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  1. Big fan of pro street,and yours is looking very cool love the stance.
  2. Yea those Eduard harnesses are nice also love the 41 willys tires and rims on the nova ,looks great.
  3. Great choice of rims and tires cant wait to see this one finished,yea I bought 2 of these bad boys.
  4. Nice work,looks like u used chassis parts from the 41 willys and who could blame ya ,cool gasser.
  5. I like it,nice fender flare work and cool colors.
  6. Yea thanks ,and yes it does,lol
  7. Yea love the flip nose kits ,nice work glad you finished it.
  8. I decided to take the little red wagon and make my own gasser version, the car is detalied throughout and is strickley built for a model contest. Highlights as follows,full racing harness,wired up shoot ,scratch built starting column and rear bumper (willys style) also full engine detail and chassis reworked and modified to have better appearance and construction than the original.enjoy😁
  9. Yea cool build looks better than the original version 👏👏
  10. Nice looking build,you should be happy with the results!😁
  11. Bmf is probably the perfered choice ,but many hobby stores have a vast array of chrome /silver markers out there that also work very well ,my advice shop around!
  12. No model is 100% accurate in my opinion,but you did a great job and as long as your happy with it you've acolmplished your goal !
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