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  1. Has anyone built a good looking one of these? I love this car, and the kit doesn't do it justice.
  2. I saw this at the Goodguys show today, looks awesome in person!
  3. This is really cool, I like the idea of creating a better box than the Willys originally came with. Great job on the weathering, too.
  4. Thanks for the compliments, and the tips. Steve, that Cobra looks really nice, I would like to pick up one of those kits next.
  5. Stripped all the paint off, primed in white, and even tinted the primer with a little yellow. Not sure if that helped or not, but it looks great. I painted it using Testors bright yellow. I couldn't wait, and applied the stripes. I like the way it looks so far.
  6. Snake, I used your idea with newspaper and super glue. Seems to be pretty stiff. I mocked everything up to see how its fitting together.
  7. The interior on this car is so nice, that I decided it should be a convertible. I am using the 69 Camaro convertible for the parts. Here goes. Does anyone know how to re-enforce this windshield frame? I'm worried it won't be very stable. I am thinking maybe some stiff wire on the backside? Who has done type of modification?
  8. I am attempting to make the correct hood by combining the two in the kit. Its getting better, but its not quite seamless yet. The Ram Air hood that I cut the center out of has a less prominent, or lower, seam in the middle, so there is some inconsistency there. I may just knock down the seam on the front portion to make it even. not sure yet.
  9. Dang, Mark, thats a die hard Pontiac family!
  10. Here is the set I got from Keith Marks. He offers 4 different colors of stripes. The top decals are for the 1968 Firebird, he just put them on the same sheet.
  11. Thanks, that shows what I was looking for.
  12. Interior is started. Does anyone know what the exhaust on a 6 cyl looks like? Are they dual tips or single? I can't find any pictures of the underside of these cars. Are the chassis black? Overspray? I can't believe how few pics I could find.
  13. I added a few more details to it. Fuel line, vacuum line, and a dipstick.
  14. Snake, this 6 cyl builds up pretty nice, but needed to be sanded flat to fit together nicely. Do some test fitting before you paint.
  15. That engine is looking great! I don't think i have ever seen that Revell kit. How does it compare size wise to your AMT?
  16. This looks awesome, I love the weathering, especially around the exhaust openings. Very realistic.
  17. Here is the interior bucket I have been working on for the GTO.
  18. I have been in a Pontiac mood lately, and picked up a few kits. I have had the 70 GTO for a few years, bought it built up for $5. I picked up a Hurst Olds for the chassis, tires, auto shifter, and spoiler, but the spoiler doesn't actually look like one for a Judge, so I will probably try and scratch build one that looks right. I picked up the 68 Firebird for the engine, and have a build plan for that car as well.
  19. Thanks for all the nice compliments, I have used a lot of the tips shared on this website.
  20. Thats a really cool idea, and even better execution!
  21. I ordered the wheels and tires from Historic Racing Miniatures.
  22. If I were to do it again, I would cut the orange stripes off and paint the black on. The decal split in the back on the truck, and I couldn't get it to line up straight. Overall, though, I like the way it looks.
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