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  1. Oh well.............................................................
  2. Is that a die-cast? If so I think I've got one similar out in the stash room.. Awesome paint job...
  3. This is going to be awesome.... only one thing I see that looks a bit off. if I may, the front track looks a bit narrow compared to the rear. Robert
  4. Nice pair you have there, I have a 63.....the picture of the engine in my avatar is in it. Robert
  5. Good looking truck, and the crackle accident looks perfect, hard to get the crackle to look good in scale. Dentside Garage? anything to do with Ford trucks?????? Robert
  6. Thanks everyone, I think I can build an more accurate model now. Robert
  7. Thanks Pete, but I was referring to 1:1 racing. Robert
  8. Looking for anything to help with my 70's era builds, rule books would be great. Stock/SS, MP, etc Googles been no help on this, Thanks Robert
  9. Hang it from a bungee cord, that way you can pull it down to turn it on/off and it will stay up out of the way.. Robert
  10. I like the paint lob as well, did you do the work? If so, could you go into how you came up with this? Thanks Robert
  11. WOW, my tiller can only dream of being that tiller!! HEADLIGHTS!!! Gardening at night...Cool build Robert
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