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  1. Where is this show? I live just down the road and have never heard of it
  2. Thank you for your input gentlemen. I have plastilkit hood for it. looking online and the hood probably represents an 80' s on up and I figured the kit engine probably wasn't offered in later years.
  3. I have a paystar 5000 and I would like to update it some. I have a newer hood and would like to put a more recent engine in. My online research shows most truck listing state the engine as a cummins. Could anyone tell me what would be appropriate and would I be able to fine one in resin? Thanks in advance.
  4. Iceman collections currently has the zforce chevy grills for sale on his page.
  5. I hope a version with the 85-87 grill and a long box are being considered.
  6. If they are doing new parts for the sod buster can a new dash be added. That series chevy truck had 70's style dash in an 80's truck
  7. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but has anyone used modelcarchrome? It's the only service I could find, but I'm a bit hesitant to use them the last 2 reviews for them were not good....parts not returned or money not refunded.
  8. I think this site has what you want. Just send them a message and he can help you out
  9. The rear quarter panel is a big difference between stock and custom. The body flare is molded into that panel, it's a separate piece for the rest.
  10. That's good news. Can I double down as long as we are talking re-issues and ask if any of the leaf spring bigfoots could be released? They go for big money and it would be nice to have them again. I don't know what round 2's standing is with them.
  11. Can the 454-SS and stepside be added to the list of re-issued chevy trucks
  12. This place offers 1/24 and 1/25. The web site is across the top of the picture
  13. As far as I can tell the usa monster truck has most of the stock kit parts included. The hood and frame are the only changes made, but yes the other 2 had shorter wheelbase that wouldn't have been altered to make a monster truck
  14. Just a random thought, but I wish round 2 would release the chevy step side, 454, and long box again.
  15. The front skid plate/ winch cover, (which you can bearly make out) was what made me think it was a revell/ monogram truck.
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