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  1. Got the remaining wall framed up and started putting on the siding. Thanks for looking!
  2. Getting back to this one. No progress since the last photo. Should have some updates later today!
  3. Good to know. I definitely want to build another of these… someday, not soon though! Today I accomplished: finished the wheel and tire weathering (except for one hubcap that I need to fill up a bit more), started weathering the engine, and did some weathering to the bed floor, box tub, and tailgate. I think I forgot the “less is more” mantra and the model is a bit more weathered than I intended, but it’s still good.
  4. That’s a great idea. I thought about doing something similar but obviously decided to not do so. On the next Cameo I do I’ll clean it up more.
  5. Today I got some work done on the wheels and seats. I also installed the glass, which is too small for this kit and barely fits in the opening. This kit is pretty good, but I think it leaves a lot to be desired. Here it is sitting on its 6 lug wheels. I will black-wash these to help the details stand out more. For the seat I started with just black seats and some “duct tape” which I made from Tamils masking tape painted silver. I will add these back later, but these alone were not enough for me. The interior needs to match the exterior and look a bit more beat-up. I roughed up the seats, added some scratches to simulate tears or cracks, I’ll add more when it’s painted. Making fine cracks prior to painting wouldn’t be wise as the paint will fill in the details. After they were roughed up I applied yellow and ochre brown with a sponge to give a random patter for the foam. Once dry, I’ll use my chipping technique to simulate tears.
  6. Can’t forget the oil! It’s a good song. A little bit of progress tonight. I used the hairspray method to chip my inner fenders. I did not go overboard with the rust effects. I’ll let it dry a bit more and dry brush some more dirt and grime on to it.
  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I got a little bit done tonight. There are two obvious flaws in my paintwork on the cab. Thanks to my fat fingers! I was able to tackle the one on the cowl tonight, and I think it turned out pretty good. Good enough for me anyways. After all, the hood will be closed most of the time. See below: Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some time to work on the back of the cab. I also got the inner fenders and core support painted. Not worried about the uneven lines as they will be blended with washes, grime, and other weathering materials. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!
  8. Not much change since one year ago. Finally got my new desk set up and I’m ready to finish this one. I have to order some paint but this will be one of the first to get done. Her it sits now. I do have 6 lug wheels, just not painted yet.
  9. Today I finally got my hobby room set up at my new place. I haven’t really built a model in over a year and haven’t completed one in probably closer to two. I hope to get back into the hobby soon! I need to re-decorate the room I think haha!
  10. This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Ahh the ‘56. My favorite of the tri-fives!! Fantastic work!
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