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  1. It really is a beautiful car and build, but you essentially put up three of the same pics. Wouldn't mind seeing the front, rear, engine and interior.
  2. JerseyRed


    Very nice work! 👍
  3. That's a really nice build. Very clean and sharp.
  4. JerseyRed

    2016 Cars

    A very nice years work!
  5. Feelin' Alright by Traffic, but lets be honest Joe Cocker made it his own!
  6. Don't Keep Me Wondering Remember Duane Allman
  7. I'm thinking of putting a heavy bag next to my bench for just such occasions. I can punch and kick the aggravation right out of me!
  8. Right on! Maybe the saddest sounding song I've ever heard. It tears my heart out when I listen to it. Put a song up let's give it a try!
  9. JerseyRed

    class of 2016

    I stand corrected! Thanks for letting me know rather than just ignoring my mistake, it's the only way to learn.
  10. El Paso Out in the West Texas town of El PasoI fell in love with a Mexican girlNighttime would find me in Rosa's cantinaMusic would play and Felina would whirl One of the greatest cowboy songs of all time penned by none other than Marty Robbins. I knew him as a musician long before I knew he drove cars. At first I thought it must be another Marty Robbins that raced 😂. Now that's a talented gentleman!
  11. This should be an easy one: Blue, blue windows behind the starsYellow moon on the riseBig birds flying across the skyThrowing shadows on our eyes
  12. Ditto on the color and I like the black engine compartment.
  13. I really like this car and you did an excellent job on it. My only question, since no else asked, is will it do 185?
  14. Hi James, you may want to look into getting Micro Set and Micro Sol. Micro Set prepares surfaces for decals for better adhesion and Micro Sol softens the decals to conform to irregular surfaces. They can help on difficult decals. I started using them after having trouble like yours and have had good results. The rest of your work is looking great.
  15. I meant to say it before and I got interrupted and forgot. Your interior looks very good. Did you brush paint the seats? What I can see of the dashboard looks great too. I have one of these in the works and had a blast doing the dash. I can't wait to do another.
  16. JerseyRed

    72 charger

    Paint is looking pretty good and lighting on pics is much better!
  17. Some cool builds! I think they'd look even better with a little more light.👍
  18. Foil work and engine detailing are both excellent and the black looks pretty darn good too.
  19. You couldn't make it too much slower, it would have been an hour with all them cars!😁
  20. JerseyRed

    class of 2016

    All are very pretty. You do great detail work notably on the undercarriages. I'll have to go against the crowd and take the El Camino and Ranchero as my faves. One problem though your Del Rio is in for a ticket without those taillights.
  21. Thanks! I really like that. I'm going to have to remember that for the future.
  22. JerseyRed

    4 for 2016

    Cool models, cool presentation! 👍
  23. Very nice build! Do you have any other pics that are more than just a peek of the interior. It looks very different.
  24. Looks like what you learned worked out pretty well. Nice builds!
  25. Your other successes certainly make one model worth it. Just the fact that you run a restaurant and have time for anything else is pretty amazing.
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