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  1. Hello fellow modelers, These 3rd generation Camaro's and Firebird's don't seem to get the love on the site usually. I know...I know, they're not like the sexy 1st gens, with they're wide range of performance engine's, both small and big blocks, and "in your face" stripe packages. The 2nd gens, with the long hoods, and spoilers anywhere they could stick 'em, and even wilder graphics and features. By the time the 3rd gens got to the party, all the cake and punch was gone, and people were sweeping up! But, any body my age would tell you they were still cool cars. Take the T-tops off, put in a Hall & Oates or a Van Halen cassette, and go! This is an original issue MPC kit, built about 80% box stock. Red flocking was added to the interior floor, parts of the door panels, sun visors, and hatch area. Scratch built dome light, passenger side dash mounted map pocket, exterior door rub strips, flush mounted front windshield, and tinted windows. Built my first one back in '83, and can't remember what ever happened to it, so I built this one in '02 to replace it. Thanks again for looking
  2. As young kid I always remembered my uncle telling he was an airplane mechanic overseas when he was in the military. I would listen to what little I could understand as I handed him tools he asked for ( most of the time the wrong tool) as we bent over the engine bay of some old car he'd happen to be working on. As the years past I never really got the chance to talk more about his military service, you know how life tends to get in the way of things...sometimes important things. Anyway I moved away and pretty much lost touch with him. Anyway, fast forward to 2001, I received word that he had passed away. At his funeral, I found out a lot of the details that I couldn't fully appreciate when I was a kid....that he was indeed an aircraft mechanic...a Tuskegee P-51 Mustang mechanic! I hate to this day I didn't take the time as an adult to find out more about him. I built this plane back in 2008 as a kind of personal tribute to my uncle. In the 2 movies that were made of these heroic men, they often uttered the phrase "Straighten up, and fly right"...and I strive to do just that. This is the 1/25th scale Airfix kit. Thanks for looking.
  3. That looks real nice, I've been wanting to do a real wood plank on frame ship model. Truly got to be a lot of work, but man the final product is worth it. Great job!
  4. Built over 20 years ago, and is one of the oldest builds in my display case. The build is pretty much box stock, with the exception of opening and hinging the trunk, and adding the missing pin stripes that were not included on original decal sheet. Painted with Dupli-color automotive paint in the actual paint codes, with an enamel clear coat. Not the best paint job I've done, but I think it turned out alright. Thanks for stopping by and looking!
  5. Now that's what I call a restoration...Great job!
  6. Hello Sam, I have this kit. I purchased this kit several years ago off ebay, and intended to build it. I also have the first released 1980 Turbo Trans Am. Both are opened, but complete. I might be willing to trade the one you want, or both. What are you offering?
  7. Hello, been away from the site for a bit, and thought I would dip a toe back in with this entry on the car side first. This kit was easily the most difficult, stubborn, and fiddly of any build I've done. The kit often required modifying parts to work as they should, translating how the instruction booklet shows how a particular assembly goes, to actually how it needs to be assembled. But if you don't mind a challenging build experience, and you have loads of patience, you will be awarded with a stunning replica. The kit was built primarily box stock, but with a number of aftermarket metal parts, such as the front axle, leaf springs, various suspension, steering, braking, interior, and lighting parts, etc. Since I worked on this kit in between other builds, it's taken close to 8 years to complete. Hope you enjoy, and as always thanks for looking.
  8. Formerly OlSchoolRedo here,this truck took most of 2016 to complete,and is already a favorite in my collection.
  9. Hey Kilrathy, This is OlSchoolRedo here,had to start another account due to fact I forgot my password and cant seem to get the site to send a password reset to my email, been trying for close to a year now with absolutely no luck. Nice looking combination,and a great "from a toy build". Who makes this 579 and where can I find one?
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