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  1. As I am deep into a conversion of a Caravan to a pickup, I may as well pull a stock Caravan from the crypt & finish it. So I will offically submit the stock Caravan for round 7. It will be representative of the '98 I once owned. With any luck they will both be completed by the deadline.
  2. The weathering looks great! I have been wanting to try my hand too. Maybe some day...
  3. Thanks! The roof certainly has a slope to it! I'm still doing a little tweaking. Hope to post more pics soon...
  4. Thanks, Tom. I have owned two, an '88 and a '98 and currently own a '06 Town & Country. The '98 was the best vehicle I ever owned, but had to replace it after 240,000+ miles due to a combination of computer, rust, damage, etc. It was a perfect storm of everything needing maintenance & repair at once. 😢 The model is identical to my '98 with the exception of the fabric pattern & wheels. There is a slight difference in the dash in that the model does not depict the ''eyebrow'' information center that was above the speedometer/tach cove. Mine also had fog lamps.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. This is my 1st real dice & slice project since my tween years in the early 60's. I've been smoothing some of the body work & contemplating the details. should have more pics in a day or two. I have "custom" build idea for a Caravan that will the use stock configuration quarter panels & bottom section of the hatch w/non opening (or a pretend its feasible) tailgate. It will incorporate the C pillar(?) as well.
  6. This is a "what if" or "phantom" build of a Caravan pickup (inspired by the A100) I started exactly 1 month ago. Not sure what the model name should be. El Caravano? Ramchero? I considered El Toro but its a Dodge Ram (and that's no bull!) El Ramo! No... Maybe El Carnero , Spanish for The Ram, sounds logical. Suggestions welcome. I am using the Revellogram Dodge Ram VTS pickup to complete the conversion, using the cab's back wall, bed, tailgate, taillights &bumper. The bed is actually to short for the Caravan so I graphed on the appropriate length from a 2nd VTS kit. I would have liked to the Caravan taillights but had to flatten the shape at the rear to accommodate a practical tailgate. I also pushed out the rear quarter panels from about the back edge of the wheel opening on back, which allowed for a full width box. (Box length is approx. 7 1/2 scale feet.) More later. Comments, suggestions welcome.
  7. That's a "scrappy" looking roadster! 😉 Very nice!
  8. Looking Good! I'd like to take that cruise around the block w/you!
  9. Nicely understated. Smooth & sinister, it almost begs for a machine gun toting gangster on the running board. Well done!
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