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  1. I am pretty surprised at all the comments on why we do what we do and all the thoughts we have. I buy my kits simply for the nostalgia and just happen to build a few along the way. Thanks to everyone. Mike
  2. Some great old MOPAR there. Mike
  3. You have some cool ones there!
  4. I kinda get that same feeling !!!!
  5. Thanks very much Hector. I enjoyed it. Mike
  6. What a great work area and collection !!
  7. Loved the JoHan Maverick kit. Mike
  8. That 67 Ford was always another of my favorite body styles. Mike
  9. Oh the glue tube high and sitting at the corner desk in my bedroom for hours on end , in my own racecar world. Mike
  10. Gerry , I hope you do what ever you like and all goes well. These hobbies should be fun and if they start to cause stress , it is time for a change. Thanks , Mike
  11. I would say that may be a good guess for most of us! LOL
  12. We have similar taste's and I used to work for AMC and looking to get one of the Matador kits. Mike
  13. We own a model train shop and I tell guys all the time "it is not about how many we have or the money we have or the talent we may have. It is DO WE HAVE FUN " Yes we do.
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