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  1. It's just regular small jar Testors red. No clear coat or anything. Did polish a little bit with novus
  2. Thanks a lot. It takes a lot of time trying to put a lot of detail in it but the end result is amazing.
  3. Thanks a lot. It was my first time for everything on a model. Airbrushing and two tone...... headaches but I figured out the right mix on the paint now and I use fine line tape for the two tones.
  4. Thanks a lot. I just like trying to make everything look realistic.
  5. I have been doing some research and found a couple of places that make the blowers. There's like 4 different kinds of blowers. I found the blower top that I want too
  6. I just recently got a 58 Plymouth Fury Pro Mod kit. Most will call it the "Christine" pro mod. I want to try and modify the hood and put a blower on it just to make it look meaner. What are some good companies that make them? Are there different blowers that fit on different motors? What all will I need to complete this project?
  7. My dad used to build models when he was younger. Mainly NASCAR and old muscle cars. I have no idea where they are. He's still alive. I just found a lot of stuff in his closet last year and got a wild hair in me to actually try to build a model. Got some basic materials to work with and I got hooked
  8. My second build ever and it actually came out amazing. First time ever trying bmf and weathering. I dont have any pics of the interior on this phone but I did make it look super dirty like it just finished a race. I gave it to my dad for a birthday present since it was his favorite driver.
  9. This is the first model I ever did. Found and old Paasche H airbrush and all of my dad's old models in the closet. Finally got and air tank and built it last year. It's only one picture and it looks terrible trust me. But I did learn from my mistakes and built the Fireball Roberts 57 Ford to almost perfection
  10. This is my first big truck build. Everything went together pretty easy except the mirrors. The mold pin marks on the mirrors was pretty bad too. I weathered the engine just a little, seat belts, and some bmf. I don't have a picture of the finished engine. I'm dummy. I tried straight pins for the levers on the steering column. That's a first for that. And put some epoxy over the gauge faces. It's only my third model I've built so far. I did enjoy it and hope everybody enjoys the pictures.
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