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  1. And Your Bird Can Sing by a little known band out of Liverpool....
  2. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll find some new women! It sounds more like you need a break than it is a money or space issue. I just found this hobby so I don't see your point of view. But I think I'm pretty certain people will be here if and when you return.
  3. "You ain't gonna catch nuttin' with that little jon boat in your pickup. You need some horsepower to cover some fishin' ground." Great job! It all looks nice.
  4. I've loved NYC taxis since I was a little kid, riding in them whenever we went to the city. This is another great version and an excellent job at that. Nice!!!
  5. Very nice. You have some good detail and weathering. I like it a lot.
  6. So many appropriate and touching comments. I've read many of his posts in going through lots of old threads here. He was very knowledgeable when it came to this hobby. No doubt he'll be missed throughout the field. I had the idea the other day to send him my copy of his book for him to sign for me hoping maybe it might cheer him up. The next day I saw the news that he had been moved to hospice. A real heartbreak. I hope his next stop is one of comfort and beauty.
  7. DOT3 brake fluid really works well but it's really messy to work with and the model has to be cleaned really well afterwards any spot left over causes a problem. I've been using 90% Isopropyl alcohol and have some really good results with it.
  8. JerseyRed


    Wow so very clean! Beautiful job. And I have to ask what color is that?
  9. I need adopt this way of thinking. I have 6 models that are 3/4s of the way done except for very minor flaws in the paint that I feel I can't live with but nobody would probably notice. I'd probably be learning much more by moving on.
  10. I'm digging the color! Very nice build showing some very competent skills my friend.
  11. I've been keeping Harry in my thoughts since I found out about this bad news. This is a real kick in the stomach. I remember a post Harry made with a video by Little Big Town - When I Die I Don't Want to be Sober. I hope someone honors that request. I'm toasting him with a big glass of Jack Daniels now. With all the Irish blessings Harry...Here's to you...
  12. To be brutally honest...it looks pretty darn good! A couple details here and there but you're well on your way. Nice job!
  13. In honor of the tickets I just purchased: Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet? We sit here stranded, though we're all doin' our best to deny it And Louise holds a handful of rain attempting you to defy it
  14. Right on the artist, it's Neil's "After the Gold Rush". Amazing song, amazing album.
  15. I love these cars and you did a superior job on it. Well done indeed!
  16. JerseyRed

    '70 Cuda

    It's hard to build one of these and not spray it with Plum Crazy paint, I did. Very nice all the way around!
  17. I think you switched years with your GTO you posted, this is the '68 not '66. Both are very cool though.
  18. Interesting and different build. I like it.
  19. Very solid build all the way around. Nice job!
  20. Front end looks clean and mean! Very nice.
  21. Very different and interesting build. Really cool and a nice job.
  22. Exterior is too clean, it could use some weathering to really give it that work truck look. The interior weathering is excellent. I love the details, very nice touch.
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