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  1. Dieselhead added a post in a topic '71 Cuda Modified   

    A wee bit of a derailment, but what would make the 426 unsuitable for short round track, other than weight issues? Would the smaller track not give the engine room to really wind out, thus keeping it down in the low RPM ranges, necessitating shorter gearing?
  2. Dieselhead added a post in a topic White Western Star logger   

    I'm very impressed with your replication of offhighway grime. How'd you make that look so good?
  3. Dieselhead added a post in a topic Loader Cat 966C   

    Now these are projects I love! I'll certainly be following this one!
  4. Dieselhead added a post in a topic Scratch bash KW aerodyne wrecker   

    Looks like you've got your work cut out for you. Will this be a curbside to save on frustration or will we get the whole hog?
  5. Dieselhead added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    Thankfully providing one's own power doesn't seem so hard, the IH 345 looks fairly similar to a smallblock ford to me (with some cursory looks anyway) but with a different intake manifold and front dress, but they don't seem so bad to stratch.
  6. Dieselhead added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang - Under Glass   

    Looks great. With all these old T/A's popping up, we might need us a proper race. Could use a few bowties first though....
    Man, they really did shoehorn that dual-quad in there, didn't they!
  7. Dieselhead added a post in a topic The Disappointments of Online Buying   

    It would be a disservice to not finish out the story, so here goes; after emailing Buffalo Road, they said that the incomplete kit was sent to me by mistake, and that they would ship out a new kit free of charge and let me keep the parts one. Great! It arrived today, and was exactly what I wanted; a brand new box, still in its shrinkwrap, with parts neatly bagged inside undisturbed. It was here quickly and there was no wheeling and dealing to get it resolved. Overall I'm satisfied - they owned up to a mistake and rectified it and that's all we would really want in this situation.

    I'll be building this one soon, see you guys On The Workbench!
  8. Dieselhead added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    The Disappointments of Online Buying
    I figure this is the place for this complaint. If not, my apologies.
    A week or so ago I ordered an Italeri M923A1 "Big Foot" truck (kit no. 279) from Buffalo Road Imports. The listing marked the kit as new stock of a discontinued kit - at a good price too, so I jumped on it.
    It came in the mail today, and upon opening it, there was an immediate problem - the kit had been somewhat assembled already. The box didn't have it's shrinkwrap and was slightly damaged (both of which I could live with) but the frame assembly had been started, with a frame laying on top of the trees in the box. The bench seat and front bumper were also loose in the box, and the instructions had large, yellowed glue stains on them - as did the frame. 
    Upon further inspection, I discovered that the engine and transmission assembly had been mounted upside down in the frame - and judging by the other parts, and the detail, I'm fairly certain I won't be able to flip it the right way.

    Needless to say, I'm pretty unhappy with the situation - and composing an email to Buffalo Road Imports as soon as I get this post out there. I'll update if they fix the issue - but I'm dubious of trusting them, especially if they offer an exchange. For now, it's a waste of $40.
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  9. Dieselhead added a post in a topic Galion Tandem Roller Under Construction   

    Paint looks fine to me! Rollers aren't the most attractive creatures anyway, so no sweat either way.
  10. Dieselhead added a post in a topic 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!   

    Looks great to me! Man, the track on that front axle is deceptively thin!
  11. Dieselhead added a post in a topic Long shot parts request needed   

    GW Trucks has a VT903 as well. If you get one I'd love to see pictures since I'm also considering an order. I believe one of the Snowman rigs had 8v92 power as well, but I can't 100% that.
  12. Dieselhead added a post in a topic 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!   

    Very nice sir. The forced perspective of the painted molding and the long hood almost makes the windshield look chopped, lol
  13. Dieselhead added a post in a topic 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!   

    Personally I'd shoot the body colors, then mask off the grille parts and do them in gloss black for the Alclad's backing. My biggest personal concern is a pearl finish paint not having the right backing properties for Alclad to adhere or shine up correctly.
    But the truck looks great anyway, so you could totally get away with a monotone color. Great work!
  14. Dieselhead added a post in a topic Recommended Detroit Diesel Green?   

    I'm certain with good primer anything's possible, but I'd be afraid that an auto paint would be too thick for good adhesion to model parts without drowning out the details. Maybe it's time to learn decanting.
  15. Dieselhead added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Recommended Detroit Diesel Green?
    What would be a decently-accurate paint for Detroit blue-green? I'm planning on a Detroit or two soon and I want them in OEM colors. I'd prefer something not too expensive since I won't be building too many of these motors so I don't think it would be quite worth it. Rattlecan or airbrush is fine. Thanks.
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