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  1. This is one of my favorite Army trucks, I am glad to see someone replicating one.
  2. Body painted, sanded and polished on the Buick. Decal work started. This one is getting close, looking forward to finishing it up soon.
  3. You did a very nice job with this. You really nailed the look of the truck, in my opinion. I also own a '49 2R5 and would love to see a kit or resin of one some day.
  4. Any chance you are gonna make more of these? If so, I would like to buy one.
  5. My first car was an 87 Turbo Coupe. Gunmetal Gray with a blue and gray interior. Automatic trans, which went out at 163k. It was a fun car though. Nice paint job, I'm enjoying the build.
  6. Yes, I am thinking of the whole interior tub. I think the seats are molded into it, right?
  7. JC, you build some of the most interesting cars. I've never even seen many of the kits you build. They are always a fun follow!
  8. Wow, those look great! I assume that's the AMT thunderbird chassis? Is it stretched, or stock wheelbase? Where do I get one of these?
  9. Started it, lost interest. Engine partially assembled and primed, rear suspension assembled, front nose glued in place. All parts are there. Also have a set of decals for the Dale Earnhardt silver anniversary car. Looking for: Early 80's Nascar Buick hood 67 fairlane seats 72 Torino interior tub/ seats Revell 49 Merc Ice Patrol Chevy w/snowmobile 64 comet Monroe Handler mustang decals I know some of these are long shots or not equal in value, so Whatcha got??? I also have a post in the wanted section with a few items. let me know if I did that wrong.
  10. I am looking for the monogram Buick Regal hood from the early 80's Nascar kit. Its the last thing I need to finish the model. Also looking for the stock seats to the snap kit Johan 72 torino, and the stock seats from AMT 67 Fairlane. Let me know what you are looking, for, I may have it. I'm also posting a list in the trading post of stuff I am not using. thanks, Ben
  11. Russ Wheeler car is almost finished. I mixed up some blue and white to try and match the decals. It looked good on the paper, but dried a bit darker over the orange. You have to be pretty close to tell though. This wasn't ever going to be a serious build, so I'm not too bothered by it. A few more decals and it should be done.
  12. John, I might have a bottle of that in my stash. I'll take a look. I also found part #55 on one of the sprues, Dave. Where does it go on the car? More progress:
  13. Got the Lumina body painted. Tamiya Camel Yellow seemed close to the movie car. Its brighter in real life than the photo. These power slide decals have enough blue sections so you don't have to paint, but i'm skeptical about getting it to lay down smooth, especially around the window frames. Might be just as difficult to match the blue on the decals, so I guess its a wash.
  14. Jason, what year is that F100? I have a 63 that's real close to being back on the road.
  15. Jason, I realize the motor isn't very visible in the pic i had posted, since I painted it black. I'll flip it around like the one in Mack's photo. Thanks Mack!
  16. This car is looking great so far. What did you use for roll bar padding?
  17. Also, what direction should that fan be facing? I see it with the pointy side (I'm guessing the motor) pointed in and out in different cars online. I mounted it with the motor pointing forward, but I'm not sure that's correct.
  18. Making progress on the Buick, too. Had to do some repair on the seat first, before painting. Not sure what kind of glue this kid used 20+ years ago, but it was a pain to get the seat out! I'm happy with the wheels, hopefully I can do better on the tires for this one. I have several questions. What color was the fuel line that runs through the passenger side in these cars? Same with the water bottle. not sure what color to paint that.
  19. I didn't see the antenna, but still will probably put the camera in. Making some more progress, the Lumina chassis is done, and the body is getting painted soon. I wasn't real happy with how the tires turned out. You can see the outline of the decals too much. Not sure what the issue was, but maybe because the decals were about 10 years old? I sand them down, lay the decal, then put micro-sol on them. I spray dull coat on them afterwards. I used the Tamiya brand since they stopped making Testors. Any suggestions to avoid that? I'm open to trying a different process for the Buick ones.
  20. I love the red taillight tape...
  21. A camera, that's pretty interesting. I'll have to see if the antenna is in there somewhere.
  22. Does anyone know what this piece is? It goes in the passenger side on the roll cage. I can't see in any pics of the Bobby Allison 1983 Buick to see if it should go in that car, or what color to paint it.
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