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  1. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I couldn't get the two halves of the frame to line up perfect, so I cut them out and replaced them with round styrene.
  2. I like these Revell Hot Rod Magazine series of kits from the 80's. I have built several and have a couple more on the shelf. A fellow forum member hooked me up with this one, sending me this one out of the 3 pack. saved me some money, much appreciated! I plan on building it box stock, not much added detail, just focusing on paint and fitment.
  3. Nice job! this looks awesome. love the flat paint.
  4. I'm using the radiator support from the Monogram 69 GTO. its 1/24 but a more accurate shape for a Pontiac than the Olds piece. Added some styrene to the undersides of the fenders as well.
  5. thanks, yes, the manifold came with the kit. It was the two in one version with the surfboard and wood side panels.
  6. Finally finished this up. Revell 37/38 Ford, used the chopped top cab from Jimmy Flintstone. Everything else was out of the box.
  7. Nice job, that paint looks flawless. I love that color combo.
  8. Kerry, I am mostly looking for a complete kit, with decals if possible. looking to build it just as it appears, in all its 80's street rod glory. If you have most of it, I would be interested still. I would be willing to buy it, if that's allowed, not sure what the rules are on that. Let me know what you find!
  9. Does anyone have this kit that they aren't going to build? I am mostly looking for the Blue Model T, but would take the whole set too. let me know what you are looking for if you want to trade for something.
  10. This is a cool build. I love air cooled 911s.
  11. Very nice job, on a cool unique kit!
  12. this is the sheet. I am specifically looking for the brown stripes, the vent decals, and the air cleaner decal.
  13. I am looking for a decal sheet for the 70 Torino. let me know what you want for it.
  14. Ben269

    AMT 62 T Bird dash

    Is this the one you need? I'll send it to you.
  15. I wanted to stretch the back of the trunk down a bit, to look more like the real car. this will also give a little more room for the Judge decal that goes there.
  16. I thought the spoiler I was making was too small, so I scratch built a larger one.
  17. I found a built up kit for $5 at a swap meet a few years ago. stripped the paint off and its been sitting ever since.
  18. Spoiler is the Hurst Olds piece. I cut the ends off and made them from sheet styrene to replicate the Judge spoiler.
  19. I picked up this resin TH400, and its very nice, but looks too large, and doesn't fit in the chassis and tunnel. I am going to use the th400 from the 72 Chevy pickup. The engine is from the Revell 69 Firebird.
  20. I am going to replicate a car my uncle owned. 1970 GTO Judge, 400 auto, Carousel Red. I am using the AMT 69 Hurst Olds for the chassis and a few other parts. It comes with the auto console and shifter, which should work well.
  21. Not a resin, I cut the roof off and used the wind shield and boot from the revell 69 camaro.
  22. Thanks for the compliments. It felt good just to finish it up. I had that engine from the MPC kit about 20 years ago, and built it before I had anything to put in, just because I thought it was neat. Turned out really nice with some detailing!
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