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  1. Engine is just about done. I need to paint the transmission, and its ready to go in.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I will strip it down and start over. I think the gray primer I used was too dark, so this will address both these issues.
  3. This is what I am going for, but with a brown interior.
  4. I started on this Torino. I have had it for a year or two, and couldn't decide on a color. Its a cool kit because it comes with four different stripe colors. I saw a yellow one with the yellow and brown stripe, and thought that was a winner. I bought an airbrush and have used it twice now. I had some issues on this, however. If you look close at the photos, you can see that the paint seemed to run away from the edges. Any Idea why that happened? I used Testors enamel thinned with mineral spirits. Any tips are appreciated. Not sure if I am going to sand it and respray, or strip it all the way down and start over.
  5. Great looking build, I am starting to replicate our 1:1 68 convertible. Are those the seats that came in the kit? What kit did that auto shifter come from from?
  6. this build idea is really cool. I like the idea for the seats. I have a 1:1 car I'm trying to replicate in scale, and can't find the right seats. this looks like the way to go. are you cutting out the middle of the stock seat, or just laying the horizontal striped part on top?
  7. I haven't worked on it in a while, kinda got stuck on some of the interior panels. I am trying to shape those panels to fit inside, and trying to make the whole thing fit together.
  8. This car was a pure white, right, not a off white or Wimbledon white?
  9. I picked up those wheels from Historic Racing Miniatures. They look great. I'll post a pic of them when I figure out what the issue is. From Gary and Rex's photos, they look like they should be magnesium, right? I think ill try mixing a little black in with some aluminum and see if that looks right.
  10. So I'm back to not being able to post pictures again. It seems they work if they are 2.0 mb or smaller, but not any larger than that. Is there a way to make them smaller?
  11. Wow, thanks for the reference pics, guys. I can tell from Gary's picture that the car did have a wood wheel, and the red knockoffs from Rex's. Maxx, I'll check out those wheels. JC, I looked through your #6 427 build for some ideas yesterday. That car turned out very nice.
  12. I am struggling to upload photos now. I am dragging them into the spot, it starts downloading, and then says "upload failed." Any ideas?
  13. I started this with the hope that it will be a quick build. Time will tell. Does anyone know if this car had a black (carpeted) interior, or a stripped down aluminum one? Also, which valve covers would it have? Most pictures of competition cars show them with the chrome ones, but this kit comes with the finned aluminum ones. I can't find any good pictures of this car from back in the day. There are pictures of the car in its current iteration, but it seems to have modern changes and equipment.
  14. I used phone wire. I was looking for it to take a picture but couldn't find it for some reason.
  15. I like these trucks. This is a very cool choice for a project.
  16. Thanks for the positive comments, guys. Wayne, I think you are right, the wire boots are supposed to be black. The later fords had orange, but after i built this engine, and looked at photos, none had orange in '66. Its ok, you can't even see them with the shock towers so close to the engine. With the ride hight, the rocker panel is pretty level from front to back, but the front wheel opening is so high, that it looks off. Also, I couldn't quite get the body and chassis to fit perfectly after it was painted. I see a lot of you on here do much more test fitting before you paint, and I will start doing that with my builds going forward. Any tips on taking photos would be appreciated.
  17. I haven't made any progress on this in a while. Ed, thanks for the interior shot. I have been looking through images of these things, and rarely see the inside. I started working on the seat and interior panels.
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