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  1. The Comet was a 1960 model and was intended to be an Edsel. I believe some were even registered as such. Since the ‘60 Edsel ended production in Dec ‘59 the Comet became a stand alone brand in ‘60 and marketed as a Mercury beginning in ‘61. The taillights on the ‘60 Comet are the same ones used on the ‘60 Edsel.
  2. Don’t forget Highway Patrol! Great variety of cop cars: Buick, Dodge,Mercury, even an Olds, not to mention all the rides of the criminal element!
  3. Looking over your pics again it’s dawned on me that I had many of these back in the day. These were some of the first models I built and were lost during a move. 😢
  4. Don’t know what you paid but you certainly got some really cool stuff! 1961 is one of my favorite years for cars; a few years either side of ‘61 as well. You lucky duck!
  5. Thanks for posting all the pics. Glad to see your wins! Looks like you did very well. Congratulations!
  6. Thank you! Lots of good looking models there, but I kinda meant posting pics of your award winners. (I can see the trophies in your trunk 😉)
  7. Lucky guy indeed! That’s a very cool display case and looks like you won some trophies too!?! Congratulations are in order! Could you possibly post pictures of the winners, please?
  8. You got some nice stuff there, Rich. I had the model A pickup when I was a kid. I remember taking it to my aunt and uncle’s farm and filling it with the chicken feed. The chickens were very concerned! Lol! Wish I still had it. Btw what is the scale of the Cris Craft?
  9. Very realistic looking. Beautiful work!
  10. Another beautiful build! I’m always impressed with your mastery of script details. Simply stunning! As for the photos I think a mix would work well. I, too, like looking at the old boxes, but they do take away from the subject at large. A less busy background lets the details stand out and you’re not mentally trying to separate the subject from the background. For instance in pictures 1 & 15 the bit of the red and white car on the box that’s behind back edge of the deck appears, at first glance,to be a part of the car. Lighting could be better, too. There seems to be a yellow tint to most of your pics. The picture second to the bottom is the big exception. I’m guessing this is the only pic that closely replicates the true colors of the car. I don’t know what changed in this pic, but whatever it was it worked. I assume the others are shot under “soft white” lighting. Not that my pics are all that good, but I usually try to use at least one “daylight” bulb and 1 or 2 other sources of light (usually a mix of a daylight bulb and a fluorescent and/or actual daylight) I try different angles of light and subject to soften the shadows and or to highlight a detail. This seems to give me a reasonably true representation of the subject. This is how I take quick workbench photos. Even this shot shows there’s a bit of green tint from the fluorescent light that I wasn’t aware of until taking this pic. Another daylight bulb would be better. (I’m in the midst of cleaning up that clutter on the bench!)
  11. Thanks! rsmodels has a fantastically incredible collection!
  12. The colors work well together. Very nice!
  13. Nice color! I wish this subject was available in a larger scale (1:32, 1:25).
  14. The decals work very well. They look very realistic. I agree that that would be a very difficult place to open up. Could you, would you possibly make me 2 or 3 sets?
  15. Fantastic job! - especially the nicely detailed dash and steering wheel.
  16. The 3D printers are becoming a lot more intriguing. The latest issue of MCM #215 is “all about 3D printing” is very informative and proclaims the future is here. Makes it sounds doable even for a tech illiterate like me! Seems like almost anything is possible, limited only to your imagination or ever expanding file online.
  17. I like the color combination. I especially like the the seats. The color and texture of material give it a soft, cozy, inviting feeling.
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