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  1. On GMT400.com we have “supporting members” they pay $20 a year to keep the site running and get: bigger avatar photo larger inbox ability to change their handle/username color its pretty cool.
  2. Looks like this P/E was designed more for the J. David 935. I’ve decided that most of it can and will be used. The front grille won’t be though. I would really have to fill in a lot. The rear grille will be easier for me to hog out on the kit and use the P/E.
  3. I finally looked at the p/e in detail and it is much smaller than the kit parts. The front grille is much too small. And the rear grille is much too large. They also don’t work when reversed. This is frustrating.
  4. Rusty92

    TPI engines

    Yeah, I like those as well.
  5. Rusty92

    TPI engines

    Wanting to get my hands on some TPI engines. These are beautiful and I do a lot of 90s themed builds so would like some more engines. Let me know now if you have any and what you’d like to trade.
  6. When I ship to Canada I don’t use priority mail because it is stupid expensive. I put it in a regular box and tick the cheapest option. Zero issues.
  7. That is a stunning build. Was this a kit decal or after market?
  8. Crazy. Either a big model fan or mopar fan
  9. Great model! That front end collision looks rough!
  10. I’ve noticed that it seems to be getting more hostile here. It’s disheartening and is part of the reason I visit less often when I’m not building.
  11. Grr.. my paint won’t be here until next Wednesday. That’s ok, I’ll start on the chassis on Sunday. Be on the look out!
  12. Wow, awesome build and write up on the vacuum forming.
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