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  1. Nicely understated. Smooth & sinister, it almost begs for a machine gun toting gangster on the running board. Well done!
  2. I can hear/feel the rumble as it rolls up next to me at the light; "You wanna go, bro?😏You wanna go?" Nice work!
  3. Finally declared this one done @ 3 ;08 am today! Not much of a model & why I I think these sow ears can be made into silk purses is beyond me! Anyway I got'er done!
  4. Yes, Snake, I will take you up on round 6/Jan 31 finish for the Ford. I have been plodding along & think I am done with the body paint. Will work on BMF today/tonight. Had to replace my air compressor this week so now I can shoot Alclad on the bumpers, grille, etc.
  5. I regret to say '49 Ford won't be done tonight. I burned thru my 1st paint attempt polishing then had to repair a body seam that broke open while mounting it to the paint stand. It then sat as I worked on outdoor projects. (Then complication from cataract surgery left me with blurry vision over most the time period I had planned to finish.) 2nd coat of paint went on well, but again burned thru when polishing! I have the 3rd coat on & it may be ready to buff out tonight. Although it won't qualify for a 3rd round, I hope to have it done in the next 2 weeks. It will not be returned to its cardboard coffin! Thanks to Snake & this thread for the motivation to get as much done as I have. If this thread continues I might have to pull out another coffin from the crypt. Thanks for a great thread!
  6. I'm afraid I went overboard! 1957 Plymouth wagon, '57 DeSoto wagon, '60 Dodge wagon & hardtop, '61 Dodge Polara ht, '64 Dodge crew cab & 2 more trucks, '61 Imperial, '55 Metropolitan, Shasta & teardrop trailers, '59 Buick, '59 Chevy wagon, '61 Ford Starliner body & misc parts to restore a '61 Ford wagon promo. I have restored the Ford promo, haven't gotten to the rest. I too have the '49 Buick & Caddy as well as a '56 Dodge conv. Years ago I started a '61 Dodge wagon & wished I had gotten another as I want change it from a Polara to a Sennaca & can't bring myself to remove the "Polara" from the fenders & the other necessary modifications.
  7. Great job on the paint! Nice clean build. A perfect color for that car.
  8. Very nice! I purchased a '56 Convert from Modelhaus years ago so I could build a replica of my 1st car (which I still have, pictured). I have yet to start it, but your build is inspiring. Mine has a separate hood & chassis to accept an engine, but haven't found one yet. Also need the promo(?) front bumper w/''bumper guards".
  9. Very Nice indeed! The windshield washer reservoir really caught my attention. You nailed the color! What color is it?
  10. Thanks, Skip. I had that kit molded in a suburb dark red/maroon, but sold it. It would have polished out nicely instead of painting. I would kinda like to have it back...😞
  11. Man that's snazzy! I like the color!
  12. Michael, The instructions Gerry posted are the same as the Kodak trailer with the exception of the graphics, of coarse. if you would still like the Kodak instructions, lmk.
  13. Thanks, Peter. This was actually my 1st attempt at foiling. The crisp molding probably helped. I remembered being surprised at how much it took and trying to figure out to do the corners on the fenders.
  14. Going thru some photos & came across these. I don't think I've posted them before. Built more than 30yrs ago...
  15. The blue works well with the colors in the de"cowl". Very nice!
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