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  1. Thanks Lee , It is Tamiya TS-59 Pearl Light Red. Thanks , Mike
  2. Thanks Andy , I really enjoyed building it . Glad you like it. Merry Christmas.
  3. Thank You Larry , I am pretty happy with it over all. Wheel backs were a pain but otherwise good. Mike
  4. Thanks Dave , They all tore and never did completely lay down , but good enough for the girls I go with !!! Thanks , Mike
  5. Thanks Ray. I loved the color on the box and wanted to build it that way. When I was (very) young , this was what a hot rod looked like for sure. Thanks , Mike
  6. I finally finished her and the kit had a couple wheel challenges but the kit was pretty nice with lots of extra parts.
  7. I think you have a right not to go see it but no right to critique it without seeing it. Your loss. Loved it and will likely go see it again and buy the DVD. IMHO
  8. I had never built this kit but always wanted to and always enjoyed the box art, so here we go. Love the kit so far. Had to glue the hood to fit correctly. The decals just would not lay down for me with Solvaset or Micro Sol but they are OK.
  9. Very Cool. You are a lucky guy. Mike
  10. Thanks Andy , I hope to finish it soon but a lot of body paint is required. Hope you will enjoy the building of yours. Mike
  11. Here is a little progress. The wheels and tires took forever. I have the body cut out for the intake but not sure if I will use the body yet. Happy Thanksgiving !!!
  12. I love the look of rat rod dragsters!! Nice Build
  13. I saw it today at a matinee as well and even being a car guy , I thought it was SUPERB acting by everyone in the film. Loved all the tidbits that tie the film together. Mike
  14. I know what you mean ,I used a multitude of sanding sticks on mine as well and yes, some pretty bad chrome work. and some parts with crazy mold line locations. Mike
  15. I wanna go so bad , maybe next week some time. I remember all of this. Mike
  16. Thanks so much Ray. I painted the rear wheels this afternoon and will un-tape them soon. Mike
  17. Thanks Gary. The rear wheel molding is pretty sad on the outer edge and I have a small sand blaster so I have been stripping a lot of chrome in favor of paint. Mike
  18. Thanks Gary. Keeping me off the streets. Mike
  19. I got this and it is way out of my wheelhouse but having fun with it. I am planning on using the body and as you can see the crank mounted blower. The tubes you see on the blower will extend out past the body where the scoop will be located. Not very good on instructions but most of the fit is pretty good. Mike
  20. Thanks so much. I just had to build it because I did years ago. Thanks, Mike
  21. I am pretty surprised at all the comments on why we do what we do and all the thoughts we have. I buy my kits simply for the nostalgia and just happen to build a few along the way. Thanks to everyone. Mike
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