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  1. Thanks to all and excuse me for the delay...i've got my computer out of order, as soon it will be repaired i will post some other things
  2. About this model,anyone can tell me the size of the wheels? I have buyed it But it's Not arrived yet And i need tHe wheel's size because i will fit those wheels on another model i am building... Thanks to anyone will help
  3. the rusting of the body takes me three attempts,and in any case it did not come as I had in mind,but I think it is due to the base black;before this I made two other models with rusty bodywork, one blue and one green, and I got most convincing results ... on black instead I could not do any washing and this makes him lose a bit of realism I think...however i used the salt technique and then sanded with steel wool. the mufflers are made from plastic round tube glued on a rectangular base that imitates the fixing plate on the head,a very simple setup. here the finished product: the coffin is made of wood with another sprue cross over(i've made it because i have in mind a little simple diorama...we'll see...). defects: the windshield that don't fit perfect the shape of the right pillar the filling of the spare wheel compartment isn't perfect,you can see the round line left I FORGOT TO FIT THE TUBES OF THE RADIATOR !! some unrealistic technical solutions tell me if you see others! however,at the end i'm very proud of the result,at the beginning i had an imagine in my mind of the result i wanted to get, and I got closer than I thought, so this makes me happy of my work! soon I will make some better pictures outdoors and put in the under glass section;I would like to thank you all and know what you think, any comment or critique will serve to do better on the next project! cheers,paolo.
  4. it's now time for some color also on the body. pictures are not the best,however it's simply flat black from a jerry can: in the third picture you can see the simple hinges that i 've made for the back door with some wire,i want it to stay only open to show the interior. i have no pictures,but originally were two separate doors that I modified as a single rear door with one window;I lined the inside with the usual colored purple fabric,closed the handle and plate holder holes and then install the handle on the left side. likewise I lined the inside of the rear part of the body. I then covered the cargo floor with the slip sheet and cut out the partition window also of this step i don't have pictures,but i modified the front grille for lower it a bit,and i mounted the original headlight as low as possible;radiator and an electric fan completes the front unit,this is the result already painted and rusted. rusted also the body,and mounted back door,handles,rear lights,tank cap,mirror and plate holder behind the left wheel;i've scratchbuilded a crucifix(it says so?) from sprue and i've installed it on back roof top. the windshield is the original cutted in the low part,don't fit perfect but i'm satisfied of it.
  5. thanks ed,the detail of the battery is useful, not knowing very deeply the model I did not think it was still 6 volts. Now the model is complete, and I really do not feel up to unglue the battery, which is in a point very visible, to change it, but it's a detail to keep in mind about upcoming models!
  6. thanks mark! I gave a quick look to your works on fotki and I am honored by your judgment, congratulations to you!
  7. thanks david! you have a beautiful citation in your signature, very true!
  8. on the body, I continued to fill and smooth the joints and I deleted the place for the spare wheel on the right side, I first made a plastic round to size and glued it in place, then I leveled with the liquid plastic and once dry, I started with the various filling steps. and finally it was time to give some color! the motor: i don't remember if i told that this will be a rat-hearse,so the colors will be black and purple with rust and wheathering on the body but not on the mechanichal parts,that i prefer leave clean and shine. so the purple on the frame: and when dry a mock up with the black suspensions: then i installed the motor: colors also on the interiors,i've applied some thick fabric colored of purple on the backside of the dividing panel,later the loading floor will be covered with a non-slip plate like the floor of the cabin. here you can see the finished custom seats that i've scratchbuilded: and finally some shots with the body still in primer: and some details of the motor and the front suspension: all for now;see you soon!
  9. ah,ok,thank you for your answer....In fact, I was wondering if they had only an aesthetic function or other. cheers paolo
  10. meanwhile i've partially assembled the motor and the turbocharger and mocked up on the frame with also the interior and the rear floor and with the body looks cool to me! what do you think?
  11. started the interior,i've build a dividing panel for the cabin,to which I applied some vertical ribs because it appears too flat to me, and I assembled the interior and the firewall the firewall was shaped to accept the part of the gearbox that remains under it. with plasticard slip aluminum I shaped the cab floor in the meantime I got the kit from which to steal the wheels; the '25 T fruitwagon. I immediately made a mock-up to see if the heights remained right even with these rims: oh yes,it's just like I had in mind!
  12. at this point a quick mock up show me that theren't were enough room for positioning correctly the body,due to the new position of the motor;half of it remains in the cabin: then, what to do? oh well, cutting... more cutting ... so I built two extensions of 2 cm and I glued in place Meanwhile continues the filling of the body
  13. many thanks mark! this afternoon i'll be able to post the pictures of the other part that i have already finished.
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