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  1. Main difficulties were not based on the scale differences but because I was nearly modifying everything in a "try and error" mode. It's part of the game. This is where the fun is.
  2. Engine came from the Revell 32 ford 5 window coupe as most of the parts used to complete/replace/upgrade the 40 ford
  3. small updates as I think I'm done with heavy mods. Now it's time to create a air tank (plastic pen section) + compressors (misc parts from an old 50 ford I think) The electric fan is wired and so will be the second one I planned to put behind the cab. Stay tuned !
  4. this is step 2: revised verion of the setup not done yet but close to completion
  5. last evening I worked on the new exhaust system used i lighter to smoothly bend the tubes everything is hand made minus the muffler I think it's going to be ok
  6. Thanks for the kind words so far guys ! I couldn't find enough free times to work on the 40 only small adjustments to make some room to add an electric fan on the radiator and reduce the trans lenght. After this I tried to match the 40 and 32 dashes and I think it’s a match !
  7. here are some new details I had to face that my mockups were too fragile If I had to redo this in the future, I would proceed totally differently We are still learning, right? In any case, to strengthen everything together, I had to use a metal rod it's not that great, I would have liked to avoid it but I could not paint the whole thing and then realise that it fall appart when putting the wheels on it. You will notice that I reversed the front crossbar so that it will be used to support the engine block I still have to add small studs and it should go I like the final height I think the look is pleasant [/URL
  8. Hello Kurt, control arms are small metal paper clips and styrene tubing no more, no less the first draft showed they were too long I had to revise my copy and you can see the final result on the 3rd picture They are shorter and I added some grey hex nuts from MEG (normal use is for military modelling I think)
  9. I've been working on the new front end setup, one step at a time I realised It was the first time I tried to do so many little adjustments et scratchbuild/modified parts. Meaning I also had to relocate the engine height and the transmission too. Building a new tunnel was not optional as the transmission is running over the cab floor and not under it anymore
  10. you are right and I'm actualy considering 2 options : 1/ raised the floor inside the pickup bed -> it is necessary but it would hide the work done underneath 2/ no bed at all but a nice bed cover not sure yet
  11. I've been visiting this forum for years now. And I can't remember having shared any of my previous build yet. So here is a small kitbash i've started last night. The main kit is the well know Monogram 40 ford pickup but I'll make some modifications using spare parts from my personal stash The main goal is to mix part from 40 and 32 with a pro-touring feeling Lots of work to come as I'm playing with my saw and files Sorry for my incorrect English, I'm from Belgium and my mother tongue is French.
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