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  1. If you are still looking, I have a complete unbuilt kit...
  2. I have only used Bleach White on resin, however I recently purchased the Por 15 for 1:1 project & may give it try as I have plenty left over. Dawn dishwashing liquid (or the Walmart equivalent) is my go to. The blue stuff. Don't use the the stuff with hand softening conditioners, just pure soap. I wash all opaque & unplated parts before I start any sanding or clean up & then again before I prime.
  3. Mine too. 1965 or '66. Albuquerque NM. Ian Whitcomb was the opening act. I remember Mark Lindsey walking onto the "barricade" that was placed in front of the stage several times during the show, fluanting his ponytail. Ian Whitcomb died this past April.
  4. What I said! It is concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  5. I know I am late to the party, but do you still have the stage coach & covered wagon? I may be interested in the 1:32 Jag '34 Ford and possibly the weirdo. I have some semi's & probably some early Fords to trade. LMK if any are still available & I will start a list of what I have.
  6. Modelhaus has always recommended Bleechwite, however I asked them about Super Clean, that they also recommend. They said it will work but would turn the resin purple. They also recommended Marine Clean, a Por 15 product now labeled Por 15 Cleaner/Degreaser. Since you apparently had issues with the purple cleaners, I would try to avoid them or test a scrap piece before immersing the whole kit in the "purple pond".
  7. I really like the flames too. While horizontal flames are suppose to make a car look like its moving even when its standing still, yours would give the opposite impression. I can hear all the losers crying at the drag strip now, "He passed me as if he was standing still! 😄
  8. Thanks. I thought maybe flocking... 🤔
  9. Thanks for the response. I don't ever recall seeing that style turn signal, although it reminds me of the Citroens that had similar turn signal arms that were built into the B pillars.
  10. The color & texture of the boot looks so real I want to touch & feel it! How did you achieve the two tone the carpet? It looks fantastic! I have a project that really needs a salt & pepper (silver-grey & black) carpet...
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