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  1. moparfan added a post in a topic How Do I Keep My Decals From Lifting ?   

    Thank you for the help, I will let the decals dry longer. As i don't have an airbrush, is there any spray clearcoat that has worked well for anyone? Do I need a clearcoat over the decals, Or just go ahead and wax with an automotive wax ?
    Again, thank you for the help
  2. moparfan added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How Do I Keep My Decals From Lifting ?
    Hi G & J,
    I just got back into the hobby after many, many years away. I have read your Mag for about the past year now, and have picked up alot of valuable information. Going over the past year of issues, I have not come across the problem that I'm having with my decals. Heres how it went. After finishing the body with spray enamel, And letting it dry for about a week. I set about decaling. First I applied Micro-set to help in decal positioning, after I hit the right spot, I applied Micro-sol to help with the comforming and softening of the decal. After drying for an hour. I blotted the decals with water to remove the residual adhesive from the face of the decals. After another hour, I clear coated the body, with spray enamel. Now i am running into the problem of the decals lifting around the edges ( see attached pictures ). Any and all help will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks for a Great Mag./ Keep up the good work..

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  3. moparfan added a post in a topic '06 Charger Daytona RT Hemi pics   

    Hope these Help ya,