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  1. Tamiya r32 kit Using resin parts from the parts box Only got the kit today so give me a few days for more info and build pics
  2. Hey guys Well last night i couldnt sleep so got up and was pottering around looking for a dvd to watch but found this kit in the back of the cubboard. Before you know it it was 6am and almost finished it haha Still have windows and few bits to do but this was the result
  3. Hey guys I have put my drag week camaro on hold for a while cause this build have been bugging me for a long time. Started this ages ago but had problems with the paint a number of times and gave up and put it away. Well its time to just get it done Will be kind of a street drag version of a moon shine runner Turbo 427 with deep dish steelies and lots of black
  4. Hey man. Yeah thats who i have been buying from. Just bought a heap off them tonight haha
  5. Cheers mate. Im not a huge fan of going over board with color. Even my real cars i keep simple. Less is more in my books
  6. Got a little more done today. Got the parachute mounted and the side exit exhurst done but think the pipes need to be grey
  7. Hey guys With my nova build almost at an end its time to start a new build Im a huge fan of drag week so after picking up these two kits at the local hobbie shop its time to build my dream dragweek car Based on the 2010 camaro with lots of bits borrowed from the olds chassis and scratch building a trailer ill peice it together Will be fitting a turbo. Gaurd exit exhurst. Intercooler. Shifter and a number of other resin bits
  8. Hey guys This was a guick of the weekend build i did a while ago Used the super nova kit Added a resin scoop and the rest is from the box Built it in the style as we would a street car here in oz with the convo pro wheels. Big scoop. Lowered rear Sprayed in tamiya gun metal Sadly a few decals came off but have another decal sheet on the way and then will blow it apart and clear it once the new decals are on Cheers
  9. Cheers mate. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the parachute, nitrous, ign box done and start the roll cage
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