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  1. Trying to make me a flip nose ‘79 Bigfoot and a ‘80-‘86 Bigfoot, which they never made a scale model for, out of a Super Stones F350, ‘89 Bigfoot model and the USA-1 model kit. I was surprised to find that the USA-1 kit actually has the fender flares needed for the ‘79 Bigfoot. The ‘79 will be using the box stock engine, frame and suspension which is the same from the Original Bigfoot kit. The body from the Super Stones kit and will find some way to flip the nose. For the ‘80-‘86 Bigfoot I used the frame and suspension from the USA-1 kit, engine block and headers from a Ford stock car kit, transmission from the ‘92 body style Bigfoot. Front clip, hood and grill from the Ford F-150 “Night Rider” kit. This is all I have done now. I’m hoping by posting this it will keep me moving on finishing them and not get side tracked on other projects. The last two pics are of a mixed together, kinda pre-Bigfoot, ‘76 Bigfoot and a Meng F350 built to look like an ‘06 F250 I used to own. If anyone else has some Bigfoot models I would like to see those as well I’ve been a Bigfoot fan since Noah was a deck hand. Enjoy the pics and hope to hear some feed back.
  2. Box stock General nothing fancy.
  3. MurfTwice

    Bigfoot decals

    Looking for a set of Bigfoot decals in the style of the first kit (‘79 F350) and second kit (‘87-‘91 body style)or does anyone on this forum make them or know of a link to them. I’m looking to do a more detailed build of the Bigfoot truck.
  4. Thanks It's the tires that come with the kit. Thanks.
  5. This is a build of a bronco my dad used to own when I was a kid. His was actually a '74 but since I didn't want to cut and reset the air filter I'm just going to label it a '71 for the year I was born. Yea it's missing the side mirror and license plate bracket but it's close enough to finished.
  6. Just want say hey and that I've been looking through the forum about a week now. There is a lot of awesome builds on this site. I have been building models on and off for roughly 35 yrs and hope to gather a mess more knowledge from all of ya'll.
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