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  1. Wow!...you have another one built that I have in my stash of "to do" builds! I agree with you that the wide fronts look the part perfectly...another nice job!
  2. Good looking unit! I've had an original issue on my shelf for close to 20 years now that I have not gotten around to building...your build is inspiring me though! Nice job.
  3. Looks good, I forgot about lowering the headlight buckets on my build, but at least I remembered to narrow the front axle. I have another of these old vintage kits in my collection slated to be built (as a well used and somewhat abused unit), and plan to open the doors as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing this build to completion.
  4. Looks like its going to be a great project for sure, definitely a fan of the spoke wheel option on this build. I'll be following this one!
  5. Yes, I will be using dual air cleaners on this build, I have an old Ebay junkyard build I bought several years ago just for spare parts. From just casually looking at Vortex air cleaners, they appear to be basically the same size around as the one in the kit, but a little taller in profile, mainly because of the outer polished intake screen between the main canister and the lid. On another subject is the "baby moon" wheel hub covers, I know I want to have them on the drive hubs, but not sure on the steers. Anyway, thanks for your help, and I'll see about getting some dimensions.
  6. Thanks again Ron, I will be using the stock tires in the kit for steers, and later on for the trailer, as I plan to scratch build a food grade tanker for the completed truck. I cant remember the seller on Ebay without looking, but I purchased a set of Peterbilt "oval" holed styled wheels, and another seller had "lugged" drives that I also purchased. I don't know if I will use the stock bumper, or a Texas bumper, or the stock air cleaners or Vortex units. The bumper would be easy to make, but the Vortex air cleaners would be nice to have if you can 3D print those.
  7. No, everything was scratch built with the exception the transmission, fan, oil and fuel filters, alternator, starter, and turbochargers. These parts were removed from the kit supplied Caterpillar V-8 and in some cases highly modified to work with this build.
  8. Yes, I,m currently trying to determine which transmission I plan to represent on this build. I know I don't want to do an 18 speed, due to it kinda being overkill, so i'm leaning 13 speed. Once I lock down which 13 i'd like to model, and rather or not it will have an external filter and cooler, i'll get it plumbed up. Any feedback would be appreciated. I've been driving big trucks for over 25 years, and currently drive for a well known worldwide freight/shipping company, so a lot of the old school truck info I,m gathering from tech sheets and reference photos. Thanks again for your interest.
  9. Hello, wasn't sure how to let members who were following this build know the engine was completed, so I just started another post topic. Please refer to the "Big Scale Big Cam Pete 359" in the WIP section for details on this build. I'm building a stretched frame, long hood version, '79 Peterbilt 359, with steerable front wheels, custom tanks, tool boxes, opening cab doors, custom Pete oval 10 hole wheels, with a fully hosed and wired engine and chassis, and scratch built smooth bore food grade tanker trailer to top things off. A big project, but with the caliber of my fellow builders here, you must step your game up from time to time. Thanks again!
  10. Lol!...thank you sir, I got lucky with the hose material you mentioned. It is the elastic string that new clothing, shoes, etc, would have attaching their sales or info tags. It comes in several different sizes, and I normally use it for glad hand hoses on my 1/25 scale builds. And no, I've only used Chevron Delo 400 in this engine since new.
  11. Hello again everyone, I have pretty much completed the engine at this point, and will be setting it aside to turn my attention to the rest of this truck build. As stated earlier, this engine is indeed 95% scratch built with the exception of a few modified components from the kit supplied Cat 3408 V8. This particular 1/16 scale Cummins NTC-475 Twin Turbo inline 6 features parts such as: Horton pneumatic fan clutch, Holset turbochargers, York a/c compressor, Fleetgaurd fuel and oil filters, Delco Remy alternator, and AlliedSignal air compressor to name a few. Once installed in the truck it will of course be plumbed and wired, as well as the chassis. As you can see the engine was slightly weathered, as I really wanted it to appear to have had some miles on it since its last "in frame" service. Thanks again for following along on this build, and your feedback, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  12. Thankyou, I myself have been building models since the mid 1970's. My late Grandfather introduced the hobby to me, as his oldest son ( my uncle) built models before he joined the military in the early 60's. Unfortunately, he was killed while serving in the Army in 1968. I guess my Grandfather thought I would enjoy models also ...and he was right. Thanks again to you and all who enjoy my builds.
  13. Thankyou!..you do indeed have a very good eye there noticing that tensioner pulley bolt!
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