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  1. How does this paint look? I’m struggling to get a nice smooth gloss finish. This is Tamiya gloss red thinned almost 1:1
  2. I don’t even read these threads too often anymore, they make me sad. I appreciate all of you that are optimistic and or just glad (like me) that we have kits issued again. I dislike whenever a video is posted and someone feels the need to complain how they won’t be buying anything. Who cares. I like the videos. I’m excited for each kit even if I don’t buy it.
  3. Awesome! I’ll let you know when it arrives!
  4. Interesting! I’ve only been around GMT400 trucks so haven’t seen too many straight axle trucks. Thanks for the info! Feel free to post photos of yours.
  5. Washed a kit and assembled an engine on the AMT White Freightliner. I like how vague the parts and instructions are on these old semi kits.
  6. My favorite generation of 911! Very cool build. It’s hard to believe it is only your 3rd model. You look like an old pro!
  7. Lee, I sent you an email! Thank you, sir!
  8. PM sent, that would be mighty kind of you!
  9. I am in need of the day cab for the AMT White Freightliner kit. I can trade the sleeper cab pieces if wanted. I have other pieces or kits to trade.
  10. Well I bought the wrong kit. I thought the dual drive kit with the yellow and brown truck had the day cab in it as well. I will be changing it up and building the sleeper version I guess. Don’t want to buy another kit.
  11. Wow this whole kit is pretty vague. It’s got the optioned dual tank bed but only one tank... on the passenger side. I think I might scrap the frame and make it a 2wd truck on air. So much for a slump buster.
  12. Thank you for all the interest. I’m going to wash up the trees tomorrow and maybe even start on it. Going to order some wheels and tires from Danny at Scenes Unltd.
  13. Going to replicate this! But I might make mine a bit more stubby.
  14. Well the leaf springs on this thing are a joke. I started making new ones. See how terrible these are?!
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