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  1. Awesome start! Looks killer. What did you use for your wire?? The smaller stuff looks like 30awg Kynar? What did you use for the battery cables?


    Thanks for the compliments guys! It's very much appreciated. You are correct on the 30 gauge Kynar wire. The battery cables are made with the individual wires stripped out of a cat 5 cable. Easy to get your hands on wire as an electrician.  

    Here's a quick mock up of how it's gonna look 


  2. Well since I got the camaro finished I figured I might as well get started on the next one . This build will be using the match racer firebird. Id like to put more detail into this one than the last so ill be trying some new things. I got the body painted to see how I liked the color and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Here's a teaser pic of things to come 



  3. Hey all! I'm still pretty new to the model scene but have loved so far what I've seen on this forum. There's a lot of amazing talent around here and it's definitely inspiring. This is my first finished model while being a member on this forum. I always want to improve on my model building so constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for looking! 







  4. Thanks for the compliments guys! 

    I got a few more small things done over the last few days. I got my pre-wired distributor from Ted's modelling marketplace and got it installed on the motor. I also made some fuel lines for the fuel pump and on the motor as well as added a fuel pressure gauge. This was my first time attempting fuel lines and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I also made an msd box and got it wired in. Thanks for looking 






  5. A few more updates for everyone. I got the headlights in and made some block off plates for behind the singal light openings. I still need to get a fine tipped paint marker to finish up the front end as well as for the taillights. I also got the rear end in and got the body mocked up. It needed a bit of trimming but overall fits pretty well. 

    Constructive criticism is always welcome. I'm always looking to improve my model building, so any comments or ideas on how to make things better are appreciated. 









  6. Thanks for all the comments guys, it's really appreciated. Just have few small updates. I got the battery and fuel cell finished and ran some wires back for the fuel pump.  I got most of the rear end done and should be putting it in fairly soon 


    Nice. Cage is looking really nice.  I also gave this kit. Not started yet.  I hear that the body is pretty flimsy and difficult to work . 

    Overall the body isnt too bad. The front and rear fascias could definitely fit a little better, but it's not the worst I've had to deal with. 





  7. I've been away from models for a while but have just recently got back in and couldn't be happier.  This build will be using the Reher Morrison third gen camaro, but will be built a little different. I've always loved third gens and have a 1:1 of my own. I will be adding some extra details with parts from Ted's modelling marketplace. Thanks for looking! 







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