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  1. Kurt, excellent work! Thank you very much for sharing.
  2. Gentlemen, thank you for the kind words! Eric, you asked if the top is Johan. Well, partly....the sides anyway. I did have to massage it a bit, modifying the shape to make the side window opening longer, the profile shorter, and the top wider overall. I cut it apart at the seems, then cut sections out of a Monogram '32 phaeton top, making them narrower than the phaeton but wider than the Johan '31. This Italeri based '33 wound up somewhere in between.
  3. Pico, I'm amazed at how quickly you've built this. Impressive!
  4. Mike and Nigel, thank you very much, guys! 😃 I appreciate it.
  5. And......I'm working on a '32 Coupe at the same time.
  6. One more thing that's different between the convertible sedan and convertible coupe is the wheelbase. The coupe is 6" shorter. I've shortened the fenders and chassis accordingly.
  7. The rear quarters are the back of a Monogram '32 Phaeton, with the door lines filled in. A portion of the rear apron became the bottom of the trunk lid. The Italeri convertible sedan was cut off between the front and rear doors. That part of the body is the same as a convertible coupe.
  8. I used a Johan '31 Cadillac Convertible Coup as a donor for the rear deck and trunk lid. It's little too narrow for the 1/24th scale '33, and a little too short. So, I added some material to the sides and bottom of the trunk lid. I split the rear deck ahead of the trunk lid and added 2mm to each side.
  9. Also, the Convertible Sedan had two cowl vents built into the back of the hood. The Convertible Coupe had one on the cowl, behind the hood. I added a thin sheet of styrene to the top of the cowl and scribed the one vent where it belongs.
  10. The hoods are different between the Convertible Sedan and the rest of the '33 Cadillacs. It's longer and covers part of the cowl, extending almost to the doors. I needed to use the cowl from the Convertible Sedan, with the correct windshield frame. I cut off the back of that hood and attached it to the cowl, then used the correct hood and firewall from the Town Car, adapted to the other cowl.
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