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  1. Cool build, Amazing how 2 of the same kit can go totally different directions. Love the talent you have. I'm still hoping to finish mine.
  2. Cool kit and good build. @PatW congrats to you and your son. I bet it was a beautiful wedding.
  3. Thank You, I am quite proud of it Thank you, Dann. That means a TON coming from you. I won’t be working on this much anymore; I’ve moved and left my models behind to focus on studying for my CPA exams. Rest assured, this and all the others will be on my bench again soon.
  4. Haven't heard anything. I doubt he will ever be back or fulfill people's orders.
  5. Open it up and see what it is about. It is a nice kit. I have one myself.
  6. Starting to look like something!
  7. Scratch built part of the frame for the shifter. More to come. These are very nice if I do say so myself.
  8. I was working on the interior tonight and I broke the P/E piece that is part of the shifter tower Photo etch is super hard to use, not giving up though. It will help it look good. I will know it’s missing but hopefully no one else does (besides you all). I’ll try to get some photos in the morning. Thanks for looking. A majority of the pieces are painted now. Just dragging on the body. A few more touch ups. One good thing is that a lot of the inside is harder to see. I mainly bought the extras for the outside (wiper, fasteners, latches, etc.) those are the key things. I might just build the inside box stock and call it a day.
  9. Finally used my paasche airbrush last night and it is awesome. Laid down some nice semi gloss black. This piece was primered white and it looks good. My skills have come a long way. Having nice equipment helps also! This was the only photo I took I have more painted. Going to be doing the wheels tonight. Body is still drying and needs some more putty work done.
  10. Agreed that they cost more to build probably. I was just at Super Chevy today in Joliet, IL and there were a lot of LS equipped mustangs. Saw one where the owner had a 6.0 with Holley LS/carb intake on, with a.... FiTech EFI unit on it. Was very confused.
  11. I’m an LS kinda guy. But I do enjoy seeing the brands intermingled. GM guys dislike when there are other brands in their engine bay! It’s funny.
  12. Rusty92

    TPI engines

    Thanks for the info! Not looking for a whole kit though.
  13. Rusty92

    TPI engines

    Friendly bump. Still looking.
  14. Well before it gets thread locked, I’d like to say that the blind praise is a 2 edged sword. It can really help people feel accomplished and push them to start on another. At the same time it also is disheartening to see people comment on something that is not very well done and gush over it. And yes, it is crushing to post something that you’re darn proud of but not get any likes. People want to be praised and have their work enjoyed. Again, a 2 edged sword.
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