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  1. Some members find it more interesting to try and make every post or thread funny, thus derailing the entire thing.
  2. New Revell kits are sealed with the circle shaped piece of tape. Hobby Lobby kits have had those for a while now.
  3. There’s no reason to berate another forum member the way you do. Just let it go. Doug shared his post with a photo of the wrecker and they said it was coming out. And honestly, I would have believed it as well. I still do believe that it is coming. Perhaps your distributor information is wrong? Give it a break. You’ve disrupted a perfectly good thread with your rude behavior. FWIW 61.99 euros to USD is about 66.75. Not 62. Gosh I hate that misinformation that people spread here
  4. Why are you so upset about this? It will be okay. It’s just plastic.
  5. Looking very nice!! I like the detail you’ve done to the interior.
  6. I have one of these as well. Very nice work so far!
  7. The wheels won’t hurt you.
  8. Nicely done! I would like to have one of those kits. You should be proud.
  9. Got one side of the dually bed installed. I am going to have a lot of putty and sanding to do. I also used the Moebius semi wheel set for this, as the tires are wider and better looking than the black ones.
  10. Received my products today, Bill! Thank you so much. They are great. Can’t wait to build my GMC!
  11. Started working on the dually bed. I plan on adding some tool boxes to it.
  12. Had to clean off my work station, it was getting a little messy. Before: After: I also started on a DMI rear bumper. I like these and tend to build more work trucks. I might cast these for personal use. I think I will be scratch building this welder for the bed.
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