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  1. Very nice view! I will probably weather this one up as well. Small update for the evening. I stretched the frame, got it pretty sturdy, and sitting somewhat level. I also started working on a DMI bumper. I will be using some Freightliner fenders on the truck to make the dually flares. I think I’ll add a compressor, welder, and a tool box to the truck. Think I will give it a headache rack and a single stack.
  2. Here is my set up. Some day I will have a dedicated room.
  3. Whoa! What a turn this ride took. Another forum member gave me the idea to build a welding rig for my garage diorama. @zaina thanks for the idea. I will be converting my 350 to look like a 6.2 diesel - or attempt at least! I stretched the frame and am using the Revell wrecker bed as a base. The truck is of course the MPC still. The wheels are from a Jada die cast.
  4. Very nice! I am also working on a garage. If you are in need of more clutter I recommend the Phoenix Toys “Hobby Gear” series. They have several garage sets. They are a little toy like but with your skills you can weather them up and make them look better. That is what I plan on doing.
  5. I would really like to do a diorama of the final vanishing point scene, but with a twist. I would have 3 cars in the diorama. One would be the Challenger, of course. The second would be a mix of the challenger and Camaro, like it was morphing into the Camaro at the last moment, to trick the film viewers eye. To achieve this I would do some hacking up and just combine the two models. Thirdly, I would have the Camaro all smashed up upon impact. I’d have these 3 cars all in a line, progressing towards the Bulldozers.
  6. Beautiful job! I watched your progress in the WIP thread and really enjoyed the progress you have some great skills. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh! Tom thank you for the heads up! I will have to fix that! Thank you. Thank you for the kind words. Not sure what was up with my phone, I always take the photos sideways. Will pay attention next time! 😋
  8. Rusty92

    Just an old barn

    Thank you! Thank you kindly! I got the base started. I think it looks pretty good. Want to add a few more cracks and gouges though.
  9. I just placed an order. Very excited!
  10. Started some weathering. Will have to hit some spots again, since my brush was too harsh and gouged the paint underneath.
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