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  1. I just got one of these because I had one when I was about 15 or so and oh did we have fun on them !!!! Mine was a coaster brake model in Sky Blue.
  2. I Have gotten more done and nearing the final stages. Mike
  3. Thanks , I will try to do it justice ! Mike
  4. Thanks so much buddy. I am really liking this kit !!
  5. Thanks , it is loaded with detail but I am building it right from the kit. Mike
  6. Thanks , it is a great kit so far !
  7. Hi guys, it has been a while since I started a kit but one day this one just jumped out at me. These kits were and ARE great older kits to build. The packing was great and the fit of parts is very good. This is where I am at so far.
  8. Thanks Steve , Great collection and you and I have very similar interests. Mike
  9. Maybe if we had a Cell Phone collection or Play Station collection they would be interested !!! LOL
  10. Nice batch of kits . I love the 1960 Chevy PU. Mike
  11. It is a pretty cool color and would certainly change based on undercoat
  12. Thanks Rex , I just love their kits. They have VERY little flash and seem to just almost drop together. Mike
  13. I had good luck with the SMTS Turbine car I built so I found this one on the BAY and have a decent start. Need to clear coat , then start the insides. Buy the way , the exhaust was broken and I emailed them (in England) and they said $6.00 with paypal and would send a new one and it arrived in about 7 working days. Great customer service!
  14. Thanks so much Rusty. Pretty close to the box art. Mike
  15. Thank you so much Paul. It was certainly a fun build. Mike
  16. Thanks so much Greg , I really enjoyed building it old school custom. Mike
  17. Man , you all have some really cool stuff and it is pretty easy to see that we all seem to have a nostalgia streak in us !! Mike
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