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  1. Tom, and Snake, thanks for the tips. Ill pick up some poster board, and give that a shot.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try using clear on the next chrome headlight car. There weren't any other parts to make it a panel, but it looks like one could convert it pretty easily with styrene. Not sure it Revell ever made one or not.
  3. I painted the headlights with some thinned pearl white, to try for a more realistic appearance than the chrome. it looks alright, but not great. what suggestions do any of you have for better looking headlights? Also, any tips for photographing dark painted vehicles? Mine seem to always look like they are in the shade.
  4. Finished! This was supposed to be an easy one, but I had some issues with decals and paint. Re-did the paint on it, and while its no show winner, it was a fun build that looks great on the shelf. Now I may try and pick up another and finish it like the John Buterra version. we will see, lots of others still on the bench.
  5. Almost done with this one. Had a few bumps along the way. Had some nice paint on it, then the 30 year old decals shattered in the water. I tried to apply them anyway, and sprayed the other ones with a light coat of clear, but couldn't save them. Had to sand them off, and had to redo the paint.
  6. Wow, that turned out great! I didn't even look in the Under Glass section before I sent that message. Very cool subject.
  7. Steve, did this Comet ever get finished? this looks awesome. Greg, any luck on getting decals made for the safari comet?
  8. Great job on this, what a cool project. I love the engine. So many wires!
  9. Yeah, the engine is a little small. Not too worried about it, Im not going to put much effort into it. I saw the John Buterra version when I was looking at this one, and I like it. I might try to get one of the re-issues and replicate that car later on. We will see how the one goes.
  10. Thats insane! Awesome job on that front suspension!
  11. The chrome was faded after 30+ years, so I decided to strip it off and try Alclad II chrome. I think it looks pretty good for my first time using it. It worked out well on these suspension components.
  12. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I couldn't get the two halves of the frame to line up perfect, so I cut them out and replaced them with round styrene.
  13. I like these Revell Hot Rod Magazine series of kits from the 80's. I have built several and have a couple more on the shelf. A fellow forum member hooked me up with this one, sending me this one out of the 3 pack. saved me some money, much appreciated! I plan on building it box stock, not much added detail, just focusing on paint and fitment.
  14. Nice job! this looks awesome. love the flat paint.
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