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  1. Maybe if we had a Cell Phone collection or Play Station collection they would be interested !!! LOL
  2. Nice batch of kits . I love the 1960 Chevy PU. Mike
  3. It is a pretty cool color and would certainly change based on undercoat
  4. Thanks Rex , I just love their kits. They have VERY little flash and seem to just almost drop together. Mike
  5. I had good luck with the SMTS Turbine car I built so I found this one on the BAY and have a decent start. Need to clear coat , then start the insides. Buy the way , the exhaust was broken and I emailed them (in England) and they said $6.00 with paypal and would send a new one and it arrived in about 7 working days. Great customer service!
  6. Thanks so much Rusty. Pretty close to the box art. Mike
  7. Thank you so much Paul. It was certainly a fun build. Mike
  8. Thanks so much Greg , I really enjoyed building it old school custom. Mike
  9. Thanks so much Carl. Looked 50's to me. Thanks , Mike
  10. Man , you all have some really cool stuff and it is pretty easy to see that we all seem to have a nostalgia streak in us !! Mike
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