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  1. Liquid plastic

    I generally have had good luck sanding CA. However I have had some issues on a current project. I have what looks like strings after sanding. (Somewhat like fiberglass that was not completely saturated with resin) I have tried pulling he "strings" with tweezers but ended up pulling up a chunk of the CA patch. (The CA was used to fill a seam) This was a project that had been on hold so the CA had been applied several months previous. Don't know if that has caused a long term issue, although I doubt it...
  2. Krylon paint trick, is it for real??

    I have tried this but found that laying the can on a heating pad & then folding the pad over on the can works better. The can remains dry & the temperature is easier to regulate.
  3. WW III, the war on plastic.

    Thanks! That is good to know. I was surprised find out it is the same stuff as foam.
  4. WW III, the war on plastic.

    I have never seen any mention of recycling styrene. There is not a recycle number on the sprues or the packaging. The town I live in requires that we sort recycled waste (paper, plastic, glass, etc.) & provides 4-6 trash cans per residence to those that want to recycle. (Its cheaper to do so). They will only accept 1,2,5,7 plastics (the "profitable" recyclable plastics). No styrene. Years ago I remember an article somewhere that suggested that there on going research in making styrene recycling a reality. I have heard nothing since.
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    That is quite an unusual multi-point icicle on the front wheel. Will you be replicating it, too?
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    That is quite an unusual multi-point icicle on the front wheel. Will you be replicating it, too?
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Reminds me of the Soul Train!
  8. Wal-Mart model car boxes

    '41 Ford woody also came in Blue
  9. Wal-Mart model car boxes

    There were quite a number of prepainted/pre-decorated kits issued. Many were issued in different colors, too. You can add to the list: '57 Chrysler - Dk green, Black '58 Edsel - Black/red, (?) '58 Plymouth - Red w/white roof '71 Charger - Green '71 Duster - Green These kits don't seem to have much value, often selling for less than the unpainted versions, however I have built a few & must say I was impressed detail painted wheel covers. I could never hand paint fine details that precise. Its a shame these kits were not well received. I too worked on one while stuck in the hospital where you can't paint and I can think of many other situations where you can't paint. I would think these kits would be less intimidating to novice modelers, too.
  10. Wal-Mart model car boxes

    A few days ago I was comparing prices of of the various issues of the AMT '53 Studebaker in the Directory of Model Car Kits. The issue released around the same time & featured the same model on the box top as the WalMart listed for $24. The WalMart issue listed for $12. I compared the 2 issues & they are identical. Looking further into this, the Directory has a section listing all WalMart issued kits & all listed for $12. (Prepainted kits were not included in this section but are listed with the standard issues) If these prices are any indicator, You could save some bucks if you don't mind the checkerboard.
  11. 1925 dodge - DONE

    Great job! Looks fantastic!
  12. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    I never even got to see the list. I got online around 10:30 am DST yesterday & all that came up was the same website closed message that's been up for 2 yrs now. I did receive my last order from them earlier this month, however. I wish them a great retirement.
  13. Brushes

    I have always preferred sable brushes & have shied away from synthetics. However the last time I looked at HL they seemed to have almost exclusively synthetic & synthetic blend brushes. Admittedly I have not bought brushes in decades (having stocked up during a close out) so maybe the synthetic & synthetic blend brushes are the way to go these days. I also have a silver fox brush that is one of my favorites.
  14. Sealed or open?

    I like to look inside the box, old or new, for the reasons already already mentioned, but mostly I like to look at the parts & instructions! I open all my kits this way, only I usually cut all 4 sides & discard the shrink wrap bottom. This way the box is protected from "shelf wear"...
  15. Model car related abbreviation?

    NOS - new old stock OEM - original equipment manufacture