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  1. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks , I loved the real truck and love having the model !! Thanks Again Bob, Mike
  2. Hi all , I bought this because I had one then I was a younger man. Mine was not this model but was the less expensive one with single speed and standard front end and such and mine was metallic blue. It just spoke to me , so here we go. Mike
  3. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thank You so much Andre !!
  4. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks Phil, I to was a fan and I just ordered a copy of the Oct. 59? Hot Rod Mag to put behind it. Mike
  5. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks so very much Carl. Mike
  6. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks so much . In model trains we never know the right color for anything as old photo's never seem to be true either . Thanks , Mike
  7. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Here is some way cool history about the car and a great short read !!! https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Ala_Kart
  8. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    That is cool. I only saw it in the magazines back in the day but always loved the look.
  9. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks so much Jim. I guess , over all , I am happy to have built it ! Mike
  10. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks Neighbor, glad you like it. It looks great on the display shelves. Mike
  11. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Yes . It is sad to see them buy Testors and then just stop producing it. What was the point? Mike
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