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  1. Thanks again. I had a '88 & the '98 this model represents. The '88 had mechanical issues (transmission, valves) but the '98 seemed flawless. However the perfect storm of failing computer, fender bender, rust, thin tires, etc, made replacing it @ 240,000 mi. sensible. My current every day driver is an '06 T&C. Though not as well appointed as the '98, it has been just as mechanically reliable. Fit & finish? Not so good😒
  2. Thanks Tom. I checked out your sharp Caravans & they reminded me of the missing antenna!😣 The rear wiper really adds to the realism. What was your source?
  3. Thanks shoopdog! It is a Lindberg snap kit. I should have added a few details like fog lights & a rear wiper (and licence plate) and may still do so. (Its screaming at me to do so! LOL)
  4. Nothing special. The best car I ever owned is represented here. Paint is Duplicolor Chrysler Bright White. I added rub rails on the roof , repositioned the luggage rack and open the grille and replaced it with some weird netting I found, otherwise box stock. Comments & suggestions welcome.
  5. I can't help but wonder what guilty blue looks like! 😁
  6. Love them MoPars! Nice looking collection!
  7. Gotter done! Yeah its a bit late, finished @1:23ct but it must still be Tuesday somewhere! Wished I had started working on it when this round 1st started as there was more doodads & detail I had wanted to include. When I dug this out of the crypt I thought is was nearer done it was. 🙁 Still I'm happy with the result.I did add rub rails(?) Comments, suggestions welcome.
  8. Nicely done Gwolf! (Another kit I want to build) I'm working hard to complete my project b4 midnight. With any luck I will. I feel somewhat like Tom in that there are changes and doodads I would like to & had planned to do but had forgotten about, mostly fog lights and an after market console, parts that would require scratch building. However I have decided to move ahead and giitter done w/o theses features. As I have several Caravan projects going on, I may go back & add these features as I move along. Pics tonight, I hope...
  9. I have to agree the weathering is perfection! It looks like the real deal in the outdoor shots. Fantastic!
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