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  1. Ratty Mercedes-Benz E-class

    You don't patina like that on a car like that every day. Nice job!
  2. Testors brush paint

    I can say the same for some 20(?) tins of Humbrol I bought eons ago at a close out for a dime each! The best buy on the best paint I have ever bought! Just wished I had bought more. I was not familiar with the brand at the time or I would have. Lots of those colors are no longer available.
  3. Testors brush paint

    I have to agree with everything said. Testors is a crapshoot. Some is way too thick and will dry up in the bottle & some are almost "airbrush ready". I have been slowly switching to Humbrol & Tamiya paint & I'm also using more acrylics, too. They dry quicker.
  4. Re posting ?

    It would be great if all the P-Bucket photos could be re posted. It is frustrating going back and not being able to see the pics. I would especially like to see Harry's posted pics. I found this site just shortly before his death, but he sure has the respect of every one here who knew him. I always enjoyed his comments.
  5. My card came in in the original artwork box and I'm sure I acquired it in the early '60s. (1960 -'62). I never had a kit in a box like that.
  6. As I recall we moved to Maryland just in time to begin school in the fall of 1960. I remember this as I wanted a '59 Chevy kit & LHS said I was too late. They either had or were expecting the '60 kits. The '25 T could have a Christmas present that year.
  7. I wonder why? I recall the '32 roadster card, too. My dad built that kit around the same time frame. I'm pretty sure about the years. We moved around quite a bit when I was young & I know we were living in Maryland at the time. The built model was even in my class photo. I was absolutely nuts about models at the time & spent all my allowance on them. I also know I never bought more than 1 of any kit - couldn't afford it! I always fretted as to which version of the 3n1 to build!
  8. I would guess I aquired this around 1961-2. I'm sure it came from the 1st issue.
  9. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    That "dot" above the taillights is a reflector. "Blue dots" are a small round blue lens in the center of the taillight. When they are lit they have a slight purplish glow. This is why some states (if not all states or the feds) outlawed them. (I think the hot rodders/customizers are given a pass nowadays as this isn't considered a fad but nostalgia, but that's just a guess ) Found this image doing a quick Google search.
  10. I have this one. Its all I have left of this kit from when I was a kid!
  11. 1977 Plymouth Fury

    I'm not sure if you can find a VIN decoder here, but https://www.allpar.com has lots of info on all MoPars (as the name implies) That is where I would begin EDIT: Just checked the sight Begin here: https://www.allpar.com/mopar/vin-decoder.html Hope that helps!
  12. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    The headlights are particularly realistic. Very nice!
  13. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Well your work is so stunning I don't think most people would even notice. They will be admiring your work & gawking at the record player!
  14. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    I would agree that nobody can know it all and I know I've made boat load of mistakes and have chosen to let many of them slide that the manufacturers made, but this is one of the best known features of these cars. It looks like Micheal did lots of research on this build & even posted a pic of the interior of a 1:1 car clearly showing this detail. He was even aware of the rare, not well known record player option. Maybe his mistake was putting the stalk on the wrong side of the column and that would be an easy fix, even for me. He is far more talented than I. I only hope to become good a modeler has he is.