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  1. I've always loved the shape of these while not caring much for the machinery itself. The model looks good. You did a good job freehanding the stripes.
  2. I only have a few models under my belt and if mine comes out better than the last one I'm a happy kat. Your paint looks good, stripes are good, stance is cool and the interior is nice. Can't complain about that! What did you use for the seat belts? They look pretty decent too.
  3. Hi Randy, What are you using for hose clamps on the air intake? Needless to say the build looks amazing.
  4. It might not be perfect but it looks pretty darn good! I certainly can't pick out anything major wrong with it.
  5. All that work paid off for a great looking model. It almost seems like a put down to call it a model.
  6. Very nice! I love the color combo. I might have to use that Racing White on the scallops of the Corvette I'm working on. It seems like a good replacement for the original Snowcrest White that I wanted to use.
  7. It really is a beautiful color and good paint work and a nice modeling job overall. Not being able to see any part of the engine is kind of a deal killer for me though.
  8. Interior is incredible and the engine detailing is great. The paint is syrupy deep! Bravo 👏
  9. Welcome Luis! If it's available now or if it ever existed, there are people here that can tell you the deal. I'm a relatively new modeler too and I'm finding it a great hobby. Have fun.
  10. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it. You have a really nice build there, great job!
  11. A bike like that even someone's Granny could ride it and look like a real bad-a**! Now that's saying something.
  12. You do nice work they all look great. I want to get a Cobra 🐍 on my list soon. Sorry, I'm kinda new with emojis so I'm playing with them a lot.
  13. JerseyRed

    1969 amx

    I hear you. I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pics with my iPhone. I've tried several different things but I'm still not happy with them. Have you tried them outside? I did a couple times and thought they were ok but not great, but some people here get great results that way.
  14. JerseyRed

    1969 amx

    Pretty nice! 👍 You need a little better light for your pics, you're losing a lot of great detail without it.
  15. JerseyRed

    1969 Talladega

    Cool, I've seen it before and liked the way it looked and I was wondering how it's done. Also, if you can, next time you do a build thread put up an interior shot. Poor interior is always forgotten by everyone. As someone that is just learning modeling, I do pretty well with exteriors but I'm very interested in seeing interiors and engine compartment details. I should say I know how exteriors should look not that I've gotten them there yet!
  16. JerseyRed

    my 2016 builds

    You did GOOD this year! A little bit of everything and not a clunker in the bunch. Some really daring color choices you pull off well.
  17. JerseyRed

    1969 Talladega

    Nice build! Engine and compartment is neat and clean, very sharp. Is that black primer on the hood also?
  18. This is really shaping up into something cool. I didn't understand what it was at first, when it was just the tree, but I can be a little thick. I like the details in the riders jacket. Can't wait to see what it looks like in paint. "I know you rider gonna miss me when I'm gone" 👍😁
  19. JerseyRed

    '57 Chevy

    I'm with everybody, car looks great and the interior is fantastic.
  20. They look great overall but you do an EXCELLENT job with the paint work.
  21. JerseyRed

    My 3 for 2016.

    All very cool! Good job
  22. I was wondering that too. Excellent job all around.
  23. BTW this was These Days written by a sixteen year old Jackson Browne for Nico. Here's another one you guys can try: She wears an Egyptian ring That sparkles before she speaks She's a hypnotist collector You are a walking antique
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