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  1. Brushes

    I have always preferred sable brushes & have shied away from synthetics. However the last time I looked at HL they seemed to have almost exclusively synthetic & synthetic blend brushes. Admittedly I have not bought brushes in decades (having stocked up during a close out) so maybe the synthetic & synthetic blend brushes are the way to go these days. I also have a silver fox brush that is one of my favorites.
  2. Sealed or open?

    I like to look inside the box, old or new, for the reasons already already mentioned, but mostly I like to look at the parts & instructions! I open all my kits this way, only I usually cut all 4 sides & discard the shrink wrap bottom. This way the box is protected from "shelf wear"...
  3. Model car related abbreviation?

    NOS - new old stock OEM - original equipment manufacture
  4. Model car related abbreviation?

    ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
  5. What Pleased You Today!

    It must have been hard to "ford" the creeks in a Chevy If it was me I would "dodge" them all!
  6. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    Ditto. Thanks for posting the episode, Joe!
  7. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    Since Chrysler Corp furnished the cars for most of the series, its odd that neither Wally or Lumpy had a MoPar. I guess like most teens they had have something different, I'm sure they'll learn better. My favorite episode was when Eddie & Wally chained Lumpy's car & the axle came off when Lumpy took off.
  8. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    Just what is Wally's car? I only remember him with a junk early '50's Chevy convertible.
  9. Even tho they don't show, its much more realistic than draping the wiring over the valve covers. I don't much care for the look of most "wired" engines as they just don't look right with the wires draped over valve covers, and often the wire looks too thick for the scale, at least to my eye. Your engine looks very real the way you did it. Very nice!
  10. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    Those flaws that make any build less than perfect are often only glaring imperfections to the builder and are just as often not even noticed by the casual viewer. The builder is intimately aware of the issues he tackled & those that he has overcome, or not, in his view. One just has to accept the fact that nothing is ever perfect and continue to strive for it on each next build. It also doesn't hurt to know when you hit the wall on one project & move to another. You can always come back to it when the mood or a resolution piques your interest.
  11. Can anybody HELP

    You mean "Up Up & Away in my beautiful balloon"?
  12. Can anybody HELP

    Left or right?
  13. Swap-N-Build CBP

    Now that you mentioned it, I do remember seeing it!
  14. Swap-N-Build CBP

    Nice " No Car", Jon! Looks like you are the only one that has finished their builds. I know I would probably never make a build deadline, but I'm hoping to see some progress on the other builds
  15. Just a few thoughts on scale

    Thanks for sharing. This & the conversion tool it leads to is something I had been wanting for awhile.