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  1. quit your whining let's learn patience there only volunteers why don't you suggest to them how to fix it seem to know everything else!
  2. They need to take time to fix this site or delete it completely it's the next best thing to worthless.
  3. What happened to the old buckroo the last I heard he had to move because his wife lost her haven't heard anything since.
  4. It's amazing it takes death to get me to appreciate life I've been waiting on social security for the last 1yr I have lost my house my car and numerous material things. I have been depressed and having a lot of negative thoughts which included death then harry passed I'm same age as he. The thought intensified I have life not real happy but I have it that alone is a great thing all the stuff I've lost is nice but really doesn't matter life is what matters and what you do with it. AMEN
  5. Where can I find pictures of semi chassis detail goggle it didn't find anything
  6. I am 59yrs old never been involved in a forum it just amaze me the comrade people have for each other in good and bad times on this forum .Prime example what people are doing for Harry in his time of need. You will rarely find people outside this forum doing things like this for others.there are a few but that's it SAD.
  7. I just wanted to say that I really like this forum every body willing to give advice help with modeling problem or just talk it's great. Why is it people in let say my life can't be like people on this forum. All the people around me if they can't gain something by being nice to you or visiting with you they want nothing to do with you I either know all the wrong people or some people in this world are all screwup.Is it just me or has other notice this.
  8. Thanks for the replies starting to think maybe I pick the wrong hobby.
  9. I just started to build a monogram 1/48 scale p61 1st model I have tried to build since I was 25 and I am 59 now having a lot of trouble my inexperience and nothing wants to fit right getting discouraged and not even half way through ready to quit and look for another hobby any one else had this experience.
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