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  1. Well I was typing some what tongue in cheek when I posted that. I’m actually quite pleased to have the correct dashboards even if the rest isn’t correct. There does seem to be a lot of people who know of this situation however. 😏 I’m a Virgil Exner fan so it’s the exterior that’s the real draw for me. I do build what I want with what I have and with what skills I have keeping in mind I’ll never have the time to build them all. The bucket list is long and I am slow so I’ll sweat the details on those. I don’t build to please my critics however I do show the ones that turn out well or even ok and constructive criticism is always welcomed.
  2. Although the convertible side panels used in the early Jo-Han & AMT annuals has always bugged me, I am more concerned with correct details. Using the ‘64 Dodge interior would be a good starting point, along with a more detailed chassis if I wanted a really correct model. I have other projects I would be more willing to invest the time, so for now I’m just thinking shelf model. Ironically because of the shallow tub it would make more sense to correct the convertible as the interior is a visual focal point. As it is I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to building any of them not to mention the ‘62 Chryslers & ‘60 DeSotos I have in this series. 😕
  3. That’s kinda what I think but judging by this thread it would seem a lot of people know…😏 Guess I wasted my money buying those dashboards. 😒
  4. Well that’s good to know! I have 2 Plymouths and 1 Dodge convertible. (and 2 Dodge hts)
  5. Thanks! The pics will greatly aide in the search. I think I need a boot the ‘62 Plymouth convertible too. Had the kit out a few days ago and now that piece is missing. I’m afraid it may have accidentally fallen into a pile of papers that went to the recycle bin ☹️
  6. So I still need ’62 interior tubs to have correct interiors? Can they be easily modified to be correct? If I ever get around to building them and I don’t have or can’t find the correct tubs I will have to work with what I have…
  7. I was unaware that the interiors were incorrect for these kits (although someone in this thread mentioned the Chrysler had a’ ‘65 interior). I did know the dashboards were incorrect for the Dodge and Plymouth. However I attended a NNL event a few weeks ago and discovered that Parts by Parks has the correct dashboards in resin! I bought 2 each to add to the kits I have. It would appear that I need to trade a Dodge ht for a Plymouth ht to balance out my collection unless I can find 1 or 2 at a reasonable price
  8. NOW I see the scale on the Olds box. (I did look earlier 😒). How many are in the series? I’ve only recently become aware of these models.
  9. I’m curious; will the convertible top span the entire passenger compartment or do you have something else in mind?
  10. Thanks! I started this maybe 18 months ago and I even started a thread in the WIP section. Once I get the paint polished out I think it will be ready for assembly. Thanks again for the encouraging words.
  11. Not quite sure this belongs in this thread as a minivan is considered a truck but it is a “should have been” pickup. WIP
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