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  1. Very nice! I like the rear treatment
  2. Crazy ’bout a Mercury! One of my favorite years. Nicely done
  3. I have collected real rust dust as I patch up my 1:1 vehicles. I now have a better ideas on how to put it to work! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for sharing,Mike. That’s a great instructional video! I’ve always wanted to try some weathering myself.
  5. That’s Wiley Coyote’s favorite brand! It must be great, especially for use on Roadrunners! Beep beep!
  6. The “after” pics look way better!
  7. Now if only we could get it in a 1:25 kit. Any mid ‘50’sPackard! Please!
  8. Snake, hope you’re well along on the road to recovery so you can forum on. You are much missed here.
  9. Beautiful work! The trim and badges are flawless!
  10. Wow! Looks fantastic! I was sorting through old magazines yesterday and just reread the SAE cover story of Juha Airio’s build of this c-body. Talk about synchronicity! I was actually looking for a how to tip by him on green tint windows. I have to agree Juha Airio the best when it comes wielding an X-Acto. Haven’t heard or seen anything from him in quite a while. Is he still with us?
  11. I have been interested in this series for a while now and this looks very good! (I have the Lancer and Valiant, both unbuilt yet.)The single exhaust was a refreshing and welcome surprise! 😯 So use to the duel exhausts on the Johan and AMT chassis of the era. How does this kit compare to the Johan Chrysler?
  12. Not much more to say. Others have said it all. Nice work!
  13. Very nice! I like the color.
  14. I just saw this too. I’m not much for customs but this is a beauty! I’m sucker for these early ‘60’s Mopars. I’m particularly crazy about the ’61Dodge Polaras and wagons for their unique rear quarter/taillight treatment. My folks bought a ‘61 Polara when I was 9 years old and I remember studying (contemplating?) the rear quarters forever. I was fortunate enough to own a wagon in the’80’s until it was totaled while parked outside of my house. Even then it sat in the backyard for several years before the city forced me to get rid of it. I was still gazing at those intriguing quarters even as the junk man took it away. I have yet to find another. 🙁 It really irks me that one of the talking heads for the televised Mecum auctions expresses his opinion that the ‘61 Dodge is the ugliest car ever. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there’s no accounting for taste and to be honest I have yet to determine whether its ugly or beautiful but to this day it is captivating to me.
  15. Good looking Duster! The color and finished are fantastic! I would like to see a Dodge version, too.
  16. They are all very nice, but no hoods? I’m liking the brass era cars more all the time!
  17. I had been concerned about Tom for quite a while too and just found this thread. I had thought of even sending him a pm. I’m glad to hear he’s alive and kickin’! Tom, you’ve been much missed and hope you can find some time to share with us here.
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