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  1. Phat Attack is Back!! Awesome build, Kelly. I saw Fat Jack race his '46 at the Tustin airbase. Remember it being featured prominently in Hot Rod, R&C and Street Rodder. You should do Jerry Moreland's 40 Tudor now. 😀 https://www.torqtalk.com/home/project-40-worlds-fastest-street-rod-the-original-pro-street-outlaw-part-1-the-build
  2. Thank you, Anton! Those are 17x8's, Vision Legend 5. I adapted American Racing "Daisy" center caps. The tires are 235-65-17's up front and 275-65-17's in back. Lowered.......a bunch. Lot's of work! 😀
  3. Very cool project, Anton! You've got me wanting to build a model of my two-door Tahoe now......
  4. Today I made up some hinges to tie together the hood top panels to the side panels. The original Italeri hood is just one piece. Mine is cut into four pieces, using a Franklin Mint piano hinge for the top. For the sides, I wrapped strips of brass around stick pins. This worked out fine. I'll shorten the pins a bit. With this design I can remove them while I finish and paint the hood panels, then slide the hinge pins back in and it's good to go.
  5. Thank you for sharing that tidbit. I've been searching for these, scratching my head and wondering, "where on earth did I see those?". I need them for an Alfa Romeo, of all things.
  6. Wow!! Gary, that is amazing! Love it. 😀
  7. That's a perfect 'his' and 'hers' combination for the family transportation stable. The names you came up with got me thinking......"El Caravano" and "El Carnero"....so is that like traveling meat eaters?
  8. Pat, that looks great! Makes me wish there was a kit available just like it. 😋 Oh well, that's how it goes- sometimes if you really want it, you just gotta roll up your sleeves and make it yourself.
  9. Pat, you've done a fantastic job! The truck really looks great, very convincing. Well done!
  10. Very nice! Alan Alexis out of Bakersfield was looking for something like this.
  11. Alan, here's an ICM Speedster link for you....
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