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  1. I like his song “Classified.” I built this kit to replicate what the truck may have looked like.
  2. What are you looking for?
  3. I’d also settle for the AMT 70 Challenger.
  4. Nice to see something different, I really like the work so far.
  5. Looking for this kit: Here is what I have for trade. The frame is a little warped on the Willy’s. 36 Ford and Corvette are sealed. The GTO (minus the die cast Johnny lightning GTO) and Willy’s are open but complete.
  6. Never built a JoHan kit, it would be cool to purchase a re-issue if that ever happened. As it stands now, I always pass on the kits I see for sale at shows, always too pricey for me. I’ll prob never get the chance.
  7. I got the motor mounted with some pins. It is a snug fit.
  8. I am building one of these right now. Darn it, wish I would have seen this sooner.
  9. What’s my gift? I’m waiting so patiently for it!♥️
  10. Rusty92

    Road Warrior

    Looks awesome!! It’s great to see another built, the weathering is spot on. Hope you don’t mind me sharing a photo of mine that I finished recently…
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