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  1. I can not remember what possessed me to do this model at all. At the time I was doing all of the 1/12 Tamiya kits. Thanks , Mike
  2. Just got this and will give it a go some day. I loved Corvairs. Mike
  3. Sweet, Wish I could find one for w reasonable price. Mike
  4. Thanks so much, just not a lot of small kits with any detail out there. I just bought one of these kits on the Bay. I will be able to look at it once again. Thanks , Mike
  5. Thanks Rich , Wish I could remember how I did it! Mike
  6. Thanks , I could not find any pics of this version. Thanks , Mike
  7. Thanks Ken, It shows it's age but held up almost as good as Raquel Welch. Mike
  8. Not sure why either. It just seemed to miss the crusher! Thanks , Mike
  9. I thought about posting me as well !!!! Thanks , Mike
  10. Thanks Ray, Probably the only kit I ever built in 1/32. Mike
  11. Thanks,I guess I had better eye site then!! LOL Mike
  12. We will see when he answers but I would guess Lil Coffin. Love the build. Thanks , Mike
  13. Fifer

    Fiat Altered

    Here is a better picture taken today. Thanks , Mike
  14. About 40 years ago , I built this MATCHBOX PK-303 PORSCHE 917-10 PLASTIC KIT 1/32 . I am surprised that it is still here after all these years. Found it in a box in the attic. Thanks , Mike
  15. Fifer

    Fiat Altered

    Your right, Nothing passes Tech today unless you spend a million dollars on it. That is the trouble with ALL forms of racing today. IMHO Thanks , Mike
  16. I think you were right. This one depicted ran in Albuquerque NM around 1971. Thanks , Mike
  17. Thanks very much Stephen. Mike
  18. Thanks Rich, I think it is plain old Testors Red. Thanks , Mike
  19. Thanks Ray. I thought it would look better to me but it is OK. Thanks , Mike
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