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  1. I just did an experiment stripping paint off a model. I tried 3 types of stripper before I was able to get all the paint removed. I first used PineSol then I tried Purple Power (Purple Pond) and last I used brake fluid. The first 2 I used were ok and do no damage. The model soaked for days and not an issue. Except the paint didn't remove completely. Then I used brake fluid. I checked it out just 4 hours of soaking and the paint just fell off. I wouldn't soak the model in brake fluid over night as it would end up a pile of plastic in the end. I made a video of it but didn't get it posted yet. I need to edit the video before posting. I will share the video as soon as I post it. I've also used other things and I'll say you need to be careful. I soaked a model in alcohol and it turned the model into a plastic pile of goooo. Dave Scale Model Junkie
  2. I'm enjoying this for sure. I've not see this kit before but I'll be looking for this myself. I would love to add it to my collection. Thanks for sharing the extras you've done that make it so much nicer. I'll be following this for sure. Dave
  3. This looks amazing. Great choice of colors. What type/brand of paint was used? dave
  4. I love it! You have mix the kits together in such a way the finished model looks perfect. Love to see more pictures as well as know more about how you cut the slots in the styrene. dave
  5. Thanks - I'll watch more and just start trying to see how it goes. Keep you updated as I go. Dave
  6. I did watch the videos from Andy X and that was what lead me to the questions about the buildup of the paint when masking. I'll be sure I post what I learn as I try these paints. Thanks, Dave
  7. I can't wait to see the Firebird done with all the extra work you've done to it. Dave
  8. I wanted to follow up on this and see if those who use(d) Createx paints on models. I just ordered some to try and see how they will work. I wanted to know if anyone using them has problems with build up on the paints when using a mask? Has there been a work around or this something you need to deal with when using Createx paints? I thought if you thin the paints enough you shouldn't have an edge on the masking. Love to hear any thoughts or tips you folks have. The colors of the Createx seem so cool. Dave
  9. Wow!!!! This build is mind blowing for sure. I love what you have done and can't wait to see it with the diorama. Dave
  10. Thank you Ben! I will get on the site and see what I can find. Dave
  11. Thanks for the tip, I wasn't thinking about hte AWG being the wire and not the cover. TGrsfgfsdbdb nhdThanks for the tip. I wasn't even thinking about the AWG being the wire and not the cover. Dave
  12. Sorry about being off line so long but health had me down for a time. I did get a good deal on the model from eBay (of all places). Now I'm looking for some smaller drive tires to put on the back of the truck so I can make it a roll-off tow truck. Any ideas on where to get tires would be great. Dave
  13. So what is the correct wire gauge for scale 1/24-25 scale spark plug wires? Or what would the correct original size of the wires on average? Dave
  14. Wow, this stuff looks great. Im going to get some right away. Dave
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