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  1. Rascal

    '57 Chevy

    I like it! What did you use on the seat texture? Looks really cool
  2. Thanks for the wire tip, I definitely have a couple old chargers kickin around. Also rattle cans are a cheap easy way to paint lots fast, definitely approve. I prefer to use Rusto when I can and enamel for hand painted detailing
  3. The weather finally cooperated so I could get some finished flicks of this revival build. If you didnt see my on the work-bench flicks then the first two is where the kit started from. My brother scooped a number of kits from a craigslist Ad. He ended up keeping most of the complete kits with instructions, but was kind enough to part with some of the incomplete kits tp add to my junkyard collection. T I had a mostly complete '70 Boss Mustang kit, a semi-complete '71 kit and out of all of the parts I was able to build one complete Boss Mustang. Only half of an engine block and not enough parts to build a complete engine so I dropped my extra '68 Hemi in there instead. I am aware that the plug wires are a little out of scale, working with what I have on hand. Before flicks of the build. With the exception of the pine stripes on the hood, all of the other pine stripes were hand cut from recycled Gold Fat Stripe decals Scratch built NoS tanks in the back Super Contrast color scheme on this build, top to bottom Full fabric interior, custom metal trim (came out a little shoddy) also hard to see but there is a white shag roof As mentioned before plug wires are a little out of scale, but still some of my best work none-the-less. Went the extra step and wired up a battery and scratch built some hoses. Thanks for looking! ~Nick
  4. Ive been spending a lot of time in this section looking for some inspiration for my junk-yard/yard-sale chop-shop build. You guys do some really neat stuff! Well done on the body mods, can't wait to see how this polishes up
  5. @Rider - I'll have to snag a flick of the undercarriage, I also did the frame in the same orange as the engine bay (as well as a number of details). The contrast really makes the colors pop! Interior was a lot of fun, wanted to do a retro feel with a full fabric interior. Even went as far as adding a shag roof The rain here refuses to cooperate so unfortunately I don't think I'll get any outdoor flicks in full light. I might end up just making a faux photo booth in my apt later for the shoot. @Southern Fried - No love for the Hemi eh? It was that or a 440 Magnum (both pulled out of an old Dart build). Don't have too many motors kicking around... and I only had half an engine block between both kits Better then no engine at all! @Dan Thanks!
  6. So my brother scooped a number of kits from a craigslist Ad. He ended up keeping most of the complete kits with instructions, but was kind enough to part with some of the incomplete kits tp add to my junkyard collection. This kit is now complete, waiting til tomorrow to take some good finished flicks in the daylight but here's a number of progress shots I wanted to share in the meantime. I had a mostly complete '70 Boss Mustang kit, a semi-complete '71 kit and out of all of the parts I was able to build one complete Boss Mustang. Couple shots of the very beginning, even from the start it was a mutant build Did some more practice scribing panel lines Panel lines using "Marcos Cruz" method, if you dont know it check it out! Not enough parts for a complete engine so I ended up dropping this '68 Dodge Hemi instead..! Metallic Black Coat Little Tangerine action and a fully custom interior progress shot (First time!) Testors Super Gloss Clear Coat was a success (Another First) Window Trim and Front End Work Fully Custom interior with some scratch built NoS Tanks Final Assembly/Pre Decals And the engine all wired up and ready to go. Will post the Under Glass flicks tomorrow, so stay tuned! The decals and the final results really bring life to this Yard-Sale restoration. Thanks for lookin! ~Nick
  7. Hey everyone, getting really amped on the current build I'm working so I decided to hit up the work bench page. I picked up this '62 Corvette 3-1 from 1986 from a hobby co-consignment store. Was still factory sealed which is always a plus! I was absolutely fascinated by Marcos Cruz's tutorial on panel lines (well it was actually the 1:1 of a '62 Corvette he did that sparked my interest) so I've been trying to take each build I do another step further. So for this kit I tried my hand at scribing and washing panel, I must say to my surprise it was a huge success! I also decided to try out another two-tone paint job. I know the style isn't quite right for the 60's (Think the white and red flow was more of a '50's thing) but so far I think it's starting to polish up real nice. I'll post a few more flicks later as I make some more progress
  8. Wow! I really enjoy scrolling through the workbench board to see what all you modelheads have going on for a process. Truly astounding! The work you're doing here is absolutely remarkable. I hope to be half as crafty as you someday! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
  9. Rex/Ritchie, thanks for the comments and taking a look! Really enjoyed the specs on the Cobra Rex, I did not know that! Glad to be a part of this hobby again and Ive been having so much fun. Going to post a few flicks of my current build in the work bench section
  10. Hey everyone, just started modeling again due to my brothers renewed interest, and largely in part to all of you! I have so much respect for the builds I see on here, I was a little hesitant to post my work in fear it woudlnt compare. However, it looks like a lot of you are experts and I'm merely a rookie so there shouldn't be any comparison anyway yeah? First up I have my '66 Shelby Mustang GT350, all you Motorheads should know it was the Hertz Shelby, typically classic black with gold stripes, etc. I didnt have much interest in the classic look, and I agree with others who have said, think outside the box! Creativity Counts, so I decided to do it as a Drag/Drift racer instead. This was my FIRST attempt at a custom paint job, some of the touch ups are a little rough, but overall pretty happy with the demo. Sadly no clear coat -.- There was also quite a battle with painting window trim.. I tried EVERYTING tape, frisket, touch ups with paint markers, I think this is going to be my real struggle area overall.. Any expert window trim tips would be appreciated! The second is what I think is an '88? Have no idea cause the box didnt say what year the car was, but that was the year the box was from! My brother ended up scooping up somebodies model junkyard for $20 and it came with 5 unbuilt kits! Sadly all of the decals are toast so the white stripes were from a Dodge Dart kit, hence why they're a little botched in places. This one I tried to take the detailing another step further, did a lot of custom painting on the chasis and interior. This was also my first attempt at "custom motoring", built a wiring harness. Wicked difficult! Anyway, appreciate any tips, tricks, advice you may have. Thanks for looking, Cheers!
  11. Hey Everyone, Me and my Brother grew up building model cars in the early 90's when we were kids. We ended up losing interest in the hobby and I sort of forgot about it all together as it fell out of the main stream. He (my brother) turned me on to your forums a few weeks ago and I'm simply blown away but some of the ambition, talent, and creativity that people have been putting in to their kits! It's inspired us to take a strong renewed interest in the hobby and well, here I am today! Not quite as nimble as I use to be with my fingers and my eyes aren't quite what they once were so there's definitely a little bit of a learning curve at least with the building. I've started to experiment with some of the "custom" features such as paint jobs and wiring harnesses. I'll post some detailed flicks of my last two builds later. Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and say hello! I look forward to your insights and the myriad of tips and techniques you all have to offer! Happy building! ~Nick
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