw; first effort at diorama, and weathering model cars at age 73 -1/2. Ever wonder what else those kid actors drove? Apparently Tony Dow had a Corvair Monza; still exists, and I recall Paul Petersen in what I think I recall as a Siata roadster (beautiful V-8 car; I've judged on at concours!), which may have been his -- but what else?? Bet it wasn't a tired '51 Ford club coupe, like I had, huh?! Any interest? Wick Humble
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