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  1. What is the best method of making a steering wheel look like it is made of wood?
  2. I had a screwed up experience with my neighbor. A package from the local VA, of which contained my n medicine, was delivered to my next door neighbor by mistake. Well that is no so bad in itself except instead of knocking on the door, or even leaving the package in the car port, my good neighbor kept it for 5 days and called the police and had them deliver it to me. I mean just next door and he could not let me know. Well needless to say, I no longer talk to my him.
  3. I am going to be in need of liquid chrome pen refills very soon now. Does anyone know where I can order said refills? I found one place in England that stocks the refills but states they can't ship to the US. I have looked just about everywhere for them, but no luck. Some if would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I was wondering how long one pen will last, and also info on the refills. Has anyone used a refill yet?
  5. Would you mind showing a pic of the one you made? This sounds like a neat idea.
  6. Does anyone have a lightbar that can be used on a 1/24 wrecker?
  7. What is the best procedure to apply clear coats? Should I paint, then wet sand or clear coat first then wet sand?
  8. I have a few that I made a few years ago.
  9. You have a nice space to work in. If you can just find a place to display all your builds, you will have lots of room. Congrats on a clean area,
  10. After preparing a model with all the rust colors and dings and dents, I spray the model with Dullcoat. So now it is ready for salt and such. Must I use an acrylic paint for the top coat or can it be lacquer or enamel? Can someone set me straight on the proper procedures on producing a junker. Thanx.
  11. Is using Humbrol spray varnish worth doing? How does it compare to clearing products?
  12. Is using Humbrol spray varnish worth doing? How does it compare to clearing products?
  13. I normally use the Duplicolor primers with no problems. I guess I have mostly old plastic models. However I was wanting to know the difference between shellac and other paints? Can shellac be used in place of a clear coat?
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