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  1. That is some amazing interior work! How did you do the black and white patterns on the first picture?
  2. Thanks, this fabric pattern looks super close to the one on the first picture or just close enough. I might be able to get by with just printing it on regular paper and gluing it to the seat.
  3. The seat work and the car look amazing, nice work. Danbury Mint style stock replica builds look the sharpest.
  4. I am getting ready to start a 1958 Plymouth kit (The Christine one) and realized this interior is a little more accurate for Plymouth Belvederes of that year. Any idea how one could replicate the interior in the first picture? How would one make the white seat background? How could one recreate the black textured part of the seat? Both are slightly different. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am working on making a 4 door 1958 Plymouth Belvedere as a side project; I am converting from the 2 door "Christine" kit. I was wondering how to copy the existing door handles so I have two more? I have Squadron filling putty, Plaster of Paris, and modeling clay. I was hoping that it could be done from those materials. Any ideas would help... -Thank you.
  6. Looks great, can't ever get bored of those stock 1950's cars!
  7. The California wheels kit you bought is the right body style to convert to the 4 door, you would just need to fill and redraw the panel lines, then re- position the door posts to match the 4 door. That's the project I plan to do sometime.
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