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  1. Very sharp! You did a nice job.
  2. Gloves also protect against contamination by the oils and other things that could be on your hands. I would prefer to use bare hands since it's cooler but there's a good reason for it.
  3. Some nice looking paint Dude! What did you use.
  4. Very impressive interior detailing. Nice job!
  5. Excellent build on a really cool looking car!
  6. I thin based on how it looks. If it looks thick I would thin it a little and see how it sprays.
  7. Definitely more showroom than garage but like the others I'm loving every inch. Nice one.
  8. I'm seeing the pics, no problem. I have this in the closet and I am a little intimidated by it looking at these and other pics. You did a superior job. I don't see anything I would consider off on the entire build. Nice one!
  9. What a great idea and excellent execution! I like your detail on the engine and interior and that the fender molding is flipped upside down.
  10. Nice weathering. All around a cool little gasser.
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