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  1. I know I am late to the party, but do you still have the stage coach & covered wagon? I may be interested in the 1:32 Jag '34 Ford and possibly the weirdo. I have some semi's & probably some early Fords to trade. LMK if any are still available & I will start a list of what I have.
  2. Modelhaus has always recommended Bleechwite, however I asked them about Super Clean, that they also recommend. They said it will work but would turn the resin purple. They also recommended Marine Clean, a Por 15 product now labeled Por 15 Cleaner/Degreaser. Since you apparently had issues with the purple cleaners, I would try to avoid them or test a scrap piece before immersing the whole kit in the "purple pond".
  3. I really like the flames too. While horizontal flames are suppose to make a car look like its moving even when its standing still, yours would give the opposite impression. I can hear all the losers crying at the drag strip now, "He passed me as if he was standing still! 😄
  4. Thanks. I thought maybe flocking... 🤔
  5. Thanks for the response. I don't ever recall seeing that style turn signal, although it reminds me of the Citroens that had similar turn signal arms that were built into the B pillars.
  6. The color & texture of the boot looks so real I want to touch & feel it! How did you achieve the two tone the carpet? It looks fantastic! I have a project that really needs a salt & pepper (silver-grey & black) carpet...
  7. Very nice indeed! I'm curious as to the attachments mounted to the cowl's side. Mirrors? (doesn't look mirror face.) Lights?
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