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  1. Thanks Gareth , I just finished her and posted in completed models . Thanks , Mike
  2. Hi all , some of you may have followed along with this one. It is OK but glad I am done. Mike
  3. Thanks , there are a couple paint flaws and a decal flaw. Also a time to get the hood rad and cowl to fit correctly. It is a good 2 footer. Thanks Again , Mike
  4. Thanks David , She will turn out OK but has a couple ,self imposed , flaws. Mike
  5. Thanks Ray , I am not super happy with MY work on this one but it will be OK. Mike
  6. Thanks , It will not be perfect, but an OK model. Thanks , Mike
  7. Well here is a little more progress. Mike
  8. Thanks Carl , It is coming along. Some defects but it will be OK. Mike
  9. Progress has been slow as I have been working on my 1:1 Mustang, but where you go.
  10. Well , I guess that is why I am once again doing some building and still enjoy it . It is a break from the Model Railroading and working on my Mustang. Thank You Tony, Mike
  11. Thanks so much Larry. I am happy it is done and was one I wanted for my 1/43 collection. Mike
  12. Thanks , That said I may give them a shot of spray. I plan to paint it a more creamy white. Mike
  13. Thanks , so far all is going well. Mike
  14. I just picked this one off the shelf. Never built it as a kid so it will be a new adventure.
  15. I built one of the Tyrells and loaned it to a hobby store here and it closed and he took it !!! I have no place to display a bunch of 1/12th's
  16. Thanks so much Ray. I wanted one of the Lotus for my collection but it was not a fun kit !!! I am 68 and reaching that point of not being able to build them. Thanks , Mike
  17. Well , after a long time and a lot of cussing this kit , it is finally finished. Not proud of the hand cut out wind screen but it is OK and mirrors were a bitch. Here she is.
  18. Nice collection. Those new Bronco kits are sweet and well done . I have not built mine but they are very clean molds. Also love that Monogram dragster on the very bottom left. Mike
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