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  1. I use make up applicators from Walgreens.  CVS and Wal-Mart have similar items but the Walgreens units are better.  One end is pointy and the other is a round flat.  Muc, much cheaper than similar Tamiya units.

    Do you remember what the name is? I don't have a Walgreens conveniently located so maybe I can order them online. The Tamiya ones are a little expensive and I like using them for a lot of things.

  2. Looks great to me. I love the box art for this model and think you pulled it off well. I think I like the deeper color of the bronze better, actually. The foil also looks a lot better than my first attempt. What I learned is burnish it very well, always use a fresh blade (I had no issues doing a 53 Hudson with a single, fresh blade), and try using just the blade, no handle. I think it gives you much better control.

    I'm not sure but I think I'm burnishing too much or too little. Or both in different areas, if that makes sense. In some areas it took more pressure to cut and then it was very hard to remove the excess. In other areas the BMF tore as I was cutting it but the excess was easy to remove.

  3. in my opinion, if bmf gives you trouble, alclad will make you lose your mind [ask me how i know, lol]

    my best advice, use bmf, also, go to HL and get some of the tiny q-tip looking things, the real small ones. lay down your bmf, then take the tiny q-tip and rub the foil down real good, now with a new blade, trim the foil around the body/molding lines, peel off excess, then with tiny q-tip like device mentioned earlier, re rub the foil down along where it was trimmed. this will help smooth any jagged edges from cutting. trust me, once you get a feel for the bmf, you'll love it, and if one part doesn't look right, peel it off, and try again, you'll be glad you did. i think you have a good start on foiling, i think with a little practice, you'll have it mastered.

    From my limited understanding, the problem with Alclad is getting everything smooth, laying down the gloss black and then getting the chrome layer perfect. I'll probably won't try it on the Caddy, but I probably will at some point just for the experience and the challenge.

    I had an easier time originally on the windshield and rear window than I did on the side body moldings. I ended up peeling the BMF off four times each side to get them to what you see. Another problem was having to work around the chrome. Some of the windshield peeled off putting in the glass.

  4. I'm using Silver Sharpie for everything I can get away with it for these days. Threw away three empty ones today and opened a new one. Does it look as good as BMF? No. But it's a tenth the work and a tenth the cost. If it looks even half as good, that's a bargain!

    I'm going to give this a try. I have a crappy Firebird I can experiment on.

    Would you use it for all chrome? I can picture using it for thin chrome like windshield moldings, but the Caddy has wide quarter and rocker panel moldings 

  5. I grew up loving Stevie Wonder AND Johnny Cash and for a long time as a kid I just assumed everybody did.

    Seems like just about everybody, regardless of their normal groove, likes Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash!

    You see I WAS right when I was a kid.

  6. I like the Chili Peppers....... A lot of their influence came from George Clinton, whom they used to hang out with as a young band. Their "Californication" album is probably my favorite........... 

    Two things about the Chili Peppers for me, one is that their cover of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground helped turn me on to them. And second was that through them I discovered Parliament Funkadelic. And that is one hell of a fun act! George Clinton is playing B.B. King's Blues Club in NYC sometime in the next couple months. I'm sure it's not the same as P. Funk but man, what an experience it would be.

  7. I can remember my brothers talking about how you could possibly build a car like that when I was a kid (they worked in a body shop). Then I would always annoy them about it when I went to the shop because I wanted them to build it.

    I like the job you did! And is that the beginning of a garage dio in the background?

  8. Thanks for all the kind words guys, especially concerning the BMF.

    It seems BMF is the primary choice for chrome here. I have a '59 Cadillac that I'm finishing up and I don't like the decals they give you for the chrome molding. I was debating whether to use BMF or give Alclad chrome a try. There's a fair amount of chrome molding so there would a lot of taping, which I wouldn't mind if the results are worth it. Anyone have any opinions which way to go with it?

  9. Very nice indeed! I like the color--what paint is it?

    It's Bronze, Testors Lacquer spray can. I originally wanted to paint it the same Gold color it was on the box but this was the closest thing they had at HL. I was happy with it in the end. 

  10. Everybody gets frustrated to some extent. If you're looking for perfection, you're probably not going to find it in your first model.

    Keep in mind also that models contain imperfections from the factory that you may have to deal with. This could mean sanding parts down or having to fill gaps in order to make parts fit correctly.

    If you're having a specific problem you can post your question in the forum and someone will try to help.

    I know nothing about airplanes or how expensive the kit you're building is, but I can think of a couple ways to deal with it. You can slap this kit together butcher style, not worrying about how good/bad it looks, and then buy the same kit and learn from your mistakes building that one better. A second choice is to struggle through, take your time, ask questions, do research, make this one as best you can.

    Either way you go I can pretty much guarantee you'll feel satisfied when it's done and look forward to the next build!


  11. They all look great! I like the paint/weathering on the Olds. It seems though that the chrome on the Olds should have some weathering on it too. Not that I would know how to do it, but it looks too perfect to be on a car that beat up.

  12. At first I wondered why they were going by so fast, that soon became apparent. Wow! You really covered all your bases, great variety and quality. Do you do any other videos, builds or previews or anything?

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