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  1. Mclaren M23 F-1 restoration

    Nicely done! A good restoration.
  2. I have a 1/8th Monogram Corvette up for trade. It's a 1985. Never been started! Clear plastic is in good shape, decals are good, real nice. I'd like to trade it for the following, but am open to other offers: Any 1/12 Porsches 1/8 Jaguar XKE Tamiya, Aoshima, or other Porsche models. Looking for 935s or 911s. Thank you for looking, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  3. I'm glad you got them. I knew you would love the quality. Which resin parts did you get?
  4. Firstly, thank you for all the kind words. This build was super fun. Thank you all. @Fat Brian The engine is from Clearly Scale but I purchased it through model builders warehouse and received it in about a week. I have heard to many stories of wait times and no contact issues and decided to not buy direct. Hope this helps and I hope you get your products soon, they are great quality. @Ben These are the kit wheels, and I have the same box art as the one you pictured, not sure why they would be so different. I do not remember them having separate hubs or anything, and I bought this kit sealed.. I do believe mine actually say BBS on them. I will have to look and get back to you.
  5. Porsche 935/76

    This is the AMT Porsche 935 race car. A basic kit, but the decals were very tricky. I'll need to re-do it someday since there are some wrinkles on it. I also have the Tamiya 1/12 version that I need to work on soon.
  6. Some Chevys

    Thank you, Ryan!
  7. Some Mopars

    Thank you for the kind words. Usually when I see old Mopars they are beat, haha! Thanks, Patrick! Where I live I rarely see them in good condition. I had a lot of fun building the Cuda.
  8. This is Revell's '56 ford kit. I enjoyed the challenge this presented. I need to go back and repaint the engine, it is hideous. The engine is from Clearly Scale and is really nice. It is a DOHC "monstercharged" 351. Paint is Tamiya X-13 Metallic blue for the body, Tamiya X-2 for the white. Chrome trim is done thanks to Molotow. Thank you for looking.
  9. Some Chevys

    Just a couple Chevys I have completed. The Chevelle is the AMT 1969 SS396 and I love this kit. This is probably the first model kit that I really really liked. I enjoy all of them, but this one was a lot of fun. The other one is the AMT 68 Camaro. You'll notice the putty work seems a little off, that is on purpose. I wanted to simulate the bondo or fiberglass work that has been sitting for years on an old worn out drag car. This kit was also a lot of fun. Mismatched fenders, some rust, a piece of wire holding on the side pipe (which is also broken). The Camaro needs some finishing up, I think I got side-tracked and began work on another kit... Thanks for looking.
  10. Some Mopars

    This is my first Under Glass post here to the forum. I have other posts in the Big Rigs section as I am currently building the semi from "Duel". I started building just over a year ago when I turned 21. It is safe to say that I am hooked. In this post I have chosen to display my Mopar stuff first. Hope you all enjoy them. I know there are several small things wrong with the cars, I'll fix them someday! First is my Hemi Cuda that i built because i realized i did not have a single Mopar in my fleet. this one was the Revell kit and it went together very nice, except for the hood. But I've had others tell me that it does not fit too well on it anyways. Didn't let it bother me too much since I was doing this one as a junker anyways. I somehow lost the mirror on the drivers side and also the front bumper. Not sure where they ended up. Maybe someone took them for their restoration, haha. The wing is also missing from the car but that was on purpose. I drilled two little holes and weathered them to make it look like someone had snatched it long ago. The other car is my Vanishing Point build. This was the AMT version with the two-piece body. I tried my best to remove the body lines but I see now that they are still somewhat visible. I added drip rails to the roof since when I was sanding off the vinyl roof they came off with it. This kit was frustrating to put together and I am happy that it is done.
  11. MACK DM600, 5-th wheel dumper

    That looks terrific. I have never seen one of these setups either.
  12. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    @Bugatti Fan Thank you for the info on the article. I will look it up here soon! @gotnitro? Thank you for the kind words! You definitely need to watch the movie soon! @leafsprings I appreciate the link to that website, it was a good read. And also thank you for the information regarding the truck itself. I hope the scale version turns out well. @DRIPTROIT 71 Very cool background information on the truck. I'll check out your Flickr soon to see some more photos. The one you shared is great. I decided to begin work on the tanker itself. I had never had any experience with a Lindberg kit before. It is interesting to say the least. Here is what I have so far. The suspension is really simple, I'll need to add something to it to make it look more realistic. I'm not up to making my own leafs yet, but I would like to someday. The tanker itself has a lot of mold lines and sinks in it. I used a lot of putty. This is just the front half of the tanker, I will have to section out a hearty portion and lower the suspension some for it to sit correctly. Small steps, one at a time.
  13. Hi all, this is my first post here in the "on the workbench" section, but I wanted to give some update on my Duel semi. I usually only build car and light duty truck models, but I cannot resist the challenge of a replica of the Duel semi. Since I do not build a lot of semis, I am sure I have made some errors on things. Please feel free to let me know. I am always looking to better myself. Wheels and tires are from Jamie at Moluminum. I love the quality! The resin conversion pieces are from AITM, I also am blown away by the quality. So far I have a little done after spending what feels like a long time on it. I am just trying to get this replica correct. I had to scratch build a radiator to fit in the confines of the smaller hood, the box on the back of the cab was used for hiding a camera while filming. It needs some touching up here and there, but I am happy with the results so far.The battery box is funny, the diamond plate step part just sits on there and I did not like that, and it was open underneath and the back. I filled in the open parts so it looked closed and added straps to the step part so it could come on and off. I think it looks good for what it is. Fuel tanks are a little rough, I sanded most of the straps down and I had to add more. I'm really taking my time on this one, since I enjoy the process so much. The tractor kit is the recent AMT California Hauler, a good kit. Too much chrome if you ask me. For the tanker I will be using the Dodge L700/tanker kit Thanks for looking, everyone. Jacob
  14. Question about AITM

    Hi all! I received my resin Duel conversion set super quick from Dave and I am beyond happy with the quality. Great person to deal with. Thank you to all who responded!
  15. Question about AITM

    Update for you all. I ordered my Duel resin pieces on Saturday morning, I received them today (Tuesday). The pieces are so nice, I cannot wait to use them!