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  1. Your builds are killin'! LOL hope you have a better new year
  2. Or is it a different model? Was it the yellow one? I’m not sure after giving it a second look 🧐🤔
  3. Looking good in green! The new color scheme has really changed its appearance for the better.
  4. I’m sure there is more to see that I missed too!
  5. Although there is not a cruiser in the scene there are 2 state(?) troopers concerned over Ruby’s Dinner truck parked in a handicap parking spot and a female city officer talking to the tow truck operator perhaps about removing the offending vehicle. (3rd pic from the bottom, lower left hand corner. Check the video out for a better view.) But really who needs a cop when everyone is having such a good time? (Illegal handicap parking not withstanding)😀
  6. Astounding! I must’ve spent an hour pouring over your pics and video! This is just incredible! The build of the vehicles with so much scratch building and detail - I don’t think I could accomplish so many quality builds in a lifetime! The details in the buildings and realistic treatment of the pavement is outstanding! But what wows me the most is the people! Their interactions with each other could not be more realistic. You have even captured the sense of action especially the skateboarders and the jogger! Simply amazing!
  7. As I feared when I signed up that summer would not allow for much modeling. I have fought with the paint when I did find time. I did shoot the 3rd color on the tri-tone paint scheme Thursday and should be ready to polish tonight. I have also fashioned an AC duct for the package shelf. Although it’s not eligible for another round, I shall continue working on it and post progress pics here with Snake’s permission.
  8. Well I was typing some what tongue in cheek when I posted that. I’m actually quite pleased to have the correct dashboards even if the rest isn’t correct. There does seem to be a lot of people who know of this situation however. 😏 I’m a Virgil Exner fan so it’s the exterior that’s the real draw for me. I do build what I want with what I have and with what skills I have keeping in mind I’ll never have the time to build them all. The bucket list is long and I am slow so I’ll sweat the details on those. I don’t build to please my critics however I do show the ones that turn out well or even ok and constructive criticism is always welcomed.
  9. Although the convertible side panels used in the early Jo-Han & AMT annuals has always bugged me, I am more concerned with correct details. Using the ‘64 Dodge interior would be a good starting point, along with a more detailed chassis if I wanted a really correct model. I have other projects I would be more willing to invest the time, so for now I’m just thinking shelf model. Ironically because of the shallow tub it would make more sense to correct the convertible as the interior is a visual focal point. As it is I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to building any of them not to mention the ‘62 Chryslers & ‘60 DeSotos I have in this series. 😕
  10. That’s kinda what I think but judging by this thread it would seem a lot of people know…😏 Guess I wasted my money buying those dashboards. 😒
  11. Well that’s good to know! I have 2 Plymouths and 1 Dodge convertible. (and 2 Dodge hts)
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