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  1. It is not a great kit but a little better than SOME Monograms and not as good a new Revell. Thanks , Mike
  2. Here is more work with the roll bar made and just sitting in there along with the bulk of the outside pipes less the end tip turnouts. Mike
  3. Test fitting of engine and forward bonnet. Mike
  4. I have done Dip Sticks and Valve stems quite often. We shall see. Mike
  5. Thank You. I am going to add a dip stick and starter solenoid. Mike
  6. Thanks Gary , but this one will be my own spin and will put in a roll bar and such. I may even try a scratch built side exhaust. Mike
  7. Thanks JC , the kit looks well done so far . Mike
  8. I am starting a Heller XKE Racing version. Progress so far.
  9. I agree as well and I could have fixed that issue but my heart was just not in it. Thanks Ray , Mike
  10. We had them here for a long time in the 60's and 70's. Thanks , Mike
  11. Thanks Pete, Yes Banana seats and every kid had one. The brakes were pretty similar to motorcycle brakes. Mine was actually a coaster brake model. Mike
  12. I finally finished it. I did not add some of the accessory pieces as I thought they were Too Gaudy. This loosely resembles my bike as a kid. The kit is horribly made and no fun to build but turned out OK. Mike
  13. Thanks and we are about 80 today and we are getting ready for another cold blast. We had snow a week ago. CRAZY !!!!
  14. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks here it is on the shelf with the 1958 Hot Rod Mag. behind it. Mike
  15. Fifer

    ALA KART finished

    Thanks Pat , I always loved the look of this truck. Mike
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