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  1. Nice collection. Those new Bronco kits are sweet and well done . I have not built mine but they are very clean molds. Also love that Monogram dragster on the very bottom left. Mike
  2. Thank You David , It was a great kit. Mike
  3. Thanks Buddy, I appreciate that. Mike
  4. Thanks so much Chris , Mike
  5. Sorry man, If it make you feel any better , it was too hot to go cruising today. Mike
  6. Thanks Guido , I would hope so, what a cool guy !!!! Mike
  7. Thanks Tom , It was fun ! Mike
  8. Thank You Steve ! Mike
  9. I think it is very cool !!!!
  10. Thanks Buddy, It makes me want to go drive mine !!! LOL Mike
  11. Thanks Al, I have lived in New Mexico all my life and love it here. Thanks so much , Mike
  12. Thank you so much Michelle. Mike
  13. Thanks David While I Love my Bullitt , I also like to build a model once in a while , so this was a win win !! Thanks Buddy , Mike
  14. I finally competed her down to my own license plate. I how you all enjoy it and yes I caught the directional tires are on the wrong corners and have fixed that. Thanks , Mike
  15. That is a totally sweet build !!!
  16. I need to wax it and canned air it off for sure. Thanks , Mike
  17. Thank You David. My work area is obviously very dusty but it will be good once cleaned and done. Mike
  18. Thanks very much Guido
  19. I am still plugging away and really only lack some final assembly. Mike
  20. Thanks Carl , I am almost done with it and will post in the finished models. Thanks so much. Mike
  21. Thanks so much Guido, I am on the home stretch. Mike
  22. Still working on it and kit is going together well. Mike
  23. Thank You Eric. It was fun and challenging as well. Mike
  24. Thanks Gene and so sorry about your friend. Mike
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