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  1. Good color choices and the paint work is great!
  2. The front bumper matching the trailer is a nice touch. Cool build!
  3. Would a wrecker with a pickup cab fit into this category?
  4. Paddy Wagon is pejorative and is offensive to me and my Irish 🍀 brethren! 😂
  5. All look great! Some nice engine detailing.
  6. You had a great year Janne! You have good taste in colors, the van and Chevelle especially. I don't know if I could pick out a favorite. Nice job
  7. Embarrassingly I'll enquire just what exactly constitutes a community build?
  8. It's almost an insult to the truck to be posted here. You can't beat that '55. I love the color scheme. What is that a Salmon color?
  9. Three with a one year old is pretty good. All are great but my fave is the carrier, the paint is really sharp.
  10. I'm with everyone else all are super clean. Even your "back of the shelf" model is pretty darn good"!
  11. That's a year full of some heavy duty machinery! You'd be kickin' tail with all three of those.
  12. I love BMWs but the '59 Impala is a work of art!
  13. He's got me a little bit jealous. Very fine job!
  14. Aagghh! I knew this one. Just didn't ring a bell. Dang it
  15. That would explain the great quality. There's been a couple times I thought pics were taken with a digital camera and I asked about them and was told "Nope just my iPhone". I'd like to take better pics of my models so I'm trying to figure it all out. Taking pictures was not something I thought of when I started modeling.
  16. That's ok, I think it's a good album. It's no American Beauty or Workingman's Dead but it's solid. Some decent contributions from Brent in addition the Bob and Jerry stuff. It took a lot of guff from old heads who didn't like that it brought in tons of new fans and kind of ruined the scene for awhile.
  17. You hit the nail right on the head with Blood on the Tracks. It's my favorite album if I had to pick just one. Super solid from start to finish and has what might be my favorite lines from any of his songs. He seems to have a knack for put down songs. Idiot wind Blowing every time you move your teeth Your an idiot, babe It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe
  18. These were both really tough for me. I guess they were for everyone though. I never would have even thought of Dolly Parton and I never heard of Dan Reed. Maybe clues are good idea. But then again, maybe nothing would help me unless they fall into a narrow area of my so called "expertise". I'm trying to think of stuff that doesn't go too deep into an artists catalog. I haven't read through the entire thread so I'm not sure what was done before as far as giving clues etc.
  19. Cool, it didn't look box stock to me. Maybe it's the way the sun is gleaming off of the molding. The pics are great too. Did you take them with an iPhone?
  20. Once again I'm at a loss on your two. Here's one for you guys to chew on: I just spent 60 days in the jailhouse For the crime of having no dough Now here I am back out on the street For the crime of having nowhere to go
  21. For me this is what life is all about. That place where time and space are forgotten and it's just you and the music. If only everyday were like that.
  22. What did you use for chrome on the '55 Chevy? The roof line looks like BMF but the side body molding looks like real chrome. Excellent job on all of them, you have a lot to be proud of.
  23. Can't say enough about them. Just freakin' fantastic! The Metallic Green is out of this world.
  24. Nice job on the model! I'm loving the dio too.
  25. JerseyRed

    My 2016

    All very impressive and you're very prolific. Did you do the airbrush work on the Pink Floyd van?
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