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  1. Looks great so far! I plan on building one of these too. I like how the chassis is setup. If i may critique one thing: the grey and black holding tanks are generally the same volume... and don't forget the fresh water tank! 😄
  2. Man thats awesome looking! Definitely better with the full top ?
  3. I found this on another thread around here somewhere. I haven't bought any from them yet, but the parts look pretty good in the pics https://trailertrashkustomz.bigcartel.com/product/5-9-cummins-engine-kit
  4. A few details werent finished when the pics were taken... I'll post some more later maybe
  5. WOW! Like holy shkfirbfkshsjfl WOOOWWW that paint POPS!!!! Love it!
  6. Huh... I feel like my nova just sorta fell together without my issue when i did it. And i wasnt even fully setup in that house when i did it! Lol You sure made these kits look good tho
  7. Wow! That bus turned out awesome! I wanna build one of my own now lol
  8. Looks awesome! How did u make the grille? Id like to make one for the RamCharger im starting
  9. Hey Chuck, could u fix the photos on this post?? Im really interested in seeing this thing.. u had me at 'weird' lol
  10. I love see these more detail orientated builds. Keep up the awesome work!
  11. Nice build! It looks almost identical to the one my friend's neighbor had (probably still has lol) I too have a soft spot n used to own a 1:1 of these. Had the last year, '86. One day id like to build one or two in scale of what id liked to have done with the truck... What manufacturer is this kit?
  12. And i like both of ur 1:1s a lot. Good job on the replica
  13. I know this is an old post... but id use another 1st gen explorer and cut it down to make ur 84 ranger. And use parts from an f150 for things like the bed liner
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