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  1. Very Nice indeed! The windshield washer reservoir really caught my attention. You nailed the color! What color is it?
  2. Thanks, Skip. I had that kit molded in a suburb dark red/maroon, but sold it. It would have polished out nicely instead of painting. I would kinda like to have it back...😞
  3. Man that's snazzy! I like the color!
  4. Michael, The instructions Gerry posted are the same as the Kodak trailer with the exception of the graphics, of coarse. if you would still like the Kodak instructions, lmk.
  5. Thanks, Peter. This was actually my 1st attempt at foiling. The crisp molding probably helped. I remembered being surprised at how much it took and trying to figure out to do the corners on the fenders.
  6. Going thru some photos & came across these. I don't think I've posted them before. Built more than 30yrs ago...
  7. The blue works well with the colors in the de"cowl". Very nice!
  8. If you are still in need of these instructions I have a copy. Due to the size & layout of the sheet photos may work better than scanning. LMK
  9. Very nice. The rear window really catches my attention. Is this stock (except for chop)? Its reminiscent of a '57 Ranchero. Looks great!
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