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  1. gary added a post in a topic Chaparral 2D   

    As Ed said, the 2D was basically a re-bodied 2 so that should widen your search for reference photos. There's a little information on the Chaparral site:
    and http://chaparralcars.com/index.php
  2. gary added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/12 Lola T70   

    MSRP $204. But it's still on my wish list.
  3. gary added a post in a topic eng color   

    Here is a link to the 66 Mercury brochure. The 427 wasn't offered in '66 according to the brochure and other references I found, but was in '65 with 2x4-barrel (I thought that was just a dealer option, but apparently not). The base Parklane engine in '66 was the 410 cu.in. The Super Marauder was the 428 cu.in, single 4-barrel. The brochure shows the engine in red and black. Like Doug shows, I thought all Ford engines in '66 were blue (brochure artistic license?).

    The AMT kit box art, 2004 re-issue, shows a stock single 4 barrel air cleaner, but doesn't show it in the instructions. My kit is open but still sealed in the bag - I couldn't see either the single 4 barrel manifold or the stock air cleaner, just the 2x4 manifold and air cleaner.

  4. gary added a post in a topic Revell 69 Charger R/T vs. Revell Pro Modeler 69 Charger R/T   

    Just to add to the confusion (or maybe to create some), I have this box with the blue pro-modeler label, kit #85-5937, and it has the old incorrect body. They apparently changed the box-art before changing the body.

  5. gary added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '49 Ford   

    John - yeah, that horizontal blob of plastic is suppose to be the exhaust manifold, and as you discovered this kit doesn't have the cross over pipe. A better example of what you're trying to achieve is the AMT '49 Mercury engine:
    or the Lindberg '53 Ford:

  6. gary added a post in a topic Need some advice   

    Since the original Trans Am series started out as an SCCA sanctioned series why not build an SCCA eligible Mustang:

    or the Boss 302R that runs in the Grand Am series : http://www.fordracingparts.com/competition/default.asp
  7. gary added a post in a topic Hobvby Lobby Observations   

    I get my coupons in the Sunday paper (full page ad). Or you can get them on line. http://www.hobbylobby.com/weekly/weekly.cfm?page=1&menu=1
    They have the 40% coupons about 3 times a month. Each coupon is only good for that week.
    Gary B.
  8. gary added a post in a topic Who rides bicycles here?   

    Harry - measure your frame from the center of the bottom bracket to the top (or center) of the top tube along the seat post. It is probably 25". The 27" is the wheel size. The largest frame Motobecane lists in their '75 and '79 catalogs (the only "mid 70's" catalogs I could find on line) was 25". However, I do (vaguely) remember ordering some very large frames (larger than the usual 24.5-25" everyone else offered) from one of the French importers back in the 70's. Can't remember which one, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Motobecane.

    FORDSVTPARTS - sorry, but your Peugeot is a AO-8, not a PX-10. http://cyclespeugeot.com/1970-1979PeugeotCatalog.html
  9. gary added a post in a topic 427 Street Cobra Csx3181   

    Your fotki site is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. gary added a post in a topic '53 ford truck questions   

    Per the book "Ford at Fifty", commercial truck engines in '53 were green. Passenger car engines were orange. (It's one of the few color pictures in this book).

  11. gary added a post in a topic saw the AMT 37 chevy coupe re-release last night   

    I heard somewhere that the new release was suppose to have some of the stock parts in addition to the custom parts. The last one I bought just had the custom interior and a blown big block.