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  1. I personally do not believe that any city, county or state should subsidize a sports team that pulls in millions of dollars and only provides free tickets to who ever approved the whole fiasco. This puts an unfair tax burden on the citizens of the area. These franchises generate an ungodly amount of revenue on their own without any help from the municipalities involved. I understand pride in your Baseball team (Royals) and Football teams (Chiefs) but I think this tax thing is just out of control. Locally the KCMO teams have even asked the people of Kansas to help subsidize their stadium. Is $40 to $50 seem a bit much to park your car ? The local NASCAR track at Kansas Speedway lets you park for free. If they need a loan to get things started we have banks and private lenders for that. The cost of running any government should be shared by and for the citizens, and  any type of business should pay their fare share with no special exceptions just like every other citizen.    

    I believe this 100%! The city never makes the money back in tax revenue and jobs but everybody acts like it's essential to hold on to the team. The owners get the breaks and never have use their own revenue for a stadium. The Chargers are going to play in a 27,000 seat soccer stadium which they probably won't sell out. Then LA is going to build them a new stadium? I would not be a happy LA taxpayer.

  2. I just received my tickets to a Mets game today, $165.00 per ticket for good seats in September in a game that will hopefully mean something. When you consider the cost of forms of entertainment, it's worth every cent in my book. Players should get everything they can, the same with a musician or an actor or you in your job. Whatever the industry generates, those that matter most should be payed fairly.

    And if the Reds could have fielded ANY sort of team around him, Griffey would have won them several championships.

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