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  1. He lives in Tucson but we rarely see him unless we go there.
  2. This is my own cousin we are talking about and not sure he has one. Mike
  3. Thanks Dave , I sent pics to him through Facebook but I hate Facebook. Mike
  4. Thanks so much Dave. The kit is bpretty well molded but still a challange. Mike
  5. Thanks Tony. I sometimes get in the mood to do one and have fun with them. Mike
  6. Thanks Pete. I have not seen you in some time as I quit all the Railroad forums. Mike
  7. I Had similar memoties butI di not (generally have monstr models) but usually Cars and rarely Military. The Little Red wagon was the only kit my mother ever bought for me so I have now built it once again. Mike
  8. Thanks Rusty , My cousin and I would head to the drug store and get then , then run home and start building before the midnight monster shows in Tucson.
  9. I got a wild har before Christmas , to build a monster model once again so here he is. It was a well done kit but LOTS of parts and detail painting. Some seam filling. Enjoy.
  10. Thanks John , I have maybe four of the CoolPix and they have all worked well. Mike
  11. Thank You John. It is a simple older Nikon CoolPix but it does a great job for not much money. Mike
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