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  1. So i have been away for some time but i have pretty much started over. The original chassis was getting to hacked up so i started over. I got the final draft of the rear suspension underway as well as the frame cover. I also got my hands on some 3d printed rims!
  2. I need help finding threaded scale bolts and nuts. Hex Allen etc... I looked at RB motion but none of their stuff appeared threaded. Any leads? Thank you
  3. I have thought about doing the same thing! Awesome job!
  4. I agree. I think I enjoy scratch building trailers more than building the trucks. If I get this one to come out right I think I'm going to cast it and put it on the market.
  5. thanks guys! I have a little more done already. I'm going to finish out the main body work then I'll post more pics. I'm kind of winging it on a few things because I cant find good pics. All in all I have a good feeling about it.
  6. Here is my attempt at a half round end dump. I got some ideas from some members on here so I decided to dive in. This is what I have so far. Used half of a old tanker that I had lying around. Angled the front and started on the sides. Let me know what you guys think so far. Thanks for looking!
  7. yeah I though so lol. Sorry if it seems as if I copied you. Your build did off inspiration fo this build lol
  8. Thank you guys! Those are some great ideas! I think I'm going to try the thin wall pvc idea. The only tanker I have already has plans lol
  9. Any ideas on what to use to build the bed? Also anyone have or know where to get some sort of drawing on one. Would love to do a fearless spread axle. Thanks.
  10. What do you guys use for 1/25 scrath frame rails? Thanks
  11. thanks guys. I'm hoping to get the chassis and suspension done so I can reviel the big surprise that I got to work on this one.
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