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  1. Thanks Scott , it is a fun build but requires a lot of painting and patience. The fit is good. Mike
  2. Thanks Trevor. It was a good build but I think I will wait a while to build another. Mike
  3. Thanks Bruce, at least the wheel is on the correct side for you !!! LOL
  4. From what I understand there were a lot of white cars in the class and the red was so that time keepers could make sure it was the correct car and GT40. Thanks , Mike
  5. The only issue was stretching the body out to get the frame in. It is a TIGHT fit. Thanks , Mike
  6. Thanks Larry. I was pretty happy with the kit and I have another but I think I may sell the #2 car. Mike
  7. Thanks very much. It was fun to build and a favorite car of mine. Mike
  8. Thanks . When we build models, they only have to please us but fun to share. Mike
  9. Thanks so much and I will remember that trick next time. I am always afraid it will deform the decal , but these seem to be VERY thick. Thanks , Mike
  10. Thank You Gary. It has always been my favorite car since I saw one in person at a Ford dealer in 1967. Mike
  11. Thanks so much Mark. Over All it was a pretty good kit !! Mike
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