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  1. I have not , but I too , was thinking of buying one sometime. Mike
  2. After seeing this , if I build it , maybe no detail and build all body fuse together first. I don't know if that would help or work. Mike
  3. I hear you. Don't know if I will ever build mine as well, but we could !!
  4. I am impressed. It is hard to re-start a kit , but you have done a masterful job on a complicated build. I always loved the look of the J Car but the MK4 is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this. Mike
  5. The actual kit was fine but with all the extra engine and detail options and no instructions , it was a challenge. Thanks , Mike
  6. Thanks very much Echo. It was fun to get completed but not as easy a one would think. It was like taking a single kit and throwing in 3 or for other kits parts and then no instructions on what parts belonged to what kit. Here is a little more about it. Thanks , Mike
  7. Thanks Gary and this is how , I too , remember them. Mike
  8. I didn't want to clog up the paint job with decals. Thanks , Mike
  9. I hear you. That was what I ran into and ACME does not respond to emails. I have a gross of leftover parts and will likely try to sell on EBAY. Thanks , Mike
  10. It was much more difficult than I had planned on. Thanks , Mike
  11. Thanks so much Gary. It was a bear as I had no instructions and no pictures plus the kit had many other parts and all the parts for blown Hemi. So had to figure it all out by downloaded pictures from the net. Thanks , Mike
  12. That is way cool and here is a image of the car as it appeared in the actual race. Mike
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