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  1. Thanks everyone...Small update for now... some interior color! Not done yet, mostly a test of mixing color. Some small touchups and I think it looks ok! Thanks for checking it out!
  2. Gorgeous. Beautiful job! I'm just starting mine. It will be black with the blue interior. Just love these!
  3. I think I am sticking to basic factory stock on this. I just love the sleeper look. It looks like what ,in the automotive business, we used to call the welfare model. No bells and whistles. Basic. And it is. Except for everything that matters lol.
  4. Thanks! I've seen them all lol. Just wanted that ONE pic of a black on blue one haha!
  5. Thanks! I figured it would look good in there. I guess we'll see!
  6. Hey guys and gals, thanks for all the kind remarks on my 68 Firebird. It really gave me a boost getting back in to this hobby! This is a great place to se some awesome work and there are so many inspiring builders here. It's awesome. My next challenge will be this Catalina. I have been researching and I can't find one little bit of very pertinent info... I would like to be historically correct color-wise... I love the look of this beast in black, but I'm not a fan of the red interior. My question: Was the blue interior available with the black exterior? I cannot find definitive photo or order sheet proof anywhere. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers!
  7. Thanks again for all the kind comments. I have decided on my next kit...62 Catalina 421SD. I'll be posting some progress in "On the Bench"!
  8. I think it's great. Plus it's one the few things she wants to do with dad! HAHA!
  9. Thanks for the props folks. Always feels good to get your tires pumped up a bit haha! I appreciate the feedback though. The 67-68 Firebird has always been my Number One want. Always preferred it over the Camaro and Mustang. I kick myself for not jumping when I had the chance about 12 years ago to buy a 68 for $2500. It needed work of course but the bones were there but small kids and a new house do not allow for a project car. I cry softly somwtimes when I think about it I had a 64 Caddy that wasn't quite the same lol I think my next build is going to be the 62 Catalina 421 SD... kinda miss all those old Pontiacs. Just something extra cool about em. I am also helping my daughter build a car she picked out, a 58 T-Bird, so we'll see how that goes. I'll update soon!
  10. Well I finally finished my 2nd kit in my model building restart after 25 years. The Revell 1968 Firebird 400 2-n-1 kit built box stock and factory original. A lot of firsts for me here... Foiled trim, battery cables, plug wires, brake lines at the master and basic under car lines, etc. Much detailing with paint of the wheels, engine, underhood stuff, etc. I used the decals for the emblems as I'm not sure about PE parts yet. I will try them eventually (I actually have a set for the 67 Charger kit). I realize I probably should have removed the molded in emblems but they look ok I think! I fought hard with the red line tire decals and lost so they are just plain black (for now, until I build up enough patience to try again) Painted from a spraycan of cheap Wal-Mart paint I had laying around and 3 coats of Future (Pledge now) The photos bring out a bunch of flaws that are harder to see in person lol but overall I am quite happy and if I can't have the real one, this will do nicely! On to my next project... Thanks for looking, comments welcome!
  11. Finally a bit of time to play,,, Some progress while the body clear dries - I got the interior and chassis pretty much done. Added some basics like battery cables, master cyl lines, and my first attempt at basic brake lines on the chassis. The burlwood is just a picture printed out and glued on (looks better in person), but i chose to do a regular black steering wheel because I couldn't mach the paint to suit me. A wooden wheel was optional. I probably would choose the black one in a 1:1 anyway. Sorry for the poor interior pic quality. Also, some of these tiny little decals are a pain but they sure add to the realism! Never used to have these the last time I built a kit! Thanks for looking! Comments are welcome!
  12. You're right, I was looking at a reference and put the two together in my head lol. The redline was standard on the 400 though. Think I'll stick with that. I was never a fan of white-letter tires anyway.
  13. Thanks! I was surprised it was on the decal sheet and took me a minute to remember where I had seen one before. Nice little detail... The real thing - it was a quality control marking put on with (apparently) a rubber stamp!
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