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  1. Sorry, Not in my book

    At least he's working on something REAL....not sitting in some foul smelling room building PLASTIC .......
  2. Iconic Chevy

    No ?, 56
  3. 65 Impala hubcaps Delete please

    Post deleted by OP thanks
  4. Wheels needed

    James, I have the chrome reverse with moons from the AMT 53 F100 if you want....just PM Robert
  5. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    This is way cool!! If I may, I'd like to remark on something that to me just doesn't look right. The rear fender arc looks at odds with the {wheel}? To me it needs the same arc. Just a thought. Robert
  6. GMC Astro Help Needed

    Thanks Mark. I've been following your build, I noticed you changed front wheels, did that move them out? Robert
  7. GMC Astro Help Needed

    Casey, many thanks for this info. Leo, thanks, I remember hearing that once. Will make the needed adjustments Robert
  8. GMC Astro Help Needed

    I've been working on this for what seems like forever and never noticed that the cab hinge arms are missing!! Bought second hand.. So can anyone help me with some basic measurements for these arms? How tall, at what angle are they? Maybe a good picture? I will have to scratch them but the measurements will make it easier. Thanks Robert
  9. 1953 Ford Hotrod

  10. 1953 Ford Hotrod

    Nice start.
  11. Mufflers on them noisey 4 bangers ?

    But you know, it's been around for quite awhile. Yep, GUILTY of this!! In 74 I bought a 65 Cutlass, couldn't afford air shocks for the wide tires, so I jacked it up, got the shock extend as far as they would go and put muffler clamps on them, talk about bouncing but it was JACKED UP...
  12. Mufflers on them noisey 4 bangers ?

    Around here, NO fart-cans!! Just diesels with trash cans hanging under the rear or sewer pipes up thru the bed!!!! Makes my old Ford with the headers dropped sorta unique Robert
  13. The Wicked Baron

    Kool........................ But whats that in the background??? Lets see it. Robert
  14. GMC Daycab update 7-14

    Man this is looking good...almost cut mine down , but changed my mind. Maybe the next one. So, I'll be following along as you do yours. Might get some ideals.... Hope you don't mind the pic. Robert
  15. Lindberg 64 Dodge parts needed; FOUND

    Thanks Doc. another member has got them for me. Robert